WKUK Pledge of Allegiance

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Bulbian : I didn't stand for the pledge once and the teacher went apeshit.

MrKhushrenada : Here they used to do prayers instead of a pledge untill we realised that it is brainwashing children who are most gullible.

oxygene : smh when I was these kid's age we used to pledge allegiance to the flag of america, not war and corporations. the teacher gave us some good wholesome codeine, not speed. where has our country gone?

Boi imma bout to roast you : Jesus Christ that black kid wasn't wearing a shirt

Logifanogi : Eminem: White America comes to mind.

Wizard Man : its funny the only reason the Pledge of Allegiance was made was to increase flag sales during the world war (it was made by flag company not the government) LOL   

Richard T : The pledge of allegiance, is to the ideal of what America is, not blindless loyalty to our federal government. That why it says "in which it stands" as in what the flag and a republic, represents. But yeah, has always been voluntary, and should tell kids what it means before making recite like a drone army.

manwithaplan125 : hahahahaha

saganist : I did not even know about the "pledge of allegiance" until a while ago. It sounds completely absurd.

Dalin Palanychka : I am in canada and I think usoa sukz

serikawik : JOE ROGAN

marecku21 : Hew, this approach works great. When questions are raised about forcing children to say "under God", don't you hear all the people say indignantly, "Hey, I said it for years, why can't you?" Great argument, huh?

Jared Clark : They didn't give me riddlin after the pledge WTF!

steve fine : I moved to Texas in high school from Chicago I did the America pledge because I do it out respect for troops that died. but in Texas they have their own one I sat my ass down for that one my teacher us to be so mad about but they can't do shit about it

Don Bee : There is a difference between the U.S. & the U.S.A. My favorite brain -washing started in 1913 with the 16th Amendment scandal. So they could actually start stealing money from you legally & tell you that you are not a slave. ha

Hex Op : My solution: Recite Deutschland Deutschland Uber Allës

Rasul Gunashev : Hi people, what did he say at the end of sketch?

Jacob Marsteller : XD oh wow, they actuallyget across messages on the show. Lol


jasonisstupid _ : I pledge allegiance to queen fragg and her mighty state of hysterity

SamirIsHere • : The pledge is important if you're gonna live in the US, of course you shouldn't have to do it and you don't have to do it. But the US is absolutely amazing.

Jason Lanning : One time I didn't stand up to recite the brainwashing pledge of allegiance to a god I dont believe in and almost got a detention...don't come to america

BlazeX344 : You have the right to sit down and not do the Pledge of Allegiance. Adding on, you're not pledging allegiance to the government, but to the country itself. 

clevelandphil : If you don't like our flag, don't live in our country!

NippleSauce : Imagine this is what the pledge was actually like?  Suicide rates would increase.

Emily Donnell : Well I think it's good I get to say the pledge every morning, and there are kids in my class who don't say it just because they say they don't feel like it. If you live in America, the least you can do is honor our flag.

Meta Nexus : Not hypnotized, indoctrinated.

Blade16190 : I don't do the pledge, when im in class i sit there and look at the chalkboard while these other idiots pledge their lives. Sometimes i throw up a middle finger on my chest just for kicks.

philip cecil : Wtf

lockandloadlikehell : The Mossad authored that pledge.

Thomas Bolinger : Now they're teaching the kids to say it in Arabic and to say "One nation under Allah". Land of the free! right? nope

Zachary Wolf : So I take it this is the next iteration of the pledge?

jonah r. : LOL!

John Tuuri : riddlen LOL

brian a : At least we don't address the flags like Nazi's anymore. :D


MC3141592653589 : The Hawaiian Kingdom

TheDistraughtJuggernaut : Guys I think that this is not a form of brainwashing

Chazim76 : Agreed.

Chazim76 : True but we are free to protest and change it via voting and if that doesn't work then there is one option left.

Chazim76 : That is true. So we need to change that part. And to the people for which it stands.

Chazim76 : Well what can we do it is the past. We can cry and whine and bitch and moan but it isn't going to change things. Yes slavery was evil but they didn't invent it at all. Many great empires were built on the backs of slaves. And still today we are trying to make up for the past even though no one alive today ever owned a slave. And there were black slave owners as well. But our fore fathers did do great things in building a nation where people can live free and we are seeing that today.

Chazim76 : That is true but can the electoral voters vote democrat anyway?

Chazim76 : OK that is one.

Chazim76 : Can you name one country that was founded that didn't use slaves?

grantsdaman01 : Not conforming for the sake of not conforming is still very much conforming

Peter Thorpe : #Murica

Chazim76 : How am I brainwashed? Because I respect the country I live in? I don't trust the government at all. But government and country is two different things. As I said but apparently you are too stupid to understand what I meant because you think country and government is the same. If you don't like this country feel free to leave. You won't be missed. If you don't like our government and want to change it. I am right behind you.

Daniela : You guys have my LOVE, FOREVER, for this.

Don Bee : There is a difference between the U.S. & the U.S.A. My favorite brain -washing started in 1913 with the 16th Amendment scandal. So they could actually start stealing money from you legally & tell you that you are not a slave. ha