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Merlin Merlout : How did you get Phillip DeFranco to agree to be in this? It obviously doesn't show him in a good light. You must have bought many betterhelp sessions.

Nathan : Congrats on finally getting a sponsor

Excido Charon : Freaking Philip DeFranco... legendary

Pablo Escoba : Didn't know Hardcore Henry had a youtube channel.

LockwoodE3 : Do you have a Patreon? I really want to donate :3

Phlatz : Always solid vids👍

Mattis Torede : hetter belp

i'm caleb : Filly 🅱

John Huff : Third

Hyperball : Wow, thank you better help! L E T S J U S T G E T I N T O I T

SynthCreep : I love your face

vmp916 : Was that... Demon Souls?

Jimmy Blanco : I just personally called my counselor at BetterHelp after drinking Lemon Fresh | Pine-Sol®. He assured me that I was just going through a phase. He's a board certified psychiatrist! I, myself, verified that he was through my own judgement and personal independent verification.

Sumeme : りp

Adel : this right here is the content we should be seeing on youtube. You don't get enough recognition, man! A+

Saar : Actual Content

Konsti Yo : it took me a while to recognize the bgm. Demonsouls memories rushing through.