5 Tactics Which Failed to Stop Lionel Messi - HD

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MagicalMessi : Lionel Messi is simply unstoppable!

Marcos Romo FILMS : Best player of all times without doubt.

Artis Kempelis : "Everyone comes to him, that creates some space for other players. He sees that. Goal. Assist." - Rio Ferdinand

Mudassir Ali : *_only in finals with Argentina he can be stopped coz his team mates don't help him ,do you guys think his team mates will help him in WC2018_*

Tauqeer Ahmad : He doesn't cheat, he doesn't fake dive that moment meke me feel proud as a fan

ieraHDTV : 0:50 Many players would go to provoke the goalie after a situation like that, Messi just walks up to him and shakes his hand. That's awesome. 4:05 When a defender goes for the sliding its either the ball or the player, there should not be another outcome, Messi just dodged 4 or 5 in a row. To me, that is incredible.

Prince G : How to stop Ronaldo: don’t give him space How to stop Messi: pray🙏🏼

Mohammed Jr : This is miracle, as a Real Madrid fan there is no one like messi in football history, Yes i said it.

LM : The greatest ever. Man beautifies the game like no one else can. 🐐👑

A A : How the hell would anyone compares this intelligent with CR7 or any other player !! Messi is incomparable

syed hasan : How can you compare him to mo salah i mean he is good but how???????

Ben Jon : *Me and Shenron(from Dragon Ball)-* Me: "I want a Ferrari!" Shenron: "It's hard for me, do you have other wish?" Me: Okay, how can I stop Messi?" Shenron: "Which color do you want the Ferrari?"

Lyndon Tia : You know why Messi is the best? Because the things he does make you love the game.

just another guy : messi is pure talent while Ronaldo is dedication and hard work. people can't play like messi because they don't have that kind of talent but if they know that if they work hard and trained and dedicate every inch of theirs lives like Ronaldo did then they can achieved success like Ronaldo, it's one of the reason why people don't like to say messi is the greatest because playing like messi is impossible as they need to be born with that talent and it discourages them but looking at how Ronaldo played gives them hope that they can achieved that greatness too.

Ashwath A : Best on Planet Earth.

Clive Ketoz : Can Chritiano Ronaldo pass all 11 players alone and score? I don't think so, obviously him in that situation he dives and get a penalty, and people say his a greatest player in the world

MSN Impossible Triplet : Nice video. ..We all know a Messi is the best in the world.😎❣💪💪

king of Wars : Commentary: He draws the defence like a magnet.

Gue Fikry : No one can stop him

Bryan Adjeodah : 0:08 I think he wants to marry Messi

Alif Messi : great video....messi is the best in the world

BlaugranaNación - More Than A Club : Tactics? Tactics for what? There are ways to stop this man?

Amol Paradke : The Only person who can stop Lionel Messi is football match And that man is Referee 😂😂

MagicalMessi : Music: Position Music -  No Tomorrow Phoenix Music -  Glory And Honour Atom Music Audio - Immortalized

Football Genius : I saw ronaldo video i loved that video but i look this video this is too nice than ronaldo video i love you Magical Messi......

Mikail Amrullah : How to stop alien

Jennifer and Sarai : Why is he so AMAZING? Perfect? The best of ALL TIMES ❤️

choosetolivefree : HOW DO WE STOP MESSI? Messi: Short answer, you don't

SquixxPlays : G.O.A.T 🐐

Dino Mahmutovic : Meanwhile Ronaldo finds a way to tap in a goal after 10+ games playing shit, and he's "back" lol

nirmal : the best <3 -Man city fan

The Assasins : And then everyone still says that penaldo is the best

Prachya Chaisongkram : 4 in 5 tactics can stop C.Ronaldo

CYBERNETIC C : without him this century would not have been worthy to be called humanity becasue people became animal in this century nothing great happened yet all we enjoy are the fruct of the 20 century I guess the world need to secure him because he is the only beuatful talented thing that we have in this inable century

Iyla Edwards : This really gets on my nerves like Ronaldo doesn't get this treatment where literally a whole team is against him and yet they still compare stats and talent as if Messi doesn't play with AT LEAST 3 guys on him at all times. A backhanded compliment is coaches really worry about Messi like this and not Ronaldo which proves you know what.

Chris Ferrero : No disrespect but Messi really makes Pele and Maradona look average.

DALCOSE SUPER FAN GANG GANG : Leo messi is a god he is better than ronaldo

Peshang Yasin : Amazing video

Intelly Eon : I just love messi

Lord Vader : You ,without a doubt make the best messi videos. Simply incredible

cramo75 cramo85 : If you are having a hard day always look at the positives.

SHUBHAM SONI : 4:05 I got goosebumps. Unbelievable. Absolute Brilliance. Messi Best Ever. GOAT. I HOPE ARGENTINA WINS WORLD CUP 2018.

calcio 15 : Messi is a best player in hystory

i Nerri : “Fouling and Unfair Tackles” belongs to Madrid!11

Kannan Vaidyanath Pictures : Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! As always ❤️


Maximus's Musics : God of football and also the g.o.a.t🐐

[RW] Hok4Ge. : Nice video

Emre : but hater says ronaldo is better xD

Blessin Joy : King Leo i just love him😍😍😍😍😍