Dark Souls : DRIFT SOULS

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RTGame : The best Dex build we will ever see

RomaInvicta : Why is this vide so perfect

Hyruxs : I like that part when he drifted

-ToxicGoaX : 1:09 Top 10 anime epic moments

Jacob X : Well... I'm satisfied with the internet today.

m00sician : This is the quality content I live for

I WILL REIGN : *when you spent all your money on dark souls and can't afford forza anymore.*

Vasilli Zhuravskii : Game settings Beginner Easy Normal Hard Really hard Deja vu

Draw Ward : Clearly a dex build with all that dark drifting.

iopyud amonynous : Youtube recommended this to me. I believe it is now sentient.

AnthonyCSN : Somehow this is exactly what I needed in my life right now thank you!!!! lol

captain26 YTZ : lol

romashka 1922 : It was a Legendary Russian car named OKA

Dean Gaither : you drifted your way into our hearts!

Thunder D : I almost forgot to watch this today

DucksForDays : Has science gone too far?

fabian aramayo torrez : la gente que hace estas cosas hacen del mundo un lugar mejor.

Mika Uehara : 1:09 That turn remind me of a track Takumi race to beat Gai Gogashiwa.

DankestYT : NANI??!?!?!??! KANSEI DORIFTO????

Lan Hikari : the last japanese text translates to : go fug yourself

Silver Lony : Je suis mort de rire, c'est délirant XD

Sir Blubbles : This is it, I've found the greatest Initial D meme of all time.

Derp Derpson : *NANI*

Jojoisa : What re those triangle moving around the screen called? This is straight Gold...

Chris Flados : Thank you..... Just.... Thank you....

Павел Зубов : Vaz-1111

Aldor : Cancer drifts through my veins

Edson O.S. : Só faltou a escada em cima do Uno. Ai iria atingir velocidades nunca dantes vistas.

[DC] DEKU : K-kansei drifto!

Arsene Lupin : It is said that lord Gwyn feared humans for they would bring about the age of drift.

OscarTheChungo X : My depression is healed

iamthepkmmaster : Not an AE86, 7/10

Thefishforthedish : what car is that

LAUGHING BOI : I guess you could say solaire is part of the RED SUNS.

Magdiel Marrero : Let me guess, final boss is Gwyn, Ford of Focus.

Bhe Br : My Best 2:09 Of My Life...

Mr. Brapfel : send it to poods

Der hohe Spast : Lol wtf

rorchach kovacs : This is how Dark souls was meant to be played. Steering wheel action!

SovietWomble : Aaaand that's enough internet for today...I'm off to bed.

TheYosiFTW : Wtf am I doing here at 3 AM

FranzGamez 87 : Gotta deliver that tofu

Alexander Voicu : 0:53 Nani? Kansei Dorifto?!

Matt Friesen : All the Initial D I've seen so far I've loved. I guess it's time to finish it and get Drift- I mean Dark Souls

Hanshakou : It is literally impossible to dislike a video that contains: -Dark Souls -Initial D music Now, how do I like this twice?

Metal Blade : D E J A V U

Allen Albertson : How can you not like this?

serg123ish : meanwhile in dark souls no remastered...

Notsuzpicious : This is it. This must be what it is to be perfect. Tell me, how does it feel? (also subscribed)

Reifin : best 2 minute in my life...