5 Tactics Which Failed to Stop Lionel Messi - HD

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MagicalMessi : Lionel Messi is simply unstoppable!

Marcos Romo FILMS : Best player of all times without doubt.

ieraHDTV : 0:50 Many players would go to provoke the goalie after a situation like that, Messi just walks up to him and shakes his hand. That's awesome. 4:05 When a defender goes for the sliding its either the ball or the player, there should not be another outcome, Messi just dodged 4 or 5 in a row. To me, that is incredible.

Prince G : How to stop Ronaldo: don’t give him space How to stop Messi: pray🙏🏼

Ben Jon : *Me and Shenron(from Dragon Ball)-* Me: "I want a Ferrari!" Shenron: "It's hard for me, do you have other wish?" Me: Okay, how can I stop Messi?" Shenron: "Which color do you want the Ferrari?"

Lyndon Tia : You know why Messi is the best? Because the things he does make you love the game.

Artis : "Everyone comes to him, that creates some space for other players. He sees that. Goal. Assist." - Rio Ferdinand

Chris Ferrero : No disrespect but Messi really makes Pele and Maradona look average.

king of Wars : Commentary: He draws the defence like a magnet.

Jennifer Landaverde : Why is he so AMAZING? Perfect? The best of ALL TIMES ❤️

chohawk1 : Watching ANY video on Messi makes me get goosebumps. This man (is he even a human?) has clearly surpassed the boundaries of excellence. He is a brilliant player. Deserves the respect and admiration of all.

DALCOSE SUPER FAN GANG GANG : Leo messi is a god he is better than ronaldo

8bp Axan : Who watched the video with excitement

GGKJ_TM 15 : Messi is a best player in hystory

STOP IT : You might think Pele or Brazilian Ronaldo is the best but remember defence was shit back in the day.

Mudassir Ali : *_only in finals with Argentina he can be stopped coz his team mates don't help him ,do you guys think his team mates will help him in WC2018_*


Ajman Krupic : The best tactics to stop Messi: Kante

Juan Ignacio Reynoso : Only 5 did you put? Too little.

Iyla Edwards : This really gets on my nerves like Ronaldo doesn't get this treatment where literally a whole team is against him and yet they still compare stats and talent as if Messi doesn't play with AT LEAST 3 guys on him at all times. A backhanded compliment is coaches really worry about Messi like this and not Ronaldo which proves you know what.

Maximus's Musics : God of football and also the g.o.a.t🐐

BK : The best no doubt

RAINBOSORS FOR LIFE : Theres no stopping messi


Tauqeer Ahmad : He doesn't cheat, he doesn't fake dive that moment meke me feel proud as a fan

harvir mangat : G.O.A.T. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

diegonzalez25 : La mejor táctica para parar a messi es ponerlo en un partido importante de champions o de mundial. O ponerle la albiceleste. Con eso se le neutraliza desde hace años.

Rishot Nongkhlaw : It's very rare to see Ronaldo dribbling against many players in the penalty area but as for Messi, he had done numerous times

Tobey Amies : No doubt.. He's the best in the world..

Bishalraj Gayan : MESSI is completely unstoppable while Ronaldo is completely a diver who can only score goals.

Gerardus Primissimo : messi is the best player of all time like if u agree 👍

Zorin Sanga : Messi is simply skill but they can't stop

cramo75 cramo85 : If you are having a hard day always look at the positives.

HYD 々 Hasan : How can you compare him to mo salah i mean he is good but how???????

Hugh G Rection : Only 5’7 and doesn’t get knocked down very easily, unlike some other player I know.

Moisty Jerry : Well man marking actually worked if you check out the 2010 UCL against inter Milan Zanetti was following and he couldn’t do anything

uni aruna : "I was wrong, messi was right"

vikky shiva : The only way to stop Lionel Messi : STOP THE VIDEO

LM : The greatest ever. Man beautifies the game like no one else can. 🐐👑

PESnya Datuk : Thumbnail Messi have 1 hand??

horta nord : La era Messi.

Bishalraj Gayan : Ronaldo is super WORTHLESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! against the KING OF FOOTBALL ‘ LIONEL MESSI ’

METAL : The only way to stop Messi is when Argentina play final of any international tournaments because his teammates always choke in final. 3 Copa America final and 1 world cup final. Higuain and Palacio are the biggest chokers in Argentina, big wastage.

Mohammed Jr : This is miracle, as a Real Madrid fan there is no one like messi in football history, Yes i said it.

Victor Valdez : I supported argentine get worldcup2018

Sumaiya Sultana Usmi : if a child with hormone deficiency can turn into a super hero like Messi..then i would prefer hormone over normality ...lots of respects and infinite loves toward Messi..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Bishalraj Gayan : There are many people in the world who think Ronaldo is better than LIONEL MESSI. It's only because they never saw the magic done on the pitch by THE LEGEND KNOWN AS “LIONEL MESSI"

Francesco Pirelli7 : *No words* 🔥

John V : Lio Messi it’s the best player in the World. !!!!!