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A fat cat from sweden : Elon is not an inventor he is an investor trying to bring inventions into the mainstream.

Tharsgaard : Is it just me or over the last couple of years , has Tfoot just seemed more and more salty that he's not a successful scientist and just cant stand anyone making an effort to advance society ?

Digital Jedi Master : It seems like all your videos about Musk are basically the same fallacious argument: "Someone a hundred years ago tried a rudimentary version of this thing, and it didn't work. Therefore were should never try again and YOU'RE STUPID FOR TRYING!" This is literally the opposite of how innovation works. Possibly explains why your videos seem kinda samey.

SodThisGiveMeABeer : so.. Elon Musk took electric cars, a concept which has been around for about 100 years, and made the most successful EV company in the world. Then he took VTOL rockets, a concept which has been around for 20 years, and won a multi-billion dollar NASA contract. Whose to say he can't make this work....? I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "standing on the shoulders of giants". Thunderfoot, I admire your skepticism on many topics but for a scientist you sometimes seem to have a very blinkered, ludditic view of the future.

tomte47 : Elon might say some stupid stuff at times but implying he has done nothing special just show you are uninformed. Ive been folowing you almost since you started making videos 10+ years ago. At that time SpaceX had yet to launch a single rocket and Tesla hadent made a single car, today SpaceX have over 60% of the comercial launch market completly destroying its competition and last quarter Tesla had 90% of the ev market in the u.s and the model 3 became the fifth best selling car and number one by revenue. Or if you want it as a oneliner, There is a Tesla car in orbit around the Sun. This is not Solar roadways or a self filling bottle.

Algie Evan DeWitt V : Solar Freak'n Roadways "came out" already as well. Aren't we all driving on it now without issue and exactly as promised?

outgoingbot : Thunderf00t is what happens when you give up on your dreams.

Remember liberals? I 'member. : I think your dislike of Mr.Musk has blinded you to when he does something positive.

DuckBear : You sound kind of jealous, actually.

propiro : Sorry Thunderf00t, I've always watched your videos, but since you started bitching about Elon and his ideas, its less and less entertaining to watch. I don't know if its personal, or you're angry that he doesn't have doctorate but people listen to him, and to be honest I dont't care. I've returned here for some above average entertainment and facts, and last bunch of clips is all whinning about how silly Musk ideas are, all packed in sarcastic style. And that damage control at the beginning "hurr all the fanbois durr" - i just lost interest in the video, tried watching another 5 minutes, but stopped, typed this, and I'm going to unsubscribe and cancel the patreon. %usd wont hurt you for sure, but if you keep going the road you're on, you'll lose more viewers and patrons.

Nuance Bro : Hey Thunderf00t used my tweet. But I didn't tweet about the hyperloop.... my tweet was specifically about his Boring Tunnel. You said tunneling costs were 1 billion a mile but Elon got the price down to 10 million which you said was impossible. Don't equate my tweet with the medias dumb videos calling his Boring test tunnel the hyperloop. If you go on that Fox video you can actually see my comment correcting them. Also this is simply a test tunnel to act as proof of concept. His first real project will be his Chicago metro project. Don't be disingenuous Thunderf00t. Yes his project is basically a more elaborate Metro system. Not sure why you shit on Elon all the time even though he's proved all the doubters wrong.

IncognitoTorpedo : The high point of this channel was the debunking of Solar Freakin' Roads, because they WERE bunk. This video feels more like a low point. It's a party for Elon haters, though.

Paul Hag : Don't compare the falcon rockets to the delta clipper man, two different things. The delta clipper was a mere concept and failed miserably, falcon didn't.

Samovar maker : Surely Thunderf00t would be one of those people calling BS on the notion of spaceflight if he was alive n the 50s/60s.

Ethan Matthews : Holy shit thunderfoot. I never thought I'd see the day where you ignored details just so you could conceivably be contrarian about something. First of all, the boring tunnel was meant originally for people to drive their Tesla's into it. Which means they are sitting down, the people in the concept animation that you just showed, are sitting down. Making the first half of your video look uneducated despite literally calling the news out for being uneducated.

Mike O'Barr : Listen, Steve Jobs created the process of "i-Inventing" where he would take a product that's been used for years and running it through a design studio to improve the looks, engineering to stuff it with the latest tech then slapped a coat of white paint on it, added the letter " i " in front of the name (see: iPhone/iMac/iPad ect..) and unveiled it to the masses which ate it up. Elon is doing the same thing. Electric cars? Been around for 120+years, VTOL rockets? Been around since the 1970's. So the fact he's appropriated the Vacuum train is no real surprise. I don't begrudge his capitalist dealings but I can't take all the hero worshiping from the Muskolites. His companies are just that companies, they're not philanthropic institutions, nor are they civic improvement projects. They are retail and industrial corporations. Wake up sheeple, he's more Warren Buffet than Mother Theresa.

Andrew Brown : Thunderfoot sounds jealous of Musk. And he's frequently wrong. He says the Spacex landings are old hat. I'd like him to show evidence of anyone launching orbital payloads and landing the first stage 20 years ago. I'm fine with his crusade against anything Musk is involved in - but by his own stated standards he should be straight with the facts.

Dojoe Evanlift : thunderf00t is getting old, record stuck on repeat

Shortstuffjo : I'm with you, Thunderf00t, on the vast majority of your arguments/debunks, and I agree that almost everything Musk says gets immediately misinterpreted and over-hyped to the point that simply questioning the viability of his claims becomes almost blasphemous. I even feel that, by purposefully trying to spark much of said over-hype himself, Musk shows off how flippant an attitude he has towards both the public and the truth. That being said, I realize that he isn't a scientist who values truth above all else, he's a businessman who knows that hype is good for business. You are a scientist though, and I like watching you truth-slap the shit out of stuff. When it comes to your videos on Elon Musk specifically though, I think you may have passed the point of non-biasedly picking apart and analyzing his bad ideas and entered the quite-biased territory of just hating the man himself. Like I said, I agree that he and some of his ideas are farrrr from perfect, and it disturbs me to see how some people almost worship him as a faultless deity, but that doesn't make me unable to admit that he(/his companies) has effectively revolutionized multiple giant industries and is continuing to lead those industries in promising directions. I just didn't think it was quite fair how you downplayed the accomplishments of SpaceX by showing a video of a one-of-a-kind vessel that doesn't compare to a Falcon rocket in any way. I'm not trying to attack you in any way; I just know that truth is important to you and that emotions are the best clouders of judgement that exist, so I wanted to let you know about your bias just in case you weren't 100% conscious of it yet. Keep up the videos of all kinds, Tf! Also, somebody down in the comments said to make your videos shorter and I just wanted to take this opportunity to veto the shit out of that suggestion. Don't change anything unless you want to.

CIA : 0:55 Yeah but nobody could make it work so far, who cares what somebody thought up years ago? Did the Wright Brothers' achievement get diminished in importance since Leonardo DaVinci thought up a similar contraption that theoretically allowed him to fly? All spoils go to whoever can make it work, and Elon is not somebody I would bet against when he's pushed fully electric cars and cheap reusable rockets 20 years forward for humanity at a minimum, no one was even thinking of doing those things until this stubborn guy showed up with his high and mighty ambitions and proved us wrong not once but twice, I'd be glad if he could go three for three in all honesty.

Bergele : I hope he will have solar panels inside the tunnel to power the hyperloop

Arth Denton : Hey, you know what? Unlike you who, besides a little overrated entertainment, has done basically NOTHING, Mr. Musk has actually done things that can be enumerated and evaluated. Think electric cars that almost drive themselves - I got one - then bringing 'space exploration' AND colonization back on the right track, the things he does with solar panels and batteries down there in Australia and on my roof. Meanwhile, what are your accomplishments? Keep screaming that, whatever it is that he's doing either cannot be done (but he's doing it) or that it's been done already 100 years ago. LOL, talking about 'irrelevant'.

WetToesAndSandscrapedKnees : Nobody says he invented rockets being able to land... smugly saying "all of that has been done 20 years ago" holds no relevence to spacex being the only ones doing it right now. There's not one single example that comes close in comparison to consistently flying and landing boosters, but i guess this is his way of brushing over how he discredited spacex a few years ago for having a rocket explode, meanwhile they now have the most powerful rocket in the world and are the most active rocket company and supplier of nasa. Sucks to be wrong eh bud.

ohw well : here`s the difference in thought process between you and the `inventors` you criticize: your tought process: `this is impossible, this is impossible, this is impossible and there`s no way to work around that. their thought processes: `this is possible, this is possible, this is impossible but there`s a way to work around it` the difference is that you`re a pessimist and they`re optimists. maybe more often than not, you are right. but the idea is the same, you don`t think about solutions. you talk about the risk of an implosion, you say the nice thing of planes is that they`re high in the sky save from the ground but you don`t think about the risk of said plane falling from the sky and still hitting the ground? shit happens, catastrophies have happend before and will happen in the future. there`s no use livingin a cage because everything in the outside world is dangerous. you calculate the average speed over a 2 mile tunnel, and yes, you`re right here. but that it is the only tunnel for now doesn`t mean there are no plans for building longer ones which will utilize this high speed better. you talk about the relatively sharp turn and compare it to a bus, busses are less likely to bank than the `hyperloop`. you say he didn`t invent the vacuum train, you`re right, but he is the first to bring it into reality. it`s his product so he has the right to name his product, and `hyperloop` has a bit more marketing value to it than `vacuum train`.

George Strnad : except he gets it done. instead of people talking about it. space x, tesla, etc. hyperloop is an idea he has little to do with, and boring company is a 4th side project. No offense chap, but, you're you tube channel pales in comparison. but, keep talking smack.

CliveAtFive : When you make your living as a YouTube skeptic, I guess you have to reject even the most basic commonsense practices in order to put together a barely coherent rebuttal. In engineering, you cawl, walk, run. A company that wishes to build a vacuum maglev has to start somewhere. Obviously that starting point is to build a short test chamber, and goon improving from there. But sure, point out all the ways the first iteration doesn't live up to the vision of the future to sell a few more click-bait-fueled YouTube ads. It's faux "scientists" like you that naysay Copernicus and Tesla for your own self interests and maintain the status quo.

P2 Cinematography : You said the problem is Physics, Elon has a physics degree pretty sure he knows where your coming from.

Henri Bergeron : Everybody is so hateful when someone comes along and tells them their is no super genius solving all of Earths problems at the same time. It’s like people think of Elon Musk as a god that can do no wrong.

CandaEH : Hey idiots, TFoot isn't making fun of Elon Musk. He's making fun of you for eating up his hype.

noname117spore : Dude, stop trying to undermine the Falcon 9's achievements and capabilities by comparing it to Delta Clipper. One rocket launches on a ballistic arc into space with a payload, then performs maneuvers while in space to change it's trajectory so that it's aimed at a landing pad (or a barge) on the surface of the Earth, and then has to re-enter, still on a ballistic arc, and guide itself to the landing site where it then has to slow down from speeds of several hundred mph to safely land. The other rocket launched itself, carefully hovered about in the air for a bit, got up to at most 3.14km, and then carefully made it's way back to it's launch pad to land. A helicopter could do that. A helicopter would be better at doing that. A helicopter could also do more than that. This is what ticks me off so much about this comparison. No, SpaceX technically did not invent the reusable vertically launched/landed rocket, nor were they the first to get a reused rocket into space (That was Blue Origin with New Shepard back in early 2016, with SpaceX following a bit more than a year behind), but they are the only ones to do so outside of test flights, and on a proper ballistic arc into space. Imagine if the F-4 Phantom was the first supersonic fighter to ever exist (it's not, but let's imagine that). The argument Thunderf00t is making in this video is like saying that the F-4 phantom isn't genius because the Bell X-1 existed, and that's if you removed all supersonic fighters existing before the F-4 phantom. Or how about another aviation-based analogy. It's like saying that the Wright Brothers didn't invent the airplane (there is debate over this, but not in regards to the other part of this analogy) because Félix du Temple de la Croix built steam powered model airplanes which could take off and land safely in the late 1850s.

DLC ENERGY : damn, we got some salty haters in the comment section xD if it's not a vacuum, all it is, is a new metro. do you think metro's wouldn't already be doing everything they can to advance the tunneling system? ooh, but elon's got sci-fi style... ok, i'll give him that. he shoots cars into space and shit. xD

Siren Hound : It's December 11, I'm heading over to Musk's Twitter feed to get all the info on this surely successful first run and maybe get some stock tips.

J T : I can confirm, nothing has been revealed

Kim Gosseye : Dear Thunderf00t, could you please make another video on Brexit? Something seems to happen those days but i cant understand what...

I am Miconis : The disco lights will be thorium powered or feature frogs that have been turned gay by all the solar freakin roadways

Christopher Libby : @8:25, can we all appreciate, regardless of its content, how long it took this man to text all of this out?!

neeeskeee : I don't know what you people complain about, Tfoot states and shows data supporting his statements, meanwhile musk promises, and only that, promises that he will do. And yet it's still more than enough to convince people? This is ridicolous.

T30M4N : Hyperloop -> leave out the vacuum -> metro -> leave out the tunnel -> train -> leave out the rails --> cars --> call them Tesla -> BOOM Profit

Tristan Morrow : Not a fanboy, but consider that Boring Co. is a private company, basically -- if they want to build a metro, well, Los Angeles and many other US cities have a piss-poor track record in that department. Many restrictive regulations and lots of red tape, but mostly fiscal mismanagement. (Other countries don't all seem to have the same problems...) The capitalist solution is private venture? I live near-ish to the Golden Gate Bridge: that's a privately funded, built, and owned bridge. Privately funded and owned SpaceX is the capitalist-ish not-NASA. Solar City is the privately owned not-a-Public-Utility.

The Hundredth Monkey : I still think Elon is a genius... not because hes invented or innovated futuristic tech... but because he has sold so many idiots on fantasy and made a fortune doing it

Boss Okanagan : So, did this open December 10th, as promised? Uh, no.

IntenseChocolate : There are brilliant minds from the past I admire, and I think thunderf00t should definitely go down in history as one! I absolutely love science and admire his knowledge, I wanna be like him one day.

GamingSoldier : Perhaps Musk should have marketed this thing as an underground highway

Josh McCormack : Hes never said he invented the metro tho...???

Nesty : Anybody remember the monorail episode of the simpsons

FireOccator : Well, it's December 10.

C Kathol : just 3 days until nothing happens!!

J A : I know this is late, but I didn't get a notification for this. I agree the hyperloop is absolute hype BS, but I disagree why. Your reasoning is kind-of right, but is based on stupid assumptions that this crap could/would ever be built above ground. You focus on the vacuum chambers being above ground & the issues that would result in. This would never happen, it would never be built above ground. You fail to adequately mention it could be done underground. But again, the technology isn't fully here yet, though again it could be. One of the fundamental problems with the hyperloop is safety. By design this thing is a deathtrap. You mention decompression, which is a valid issue. But one of the main reasons alone this thing could never be built is a fundamental factor of its own design. The 'pods' have to fill the near entire diameter of the tunnel. As the front and back is used for air compression/decompression magic it is impossible to evacuate out of these things. That makes the hyperloop a literal death trap if anything goes wrong anywhere in the system. Then there's the fundamental problem with the idea that people will want to travel in safety harnesses/some sort of restrain/protection for 10s of minutes without being able to get out, say for (to go to) the toilet. Then there's the high level of acceleration required to reach such speeds/proposed. These seem to me to be much more concerning than the assumption of the issues above ground and the issues of the near vacuum compression. Because arguably, the hyperloop is possible - not for people - for freight/cargo. But when you actually look at it It makes much more sense to have a maglev (EMS, transrapid like), which can feasibly travel at 600km/h today, no doubt capable of faster as the technology hasn't adequately been invested in. I would then place this in a tunnel, (to save costs on land acquisition, lower maintenance/higher reliability & safety, and straighter route for comfier ride & future speed increases), which further gives the advantage of being able to reduce energy consumption (and therefore costs) by controlling the air pressure** (though not to a stupid atmosphere where everyone will die like the hypercoffin). Why build a hyperloop for freight, in which the only advantage would be slightly higher top speeds and slightly better acceleration, when you can build a maglev with very nearly the-same journey times & can also transport passengers? **The channel tunnel actually controls air pressure to reduce energy consumption, I would like to see more projects done to this effect. Again, sorry this is late - just thought that you seem to be jabbing the hype -rloop- when you could really be knocking it out.

Jesse Campbell : I really dont get all the hype around Elon. He seems cool, pretty smart investor, good at getting tax payer money for some innovation, but I just don't get the hype. He's no Tesla and definitely no Tony Stark.

conradin kranz : Sometimes i wonder if you have like 200 short video clips rambling about the hyperloop and every 2 months u randomly throw them together and thats your video. Do you not get bored telling the same thing over and over again? i had to stop the video after a minute because ive heard every single sentence about 5 times before in your previous videos..