The Magic School Bus Rides Again | Main Trailer | Netflix

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Possibly Mid-Tier Debater : This is the LAZIEST animation I've ever seen for such a high budget reboot.

Star Jackson : Ugh the theme song is sucks . Little Richard sung it better.

Ian Sisk : Geez... Taylor Swift knew what she was singing with the "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate." But geez, people chill, it's not worth using swears just because you don't like a kids' show reboot before it even is released... My biggest and only pet-peeve with this is the animation style... WHICH I CAN GET OVER. To Antarctica with what the haters think, they moan about every reboot. Is it going to be as good as the original? Probably not. But it will stay true to the original in a fresh new way. It's not about animation style or the countless other things those clods are moaning about, it's about SCIENCE!!!

BlindTruths : #NOTMYMAGICBUS This is gonna bomb like that new Rapunzel looked like it would bomb. The animation there was just as bad if not worse than this looks. You promised us Magic Schoolbus. This is more like Fizzling Suckbus.

tyso921 : Please let Carmen San Diego be better than this.

Jamison Thomas : Only thing I'm excited for: Lin-Manuel Miranda singing the theme song 😍

RiMixDoesStuff : I kno that they're going to make us watch this year..

mezipe64 : I'm definitely intrigued, but.... I HATE THE ANIMATION!

Ahmad Hejja : holy shit what is this


Blah : Voice Acting: actually seems very good Theme song: Good Animation: Very low budget Art Style: It is ok Plot: Doesn't seem that bad as of yet.

Fled Nanders : How dufuq did Pan miss Liz? We should let him know she's alive and well.

The JEPS Gang : if you want to learn how to jump over your leg go watch my video

Kevin McCullough : I'll admit I liked the old animation style better, but at least they seem to be continuing the original timeline, instead of starting over completely.

Abygail Jolet : What did they do ?!

Mack Zack : shit i totally want to bang that new teacher

AGuyNamedDiego Videos & Music : I don’t like it. Only for the reason of unoriginality.

A Miller : Hey, i'm excited that we're at least getting a continuation. Shitty flash animation or whatever this was made with is better than nothing.

PenTrex : well f***.


Naomi Jessica : The animation is cleaner, which is the only good think I can say about it. It looks like the absolute worst you should be able to do in 2013. They should update that to 2017 because watching this will be an eyesore. Then again, kids aren't as picky as adults. They may still like it lol

OoOoOoOoOoOOoOoOoOoOoOOoOoOoOoOoOOoOoOoOoOoO : if i was 11 id love this

ride xgaming : the old was a million times better

what-if-anime : fuck it , i'll make an Anime Version of the original OP

TristanThePest : After watching this dumpster sludge, no wonder Netflix is in so much debt.

Cronic Fowl : What did the original ever do to you

isayhao : Hey guys! At least we got to listen to Lin while watching this thing called "animation" !

Invader [GD] : First Death Note.... now this?! stop making knock offs damn it

Saiyan Raditz : When I saw this I was excited. But then I began to think about how much people are gonna whine and complain about how it's oh so terrible, when it doesn't even look that bad.

teamrocketchu : Did they replace miss frizzle with some weird miss frizzle clone what is this monstrosity

amber alexander : this why you don't let Netflix do stuff.

PLISΞTSKYーYURI : At my old school we didn't roast good singers by making them sing your new theme song

leah loud : This is for babies today (they will grow up to watch this). Not whiny teenagers

FraggyFrags : Also wtf how are Liz and the entire class still the same age? The should have made it like keesha is grown up and the teacher and its whole new group of students at least just to make it barely acceptable.

Shadowhawk : Hey Netflix! I know how to turn this around, just incorporate The Magic School Bus Rides Again with Big Mouth! That will boost your ratings way WAY UP! 😂

Mr SeaBass : Oh my god! What happened to them! It looks awful!

Dan the Gay Theater Kid : Lin singing the theme is a b o p

Bean Nut : Is that fucking Lin Manuel Miranda

Shadow Starz : Why do so many insist on destroying my childhood?! :(

ineedbettergrades : Fuck you netflix

Glachil : Mass Effect Andromeda , the Netflix Show

Jacob Rules : #notmybus

Tomboy bat : ............... no miss frizzle, save the world

ConmanRules22 : Am I the only one that's interested in this? I'm glad they brought it back! Makes me feel like a kid in school again

Senior BLT : This is not ok...

Flaming Beez : Now that I know that it's actually a continuation of the original Magic School Bus I wanna watch this! Also I love the theme, it's modernized yet sounds very similar to the original! Can't wait to see it!!!

Dezmelie : Where the fuck is my boy Tim?! How? How could they have had the idea to remove him? He was the character in the show!

Ananya Tomer : I came here for Lin-Manuel Miranda


nerdydude 1.8 : In my opinion the show would have been better if instead of frizzle sister it would be Arnold teaching the next generation of young scientist