Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel in NYC with Philip Solo TV

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Comments from Youtube

Aaron Keogh : You need to invest in a UV light for your hotel reviews

Roland : the reason the homeless turn down the free hotel room is because its a notorious street scam in NY. People will act like they got them a room, and when they show up people waiting in the rooms rob them for their change/drugs and beat them up.

Basically Kai : It’s so weird seeing Philip in HD

Nikki Mathers : “Lawyers stay here.” LMAO

Frank Lin : I'm feeling seriously bad for the couple

Kate Lewis : “Aw shit we’re dying in here?!” when he sees the suits - too good 😂

hope : $65 for that? wow I’m never saying california is expensive again, NYC got us beat

thrasherx2k1 : I have honestly never heard of a hotel having a shared bathroom.

Asia Hill : 7:03 I literally gasped when you showed the "weird burn marks" that's bed bug poop! I thought you guys were being a little extra with the suits, bot anymore. Check all your clothes before going home. They will invade your whole house really fast. Bed bugs are THE WORST! that picture of the rashes are bed bug bites! I would have ran so fast when seeing those "burn marks" aka bed bug poop

innawoods : 537 looks worse than where I slept in Afghanistan

Cyrus Vaughn : Rip to that woman and her "boyfriend"

John Tremor : I showed this to my shower. Now it's a toilet.

guacamole : Gordon Ramsey where you at?

solbrand : This isn't Dan Bell.

rwest1833_MGTOW : you couldn't PAY lay my head on that pillow

lindalately : I love how this is uploaded on a smaller channel. PhillipsoloTV’s out here helping smaller channels, we don’t deserve you 😭

TriHard : Sodapoppin’s money must be so tight that he is resorting to staying at these rundowns....damn shame

Tucker Maxam : Okay I can't be the only one that saw the bug fall from the sheet and start crawling across the bed at 6:54 right after he pulls the sheet up

unreaLphoenix : "unbelievable. have so much more content coming just waitttttt on itttt love you all" One month later - still only 1 video on this channel.

Alejandro Puente : why is sodapoppin with that homeless man

teo bari : alright scoop here´s the guys

robofish312 : So we found this lovely couple and decided to ruin their vacation. Lolol

that L that jimin handed every army in the J1D mv : If Phillip walks into your establishment just know something is seriously wrong.

Steven : Anyone else see the bug under the sheets at 6:54?

Kiah43 : i heard you started this trend 👀

Muckley of Trisfal : The brown spots are blood stains, when you roll over bed bugs they explode and release your blood, making those stains.

Fags Are Us : This building look like Toby Maguire's building In spiderman 3

Adelin Prisacariu : Come in Romania...this type of hotel is luxury here :p *joking or maybe not

ilikemonkeys : no matter how much i wanna bang my boyfriend, that room is gonna be a no from me.

S DLC : Free Bedbugs and antibiotic resistant gonorrhea act now and we will throw in a few rats to sweeten the deal!

jack Breon : Lol you know a hotel room is bad when homeless people turned it down.

Epic_ Donut2.5 : 0:00 into the video and the police is already pulling someone over

Narmis B : that neckbeard is unsanitary

SaiyanEspitia 323 : Just subscribed. Great videos👍👍

Sir Real : Burn marks? Those were most likely squashed bedbugs or bedbug feces. There is a chance one of you took them home on your shoes.

10,000 subscribers with no videos : I got bed bugs just from watching this

lol * : alright guys, heres the *S C O O P*

EL_JEEPO : You look like a lord of the rings character haha

Hever Arrieta : dude no one on the street is going to take a free hotel key while you're holding it wearing a latex glove 😂

Grizzy : Love your content dude, keep it up.

Bryanna :3 : I feel bad that people are copying your idea about these videos. Yours will always be the best.

Michelle Faith : This whole time I thought this was philips channel 🤦‍♀️

Pilgrimage85 : I’m not really sure what goes down in 537 but..

Joe DeLong : This is like a real life, unintentional version of the “you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about” meme

Jacob K : My dude looks like a healthy sodapoppin with a wife.

Hersal Squires : seriously, no black light?

Name not found : OSHA would like a word.

Aaron Cuellar : 5:01 tims on cause were in New York. Deadass B lol

Scur Jaldaan : The shower probably just made that guy dirtier.