Brenton Hager [Facebook Live] Police Chase 1 🚔 🚨

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Stahhhp It Lolz : Wow, he is trying to make it into another county for the better jail. Hats off to you my friend. Lol

5W4994N : Wow, Justin Timberlake has really fallen on hard times.

Vishal Sancheti : Welcoming to car chases of the 21st century where suspects can spill their personal thoughts on Facebook while being chased.

ALBUM REVOLUTION : Dude can multi-task!!

Ginger S : *blows horn* Cant u see im on a high speed chase lmaolmao

turd burglar : his worst crime was recording vertically

Damian : Seems like deep down he a nice guy ..shame

iTz Newblood : Dude thinks hes playin gta5 n hes in a xbox party havin his goons help him

Shiori Zan : 9:35 Pulls alongside a car that just moved ""Hey, hey! Don't you see me in a high speed chase? ... I'm in a high speed chase bro!"

sae1095hc : If he loved his mom, he wouldn't have been an habitual criminal. If he cared at all, he wouldn't do things that cause his mother pain.

tehserval : Glad that piece of shit was caught.

TO LOVE RU RITO : Give this man a metal for the longest police chase

kostman23 : I think he thinks that if he makes it to the beach there's a job waiting for him there and if can get setup fast enough before they beat his ass they'll leave him alone.

butch bragg : this guy goes hard for the content props bro

TCHF Trevor & Cheyenne Horticulture & Farming : Hahaha what an idiot. Run from the cops without a full tank of gas?

mrsmoyster : if i was his mom, i'd beat the shit out of him

william thetford : he said that he just got out of prison.....hadn't gone out or anything.....said he wanted to get some other words wanted to steal yours

Tommy Bertrand : He seems like he wants to make america great again

Jeff Saldivar : LOL I'm in a high speed chase bro you have to move over

micah mackenzie : That was the saddest thing I have ever seen.

Little Nicky : Pinkman moved to OK 😅

Bill Shinn : I can feel him about not wanting to go to ok county. I dont care what you did that place is a inhumane hell hole

4k Machines : Gets himself in trouble asked everyone else to get him out of it what a douch deal with what you done boi

Cyrpto Goldensilver : all he wants is not to get bed bugs and stay out of a slummy jail feel for this kid he needs the lord!

Adrian Jimenez : He deserved to be caught for recording vertically

Jeremy Walker : truly innovative content right here

Jizzle G : He's a young man making a mistake. He tried to avoid hurting others during the chase, and that says something about his character regardless of what he's doing. Plenty of time to turn his life around. He sounds defeated, deflated, and tired of struggling. We don't know his whole story or what got him to this point. I'm just glad they didnt shoot him cause' dude is SUPER FINE lololol! 😂🤣😅😆

TheFutureOfBeauty : Neck tattoos = Death sentence. He doesn't belong in public.

Jameson Cross : We pay to chase him down, then we pay to feed him, house him, clothe him, give him medical care, then pay people to watch over him daily. Odds are he will never amount to anything. We are better off putting him down and spend resources on giving other people, that want to make something out of themselves, the time and money. This is a waste all around.

Jeremy Bell : Shows u how bad our jails are??

Quick Wahay : Put a bullet in it's head before it multiplies.

Alex : The dude is using his turning signals and stopped at red lights. 😂😂😂😂😂

xrmx : Well, they're not getting any smarter, are they?

Cheese : "Don't you see me in a high speed chase bro" "you gotta move over"

Chris Gridley : Whoever had sex with him should be sterilized

Megan Wilson : Can you please make a clip of where he says He cant make it to the beach and then a picture of the truck in the pond?

You Outta Know : Shit happens that could be you. So be careful judging others.

dubb : @6:55 it seems he was looking at his last bag of coke or meth.

Ricky : At least he got the 10 mom marker for good ad revenue

JimsEquipmentShed : If want to make sure you will never get a job paying more than minimum wage, be sure wear a neck tattoo like this idiot so everyone else can tell from a good distance....

Rhonda Smith : the Duke boys would be proud

Green Brain Channel : He Is Too Old For GTA Stop Judging Him.

Em Spearing : Too bad the scrawny tattoo'd POS didn't break his goddam neck.

Cletus Spukcler : #freebrenton

Mykahli Fischer : Running from one jurisdiction to another in hopes of getting a better jail is stupid. When you are caught (in that other jurisdiction) they hand you over back to the jurisdiction where the offence originally occurred. It was a waste of time.

Justin Thornton : Best. Ford. Commercial. EVER.

Mayu Ming : Hope he tuns his life around he still has time i actually feel bad for him and yes he is fine damn 😍

John Beltron : Loser.

james eckley : Kinda entertaining.

theodore raz : He is a nice guy