Brenton Hager [Facebook Live] Police Chase 1 🚔 🚨

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Vishal Sancheti : Welcoming to car chases of the 21st century where suspects can spill their personal thoughts on Facebook while being chased.

PolymathEnergy : Wow, he is trying to make it into another county for the better jail. Hats off to you my friend. Lol

5W4994N : Wow, Justin Timberlake has really fallen on hard times.

Ginger S : *blows horn* Cant u see im on a high speed chase lmaolmao

ALBUM REVOLUTION : Dude can multi-task!!

News Now Your Mama’s House : tfw you’re worried you don’t have enough gas to get to the neighboring county because their jail is better and you know this from experience.

micah mackenzie : That was the saddest thing I have ever seen.

TO LOVE RU RITO : Give this man a metal for the longest police chase

william thetford : he said that he just got out of prison.....hadn't gone out or anything.....said he wanted to get some other words wanted to steal yours

sae1095hc : If he loved his mom, he wouldn't have been an habitual criminal. If he cared at all, he wouldn't do things that cause his mother pain.

tehserval : Glad that piece of shit was caught.

mrsmoyster : if i was his mom, i'd beat the shit out of him

Shiori Zan : 9:35 Pulls alongside a car that just moved ""Hey, hey! Don't you see me in a high speed chase? ... I'm in a high speed chase bro!"

Little Nicky : Pinkman moved to OK 😅

iTz Newblood : Dude thinks hes playin gta5 n hes in a xbox party havin his goons help him

Damian : Seems like deep down he a nice guy ..shame

Jeremy Walker : truly innovative content right here

turd burglar : his worst crime was recording vertically

This Old Trailer : all he wants is not to get bed bugs and stay out of a slummy jail feel for this kid he needs the lord!

xrmx : Well, they're not getting any smarter, are they?

Trevor Lingbeck : Hahaha what an idiot. Run from the cops without a full tank of gas?

Bill Shinn : I can feel him about not wanting to go to ok county. I dont care what you did that place is a inhumane hell hole

kostman23 : I think he thinks that if he makes it to the beach there's a job waiting for him there and if can get setup fast enough before they beat his ass they'll leave him alone.

butch bragg : this guy goes hard for the content props bro

Tommy Bertrand : He seems like he wants to make america great again

4k Machines : Gets himself in trouble asked everyone else to get him out of it what a douch deal with what you done boi

Jeremy Bell : Shows u how bad our jails are??

John Beltron : Loser.

Buckeye Roy : s t u P i d

Em Spearing : Too bad the scrawny tattoo'd POS didn't break his goddam neck.

Chris Gridley : Whoever had sex with him should be sterilized

A : He's cute....... is he bi? lol

Quick Wahay : Put a bullet in it's head before it multiplies.

Jeff Saldivar : LOL I'm in a high speed chase bro you have to move over

Green Brain Channel : He Is Too Old For GTA Stop Judging Him.

Jolene Marquez : He deserved to be caught for recording vertically

buddyroll 1 : We have one of those at our job-a white man want-to-be black man thug mentality-I can hear it in his voice.

Cletus Spukcler : #freebrenton

Steve Willoughby : Absolutely no education, and his parents raised a POS. They should force his parents to shoot him dead and make them pay all damages.

Back From The Future : 11:11, make a wish!

Mayu Ming : Hope he tuns his life around he still has time i actually feel bad for him and yes he is fine damn 😍

BisnagaPlays : the video ends at 11:11 and the speed crase happens in 11/10

Mykahli Fischer : Running from one jurisdiction to another in hopes of getting a better jail is stupid. When you are caught (in that other jurisdiction) they hand you over back to the jurisdiction where the offence originally occurred. It was a waste of time.

RickyGx59 : At least he got the 10 mom marker for good ad revenue

james eckley : Kinda entertaining.

Chester Hardy : Steering column on the right in Oklahoma?

adrian salas : I was hoping he would crash the entire time ... filthy excuse of a human

Regular Sized Rudy : Neck tattoos = Death sentence. He doesn't belong in public.

Brian David : I hope they use this to double charge him

Ali Sabah : This the real life Trevor...