The Magic School Bus Rides Again | Main Trailer | Netflix

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Chris Sanders : The animation and the designs are so generic. Where's the personality? I'm sure it's a well written show but look at how boring Ms Frizzle looks.


joyunicycle : Okay so Ms. Frizzle is stepping down for her younger sister and yet none of the kids age???

Throw a Chair : This is like when Steve left Blues Clues.

Deltaleader36 : It looks like a flash game from 2004

PhantomStrider : Oh dear...

boy212 : The theme song, the animation, the voices are grdogshit

Ryusuta : Is it too much to ask to have ONE new animated show that's not done in lazy-ass flash animation?

Jaylen the Meowstic : *Cocks Shotgun*

Max Furious : You guys barely even tried. Congratulations, because you've just destroyed many childhoods...

MegaSoulHero : #NotMyFrizzle

Bravo Kilo : Just watched it... This show is an insult. The acting and pacing is horrendous and it completely lacks the soul of the original

QWERTY BOI : At my old school, we never got redesigns

Justin Kwong : Saying this thing could be worst than it already is, is the equivalent of me thanking a man with a knife for stabbing me in the arm and not in the chest.

Salina Negrete : THERE'S NO MORE PHEOBE!!!!! 😭


Niki and alex play games : The style...what have they done the the beautiful artstyle... they all look like flat stanley now

Captain Flame : This is stupid, no, nope I refuse to accept this show. The original is always better

LegoKingdomHearts278 : Something tells me I might be one of the few actually looking forward to this one. Personally, I don't see it as a "reboot", more like a spin-off or sequel.


mei harris : I miss the old one 😕

Number 5 : Only 90s kids will remember the original theme

Spicyy Bab : Only came to see the dislikes ._.

Aida Mekonen : yessss Lin-Manuel💖💖 The only reason I'm here

Pokem8ster Master : miss frizzle:kids why do u look like that kids:we did drugs this summer

TamMyBoy : what's with the shitty animations these days

Yoshifan1219 : The thing that pissed me off the most (call me weird if you want but I’m sure some thinks the same) is that they changed how the bus looked...What I loved about the Bus when I was a kid was how the bus was in the original, the most iconic and unique thing I like the most about the bus was it’s ability to show emotion and have a mouth...Now they removed it and gave it a regular bumper....It’s more statue like now and it’s creepy...

Christopher Lefont : People hate this, but it has the same philosophy of the original; teaching children science. Please watch the show before hating

Taylormine 1987 : *hears intro* .. i kNOW HiM

Burnt Potato : I’m gonna go kill myself now cuz my childhood is suffering

ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ! : *There is no way I'd get on that bus*

DeshaunX : Ok,, watch a full episode. The writing is just as good as the original, the animation isn't. Kate McKinnon does a great job as the younger Miss Frizzle. There's no reason to be salty at her because the original Miss Frizzle (LIlly Tomlin) is still there! She just became Professor Frizzle. The only downside is that Keesha and Tim had extreme skin lightening. They don't look Black AT ALL anymore.

Adeldee : The colors hurt my eyes...

kylephantom4 : So after watching the first episoxe, if you can look past the animation, its a pretty good followup to the original series, I mean all the characters (minus Phoebe) are there, and it still has that same magic the old series had.

Skittlez The cat : Where the hell is pheobe

Zeemon786 : #notmyfrizzle

Geoff Roach : So far, the issues I have with this new series is how annoying Arnold is (more so then the original), as well as the new girl who they're making to be a Mary Sue.

Glynreaper08 : ive seen the first 3 episodes honestly its not that bad but her sister is exactly like her character wise so baffling to replace older mrs frizz

The cup Rapmon throws in the Run MV : Sometimes when good things come to end it should stay that way

bad pizza : The Magic School Bus Gets Ruined

Joxygen : Me: tf is this *checks title* *watches video* *asks god why he made us this way*

overwatch kid k : How does this look worse than the original. I mean the animation

bookworm13x : It's like they looked at Duck Tales while making this and Death Note and said, "Hey, let's do the exact opposite of that! That makes sense, right?" The guys behind Voltron sarcastically agreed, only to be taken seriously (much to their horror).

turntechGeneticist : If they really have to change the clothes they looked way better in the original

N64 Girl : I hope someone make this a YouTube poop

Cometstarlight : I know some shows can pull off flash really well and make it look awesome, but...this isn't one of those shows...

shiv 421 kobra : It aint *that* bad

Puppygirl987 : I liked the old one better but this is not bad if they brought back the old animation it would be better

Julian Salin : Looking through the comments: 5% don't care if it's a reboot, willing to give it a shot. 95% whining like children, because they want everything to stay the same

Mario Hiccup Witwicky : I'll just talk about a fun fact instead. Mr. Seedplot who is Phoebe's old teacher was voiced by Robby Benson who also voiced the Beast.