Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel in NYC with Philip Solo TV

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Brandon Yaraghi : unbelievable. have so much more content coming just waitttttt on itttt love you all

10,000 subscribers with no videos : I got bed bugs just from watching this

RedPill Shark : seriously, no black light?

nicole lynn : it baffles me that people pay upwards of 200$ a month for cable when they can watch quality shit like this on youtube for free

Crack The Puzzle : *When I saw the thumbnail Why this kid is wearing Fake beard and moustache??

Roland : the reason the homeless turn down the free hotel room is because its a notorious street scam in NY. People will act like they got them a room, and when they show up people waiting in the rooms rob them for their change/drugs and beat them up.

10,000 subscribers with no videos : Why does the conversation at the front desk sound like an interrogation at first

Basically Kai : It’s so weird seeing Philip in HD

Dimplesock Tickletit : The burn marks are from people nodding out on heroin - or another strong opioid - while smoking a cigarette. It’s quite a common thing for junkies to do. They fall asleep and slowly lower their hands, or just drop the cigarette and then wake up before a serious fire starts. Multiply this cycle about 10 times during a night and you’re left with lots of little burn marks over the mattress, carpet, and anything else.

John C : It's like paying $65 to go to jail

Henley Plante : That guy that walked in and out 3 times deff was selling something and I don't mean watches

Mojo Jeinxs : You know that garbage can in that room was pissed in a lot.

Leo Hernandez : This is your most viewed video. You better thank my dude. I thought this was his channel for a sec.

Nikki Ann : “Lawyers stay here.” LMAO

hope : $65 for that? wow I’m never saying california is expensive again, NYC got us beat

CafeNightster : Jesus, that's a 5x6 room for $70? The cheapest hotel I've ever slept was a $45 that was a 20x10 not including the bathroom and sink area. I hope that couple survived that stay.

Wedgie Time : your chrome hearts hoodie is definitely the scoop

PHep32 : I feel bad for that chick

Jello Dream : How about this crazy idea, actually staying a *WHOLE* Night in the worse rated hotel 🤷

Aaron Keogh : You need to invest in a UV light for your hotel reviews

rafael mercado : Camera guy without Tyvek suit, DOA...

Cruxal : Yoooo chrome hearts hoodie is tuff

Gabriel Rains : "I guess I'll splurge." on a $65 dollar room, bruh had me dyin hahahah

What can I say Except you’re welcome : It’s nice that you gave the room to some people instead of just paying for it and letting it be empty for the night, but y’all pilfered through that room and stood on the sheets 😂😷 so that was a lil gross ngl

Bryanna :3 : I feel bad that people are copying your idea about these videos. Yours will always be the best.

TriHard : Sodapoppin’s money must be so tight that he is resorting to staying at these rundowns....damn shame

Epic_ Donut2.5 : 0:00 into the video and the police is already pulling someone over

M T : Lol you obviously haven't travelled, in alot of counties this would be considered the presidential suite.

哥们Shen Wei : Gordon Ramsey where you at?

Kate Lewis : “Aw shit we’re dying in here?!” when he sees the suits - too good 😂

3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!! : 2:10 he figured u guys were gay.... for 2😂 shared bathroom

Eco Loki : Video was way better than I thought

♆ Satan ♆ : Next time, bring a UV light and turn the lights off. I promise you'll never step into New York after that

Grizzy : Love your content dude, keep it up.

teo bari : alright scoop here´s the guys

Homeless Gavin McInnes : This is a great idea for content go around the country and stay in the lowest rated hotels

Alejandro Puente : why is sodapoppin with that homeless man

Amber Turner : That guy looks like the more attractive version of sodapoppin

MonsterKat : Healthy Sodapoppin

Muckley of Trisfal : The brown spots are blood stains, when you roll over bed bugs they explode and release your blood, making those stains.

Goodly : I thought this video was by Philip Solo TV

7hundredd : I wonder how much rich boy paid Philip?

John Tremor : I showed this to my shower. Now it's a toilet.

Rey : So this is what Rian Johnson is doing now after the last jedi

Cyrus Vaughn : Rip to that woman and her "boyfriend"

Sharp TK : I actually like sleeping in small tight places also I think it's pretty cool to only pay for a place to sleep especially since this place is in New York which makes it worth it since hotels cost at least triple of this one.

AreTrees : that dude looks like a grown up sodapoppin


Tanner Steele : Brandon you look like sodapoppin

TyDominoGuy : Where's the scoop? Here