I'll bark when I want to God Dammit! (bark collar testing)
Ill bark when I want to God Dammit bark collar testing

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A lot of people are wondering how the collar worked out. It didn't work out very well, no behavior change. Our next step was to hire a trainer where we learned that he needed to be socialized more. We put hum in "doggie day care" at our local kennel about once a week to hang out with the other dogs. We also started walking him more. Those things were far more successful than the collar ever was. https://facebook.com/woodysgamertag https://twitter.com/woodysgamertag


harryc : Some say this is what caused Woody's tourettes.

Gladiator Gaming : He looks so much younger

JustJoe - shlapshtick on twitter : RIP JACK

RedintheFall : Good times for the BDSM community.

Chris Bogausch : PKA 319 Sent me.

Medulla Oblongata : that's how you learn to tap dance

Ryan Hawkins : Every couple weeks when I need a pick-me-up I come back and watch this video

Chaoticlimbs : at least you love your pup enough that you wouldn't put it on him until you'd tried it yourself.

RagingStray : OMG HAHAHAHA, got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard lol!

SjcThatsMe : This piece of gaming YouTube history just popped up in my recommended. Happy surprise

Oh MrPib : I had this in my favorites. I remember why now LMAO

Alextheman8 : pka 157

Youtube aholic : My sister needs one for when she yells at mom.

Tvwears : Watching this video sped up greatly increasing the funniness

Sargean123Games : 1:21 - Best thing ever!!!

Ryan G : This is what caused woody' Tourettes

MermDaddy : ROAD TO 2 MILL

LucasxDucas : Been subbed for years and never seen this. His greatest video ever. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jakob Roynon-Fisher : Woody, the barks of your Dane puppy in the background seem like it was laughing at you... Just saying.

Mindy : People who keep dogs outside should be required to use these. Ever listened to barking 24/7 or the middle of the night?? It will drive you mad

jesus nunez : so this is the kind of stuff you're into huh Woody

Scott Thompson : #PetsAndAnimals

BrendaLee420 : OMG!!!! I am laughing so hard right now!!! I saw this on truTv earlier, and had to look it up. Even funnier the 3rd or 4th time I've watched it. Not sure if this was meant to be funny or just educational, but totally made my day!

Meme Master Roy : Redditor here! I can certainly relate to all the dogs who are subject to the cruelty of these collars. One time a 9Gager handed me a fedora that was designed to send out an electric shock whenever I tipped it(which is once every 30 seconds). So be safe and only trust yourself when it comes to fedoras

Travis Peterson : I'm going to buy one of those so I can learn how to tap dance!

Anne O : Laughed so hard I cried. It just keeps getting funnier and funnier every single time I've watched it.

Scizorblade22 : I laughed so hard I got a twitch in my left eye!

The Fabulous 5! Fisher : I laugh so hard EVERY TIME I see this video!

Brenda Reed : I subscribed, made your video a favorite, and shared to my friends on Facebook. Laughed so hard when I watched first time on television.

Lincoln : 2mil!

Kristie Fiorentini : Funniest shit I've seen in a long time, i laugh so much I cry,


DadkindTV : I think being able to get the dogs to STOP barking on command is best. I'm not convinced that these collars are best. We live out in the country and we want them to bark when someone is on the driveway (to let us know someone is coming). But then we want them to stop barking when I say "quiet". We've made good progress on all the dogs (we have 4) over the last few weeks just by being consistent in OUR behavior with them.

Robin Weggeman : Best video ever!!!! Never seen a better video before in my whole life

Melvin Blumsley : As an intellectual, atheist and Redditor (all synonyms, really, but I digress) I believe that this is the correct method of putting an end to the friendzone. Simply attaching this to a woman will administer a shock if she utters such phrases as "I only like you as a friend" or "ew creep!". What an advancement in technology (thanks to atheist science, of course) ~Melvin Blumlsey, Ph.D in STEM (self-taught)

jdh22 : 1:10.... and then at 1:11 he goes crossed eyed. Your welcome.

SecondChance Man : I'm here seven years later. August 13th 2018

Josh Wheeler : i thought shock collars were illegal now?

Jacob Powell : RIP JACK

John Allen : Omg that's some funny shit!

IKIGA Music : Watch 1:40 at 0.25 speed, it's hilarious xD

baby dog : We're dojng our best


ralpheduar : the simplicity of this video makes this sooo great....ive being subscribed for quite a few years and your video are still great

PrestigousJacob : I saw this video on TV!

alejandro altamirano : This made me laugh alot

Matt B : Let's get this man his 2mill view goal

ok : I just wear normal collars.

Lourdes Russell : I love this video! I've seen it a dozen times and it makes my day every time! The taking feet crack me up!