Rita Moreno - Fever - Animal - Muppet Show

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funkmike : @0:57 She grabs his nose and says "look at me when I'm talking to you!" in Spanish...the best part.

O'Snap : Rita won an Emmy for this episode. :)

Sanderus : Animal is by far my favourite Muppet. And his duet with Rita may be the best Muppet Show Sketch ever.

John Duda : OMG. This will go down in history. The subtle hilarity is amazing. She's awesome to say the least! Love her! xo "Cool it!" Haha! And that thing she does with her tongue. Hahahaha!  It's understandable how she became so passionate with Brando...who wouldn't. Eh? Blessings for all you give, Miss Moreno.

Miss L Walker : 1:35 looks like he's flipping her off and then for the rest of the song she's trying not to laugh!

Jordan Briskin : Animal: "Now that's my kind of woman!" **LMAO**

Mirko Bozic : I doubt there are many singers who can say they performed with The Electric Mayhem, the coolest band fictional band ever. Great job, Rita!

babeth83 : What  humour she had!

Leila Acevedo-Dimaandal : Looks like the title "Fever" should be changed to "Headache," judging by Rita's expression (especially before she bangs the cymbals on the drummer's head). *smirks* XD

coxanova g : Damn, she's hot!

Carl Jacobsen : Animal is my Spirit Muppet. 😍

Matthew Gross : Animal: Now that's my kind of woman! Most people would hate that, but not Animal!

John Duda : Oh, I could watch this forever I love when she looks back at him...hahahaha! OMG! She's awesome!!!!

Peter Hughes : Did Animal just tell her to shut up ("SE CALLE!") at 1:06?? OMG!! :-)

Timothy Kane : Rita's a fox

Frédéric DR : So such a great woman, Rita moreno one the best for musicals and humour.

WarBerJr02 : I like the antics of the muppets. But, I would like to see Rita Moreno singing Fever without all of the gags.

Dennis Sanders : Not many people more talented and hotter than Ms. Rita, she is so so great.

Stephen Smith : Animal's the dude.

Philip Shade : This is pretty much amazing

Deined : The Kennedy Center Honors -- as well as Rosie Perez's own tribute version of this performance at the Honors -- brought me here. :)

Mars Coppernoll : Only animal would rattle Rita!

Sara Ricci : the best!!😍😍❤😭😭❤❤

Todd Reeder : She was on the PBS kids show The Electric Company. She also was in West Side Story.

Kari Colón : Gosh! I love her, she inspires me! Maybe because I'm puerto rican too

Myrna Torres : The one and only Rita Moreno!

Bill Law : Juan Vr . . . if I haven't thanked you . . . . . . THANKS FOR TRANSLATION My Friend!!!!

Theresa Cherco : I love it

Kim MOFFETT : I remember that one hysterical, even way back in the 70s. lol

April Simnel : Hahahaha! She would've been on the original Electric Company at the same time. Those comedy chops were honed to perfection!

valnats : WTF does she say to ANIMAL from:052-1:06 in spanish?

Gilberto Barrera : Que belleza de mujer 😍😍😍

Tommy Thomas : CLASSIC.

Waldemar Radwan : Gorączka:))) Uwielbiam tego perkusistę !!!

My2Cents : She's so multi-talented. She sings the song great, but also I noticed the subtle nuances in her acting, her facial expressions.

John Scanlon : Give Animal a break.  He is a bit turned on!

rumandcoke32 : This clip took me back. Thanks to whomever posted it. Animal was the best.

jose rivera : BEST DRUMMER EVER!!!!!

Priya Sridhar : "Yeah cool it." :D

paul best : Some people have said Animal is based on a mixture of Rock drummers, most notably Keith Moon of “The Who”. Yeah, I think I see the resemblance.

Bill Law : WOW . . . would one of my Spanish friends PLEASE Translate In To English what She Said to "ANIMAL"!!! Thanks In Advance!!!

Brett Triantafillou : I dont know one word she said to Animal but I loved every bit of it.

jaxjaxjaxjaxjaxy : Who else got here from the New Yorker's Instagram?

The Mean Mannish Boys : Make a sound check with our drummer is like playing music with animal.

Tardisius : Animal FEVER  Mahna Mahna =))

Lauren Ilo : Hahahahahah....I dedicate this one to Coco.  Cheers Floss!!

luenriqu : Esto es super cooooooool! jajajajaja

Ганга Дас : давно искал это воспоминание из детства

TheTallMan35 : I like Rita but I like Maria on Sesame Street better.

Henrik Frässdorf : have a Good Time the Muppets bussel