Leslie 122 Overview

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johnnyd63 : good video,but he gets WAY too excited plugging in the leslie properly.

MinedFieldDance : no !! do not stick that stick there please :-o

w4csc : Whatever you do, never set the Leslie, whichever model, or any other AC-connected device near the Hammond console. The magnetic fields of all the transformers, motors, etc., will intercept the poorly shielded audio transformers and coils inside the console that will hum like hell! The B-(x) is a very high impedance device with amazingly tiny signals coming from the generator. Any AC fields anywhere near the console will get you hum on the speakers. I had one installation that had been in a church for decades humming away and no tech ever figured out what was wrong. The organ console was against a wall. The other side of the wall was where the big PA system amps were located. The deacons asked me what I thought caused the horrible hummmmmmm. I just grabbed the console and pulled it away from the wall out into the room. The hum vanished. They thought I was a genius!...(c;) Nice video, Jim. I'm retired now and enjoying my B-3/original tonecabinet/122A I bought from an old lady's estate. It is the most perfect Hammond I ever say in almost 40 years. Her dead husband bought it in 1957 and it had been moved to replace the carpet 3 times. The original pedal protectors are still on it and shoes have never touched them.

Luke Reiss : Man! I want so badly one of those! (but probably a 145, 147 or 900 model, with that type of amplifier that comes inside a 145 or 147). But while I can't afford to bring one of those to Brazil (or afford to find and buy one here), I am crafting something similar. I have built a big rotary horn and a small portable low rotor. Next steps are gonna be the small rotary horn and the big low rotor. For the big low rotor, I'll have some work with belt tensioner, balance, torque and speed tuning, which are different related to the horn. The other factors/features can be imported from the same project.

Magdi Gaafar : You would make the best teacher . Gread AAA video .

Gerrit Veldhuisen : Hoi Jim,for the best result you have to Cover the Back of the Speakers with Glasswool. It's a Tip. With Respect Gerry from Holland.

Jim Huss : Jensen speakers were most commonly found in the older Leslies.

Dr. Arthur D. Kemp : Let me add to Jim's reply if I may. The upper driver found in most older models of the Leslie 122 is the Jensen V21. The lower bass woofer that is found in most 122 Leslies is the Jensen C15L. You will often find a Jensen P15LL in the 22H Leslies.

nytom4info : on the road with with a122 and a 147...and no one to repair or maintain them...so I had to learn how myself....

daikuone : Thanks for this. I was trying to explain this to my 12 year old daughter. Great stuff. Would love to have a Leslie for guitar as well.

Tuco Remirez : You Are talking like you Are in front og a kindergarden !!!!!!! I know...........you Are American......... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Niowiad : Lovely explanation. I was looking for something like this and it shed light on more than I expected.

Royalorgans : These organ only have 40 watts of power, therefore they don't have alot of power and the overdrive of the tubes cause the organ to distort. The 122 is a great organ however, Hammond made a 222 that has the same internal parts as the 122 but in a fancier cabinet. The JR-20, HR-40 are the first speaker that was created for the sound of the organ however, Hammond made other speaker desined for other organ that can work as well, however the Solid state Leslie give more power and is more accurate.

Herb Seitzer : I’ve had several 122 Leslie’s...Now I have a 715 that’s huge & has, I think, 4 extra stationary speakers in the mid-section...I gotta’ say, I like what I have better than a 122, but so many models are made it just simply depends on how you want your Hammond to sound...The 122 is “Sweet” though.!.!.!

3melendr : Jim, Very well done! You teach like a Factory Service Technician....very clearly and effectively. Great job! Interesting!

paulj0557 : ...or an RT-3.....................................

Jean Michel Tche : very annoying crackling in sound

Harry Schaefer : I remember attending an RIT dance with the Rascals playing and wondering "what was spinning in the speaker cabinet?" and now I know thanks for the tutorial.

Mark Gorney : What's with the stick?

Honestmicky : Excellent video, thanks Jim, much appreciated : )

Ron Roberts : thanks for the lesson dude. always  wondered about the leslie speaker

Sluff Adlin : Jim, I noticed on that some Leslie's have a skirt (I always thought it was foam cover with a hole cut out) overtop of the bass drum. Did Leslie's original come with that and does it alter the tone in any way?

Bill Radcliffe : GREAT Job Jim... Hello from Virginia.. and giving honer to the Dr Arthur D. Kemp who is a Great Hammond tech as well. To GOD be the Glory!!!!

jazzzzdude : Nice and smooth, nice and smooth.

Royalorgans : The 122 sound good but you get more speaker if you get the 710 leslie. The 710 is a rotosonic leslie. It has all the parts of the 122 but an extra speaker for the mid's. You can get the 710 for cheaper then the 122 because most people don't know about them or could not afford them years ago as they are the surround sound speaker of the rotor speaker sound. 710 has a bigger sound and is more reliable because it solid state. The 122A is not as powerful as the 710

Chris Stoddern : I found this video very helpful and appreciate the info and good advice.

Alvin McCranie : why shouldn't there organ Leslie volume exceed 7 and 1/2? Shouldn't you almost to fit your church or home needed volume?

Frank Ferraro : What's interesting is, from day one through the late 60's, Jensen was the stock speakers used in the 122. When CBS took over Electro Music, they switched over to using Eminence speakers. Eminence was easy to identify by the square magnet on the bass speaker. They were an affordable speaker for OEM and sounded good, but I do notice that 122's that have Jensen bass speakers have a more solid and tighter bass response. That's why when I get a 122 in for repair and it has a Jensen Bass speaker, I always recommend leaving it in there. If it's defective--open voice coil or a rubbing pole piece, I rebuild the original Jensen rather than replace it.

Venia Ibrahim : Very informative! Thanks!

Max Clark : I had always heard that the main purpose of the Leslie, was to break up the "Standing Waves" (not Doppler)that are formed by the acoustics of the walls and ceilings in the room in which it was located. Tremlo was an dded benefit.

Ed mourik : We have 1 for sale in California

unforgivenx8 : excellent video, very demostrative

organplaya : Im having trouble with my Lesslie 122-A it speeds up randomly and only slows down for like a half a min. Sunday it never slowed down . Anyone have any idea what's up with this thing ???????????

elwrongo : watching this video I realised I need to get a stick

Chris Whalen : I own a Hammond H-182 with Leslie speaker Model 222. Anyone interested in them?

Chris Moreau : I'm from Nova Scotia Canada, how much are the kits oil, drive belts for a 147 Leslie ??

Barbara Cornett : This video was very informative for me, as to where to oil my leslie. Thanks very much.

Barbara Cornett : Where do I oil my leslie 122 and how? Can I use tonewheel generator oil?

miksax1 : well not in the uk the 122 leslie had no horn rotor. the first leslie like the one in video was the 145 model. 145 leslie was single amp of roughly 90 watts. going up in power was the 760 transistor bi amp leslie.

marcus jones : if u put a lesslie on a bocanie do u use a leslie cord as an extension cord

Barbara Cornett : On my leslie the big thing on the bottom that spins around is squeaking when it slows down to stop. How do I oil this, as it is a cylinder without any openings?

Chris Moreau : What is the difference between the 122 & the 147 ?? Leslie??

wayne Pursell : My father owned a Hammond B3/Leslie and it got passed on to his granddaughter. It still works good. This brings back memories or Dad who passed last year at age 96.

Uncle Mic : No comments!?!? Very informative. Thanks a bunch!!! What speakers did the Leslies come from the factory with?

dannyowashere : could you have gotten a worse camera for this?

electricfunk : Nice overview. You mention not to turn the Leslie volume past 7 because of distortion. What is the difference between distortion and overdrive? Thanks

Emil Pedair : Outstanding! Thanks.

Steven King : I can take the top off, I do live in a chamber.

coondogtheman1234 : Could you hook something like an MP3 player to one of these?

Vadim Rotman : Отличное видео.Где приобрести такую штуковину ?