Larry David's Steve Martin Tribute Speech

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Randy Bailin : The success of Seinfeld was about 70% Larry David. He was the head writer and the character George was basically Larry David (he didn't want to be in front of the camera). Curb Your Enthusiasm is Seinfeld on steroids without a studio audience.

Clembo : It's so obvious this guy wrote Seinfeld.

daflotsam : "I don't really like mystery". Somehow he makes even a seemingly simple sentence full of depth and humor.

Nathaniel Graham : Steve Martin should be ashamed of himself!

Brandon : "I'm really quite a treat." 

Drunk Sloppy : larry david is the only person you'll ever hear of to walk on stage during standup… scan the audience… and just say "nah" and walk off stage without without having done anything.  lmfao it suits him so well. LEGEND.

FRED ROGERS : curb seems so real, that when larry does anything, you think it is an episode of curb

Pat Tanackered : Suddenly I want to re watch curb

chodeshadar18 : Wow Bernie Sanders is one funny guy!

Alex Marqués : Larry David is pure brilliance

Grunthos The Flatulent : Is that George Steinbrenner? Sure as sugar sounds like him

Quincy Peabody : OMG.. I didnt know what a horrible person that Steve Martin is

LaidIsGentleMen : I love how he throws in some very Steve Martinesque-type bits like "Can't hear you!".

Testa : Whoever did not get to see Steve Martin live at the pinnacle of his stand up career missed the greatest comedian in history. If the standard is how hard an audience ever laughed during a stand up performance. (His movies don't come anywhere close to his stand up at his peak when it was new to the world) I've never witnessed anything like it. Everyone in the room was gasping for air from laughing so hard. He tapped the source of comedy. The god of comedy. Not one joke was told and people were dying from laughter.

dnatz58 : Can honestly say this is one of the funniest things I've seen on YouTube. Gotta check out more Larry David.

Short Fuse : i'd love to see a roast of larry david....come on comedy central...get on it!and can it with the justin bieber,james franco,charlie sheen bullcrap....roast people who deserve it not a bunch of hacks and nobodies

Advocatus Diaboli : holy shit, that was pure gold.

Kimbob aLoola : "I don't really like mystery" hahahahahahahahahahahhaha this guy xx

Nimesh Nambiar : Larry david makes me cry in laughter. Never heard of anyone who could do that. What a guy! and love Steve Martin too. This is vintage moment for me, two of my comedic icons!

Linda McDonald : Laughed too hard!!  Typical Larry.  He'd be PERFECT for a ROAST! lol!! 

reezlaw : I end up in tears every time... he's a genius, and Steve is laughing his ass off too

U. Yorubulut : i ve watched this about 1000 times.

Reck Ssel : Having said that...

Unfunny People In Cars Getting Stuff : Pretty, pretty good.

Dani ele : Thats right I shimmied

KEVIN PIASTRA: COMEDIAN : he's not describing steve, he's describing mel gibson

MissLil Nova : Oh wow. You don't see Larry in a suit often. Or ever.

Dave Hansen : Everyone knows he's joking. Steve Martin has supported no less than eight charities, including the St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters, as well as The Children's Health Fund.

Charles Smith : Is it gay for me to be in love with Larry David and his creativity and success

Susanne Galun : Larry David is a genius!

Gregory Post : Honestly want to see a Steve Martin/Larry David buddy sitcom. They would be wonderful.

KinnArchimedes : I like the premise of this bit.

GyroLamb : he acts like George here

NorthWriter : Watching Seinfeld is like drinking strong coffee. Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm is like mainlining espresso.

Jimmy Krakkornandidontcare : Hey, the announcer at the very beginning who said, "Please welcome... Larry David!" I'd recognize that voice anywhere! That was Larry Kenney, former host of Bowling for Dollars on WOR-TV and former hilarious disc jockey for WHN radio in New York City, both in the 1970s! (That was my favorite part of this, even though I'm a big fan of both Larry David and Steve Martin!)

She Is Too-Nice : An utter riot

roald dahl : epic. i thought he'd stop and say 'just kiddin'. but i don't think he know's people are laughing at him almost more than they love him. larry is king.

Samuel Clemens : Larry was making Leslie Nielson laugh.

currypowder : that was amazin he killed it

Playan1982 : Larry David, love that guy. Hope for a new season of Curb,

Manuel Cassavius : funnier than anything Martin ever done.

Grunthos The Flatulent : When did Steve Martin die?

Potatocrunch94 : Larry should also get the award.

Jonathan V : Funniest man alive

Spaghettipolicy : Classic Larry David

Mircose : I've watched pretty much everything Larry David produced.. and I enjoyed it all. However, I don't understand why people find this speech funny at all.

Indigo Indigo Bae : Larry's got see how he pimp-walked out onto the stage?  Hmmm...

technoway : I posted that six years ago, and yet this is still so fresh in my mind, I thought it was a year ago. This still makes me laugh very hard. I think the Mark Twain committee should figure it out eventually.

AdrianMutu87 : masterful

CCphotography : Larry David is an Fing mark twain speech since will ferrells