Brenton Hager [Facebook Live] Police Chase 1 🚔 🚨

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Vishal Sancheti : Welcoming to car chases of the 21st century where suspects can spill their personal thoughts on Facebook while being chased.

Ginger S : *blows horn* Cant u see im on a high speed chase lmaolmao

5W4994N : Wow, Justin Timberlake has really fallen on hard times.

ALBUM REVOLUTION : Dude can multi-task!!

Dickho Internal : tfw you’re worried you don’t have enough gas to get to the neighboring county because their jail is better and you know this from experience.

william thetford : he said that he just got out of prison.....hadn't gone out or anything.....said he wanted to get some other words wanted to steal yours

Dat nigga Roger : He could of just called Lester and erased his 3 star wanted level fucking noob .

Shiori Zan : 9:35 Pulls alongside a car that just moved ""Hey, hey! Don't you see me in a high speed chase? ... I'm in a high speed chase bro!"

NBGAF : I wanna see the police dash cam chasing this fucknugget cuz I'm interested what the cop is thinking.

Cletus Spukcler : #freebrenton

iTz Newblood : Dude thinks hes playin gta5 n hes in a xbox party havin his goons help him

Damian Milston : Seems like deep down he a nice guy ..shame

Jeremy Walker : truly innovative content right here

Anonymous : He's cute....... is he bi? lol

This Old Trailer : all he wants is not to get bed bugs and stay out of a slummy jail feel for this kid he needs the lord!

xrmx : Well, they're not getting any smarter, are they?

PolymathEnergy : Wow, he is trying to make it into another county for the better jail. Hats off to you my friend. Lol

William Church : Hahaha what an idiot. Run from the cops without a full tank of gas?

kostman23 : I think he thinks that if he makes it to the beach there's a job waiting for him there and if can get setup fast enough before they beat his ass they'll leave him alone.

butch bragg : this guy goes hard for the content props bro

Em Spearing : Too bad the scrawny tattoo'd POS didn't break his goddam neck.

Tommy Bertrand : He seems like he wants to make america great again

A&C Survival & Outdoors : Gets himself in trouble asked everyone else to get him out of it what a douch deal with what you done boi

John Beltron : Loser.

Buckeye Roy : s t u P i d

Nathan Lujan : This dumbass should have pulled over and not risk others life's glad the police got him

Dave Car : I used my turn signal fuck lol

Jeff Saldivar : LOL I'm in a high speed chase bro you have to move over

Green Brain Channel : He Is Too Old For GTA Stop Judging Him.

Steve Willoughby : Absolutely no education, and his parents raised a POS. They should force his parents to shoot him dead and make them pay all damages.

Adrian Jimenez : He deserved to be caught for recording vertically

Back From The Future : 11:11, make a wish!

buddyroll 1 : We have one of those at our job-a white man want-to-be black man thug mentality-I can hear it in his voice.

Mykahli : Running from one jurisdiction to another in hopes of getting a better jail is stupid. When you are caught (in that other jurisdiction) they hand you over back to the jurisdiction where the offence originally occurred. It was a waste of time.

Jameson Cross : We pay to chase him down, then we pay to feed him, house him, clothe him, give him medical care, then pay people to watch over him daily. Odds are he will never amount to anything. We are better off putting him down and spend resources on giving other people, that want to make something out of themselves, the time and money. This is a waste all around.

BisnagaPlays : the video ends at 11:11 and the speed crase happens in 11/10

james eckley : Kinda entertaining.

micah mackenzie : That was the saddest thing I have ever seen.

TheEclipse_ : At least he got the 10 mom marker for good ad revenue

Bill Shinn : I can feel him about not wanting to go to ok county. I dont care what you did that place is a inhumane hell hole

Brian David : I hope they use this to double charge him

Ali Sabah : This the real life Trevor...

Chris Gridley : Whoever had sex with him should be sterilized

Doug S : Whenever I watch these chases I’m always wondering what is this person thinking!? Well here you go hahahaha! So funny he sees the helicopters, but still trying to dip and says there only 2 on me now I’m trying to get away hahahahahaha. Idiot is worried about tools. Jesus Christ the stupidity is amazing

Robert Schock : The steering wheel is one the wrong side of the truck.

TO LOVE RU RITO : Give this man a metal for the longest police chase

adrian salas : I was hoping he would crash the entire time ... filthy excuse of a human

AcesWildMMA : is that Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone?

SilverBullet860 : Congratulations to the police officers who stopped him and arrested him. They did a great job by stopping amother criminal. #backtheblue #backthebagde #bluelivesmatter #thinblueline

Secant Ogive : Neck tattoos = Death sentence. He doesn't belong in public.