[795] TSA Master Keys — Why You Should NEVER Use Travel Locks (Except on Luggage)

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Redpill Commando : I hate these F-ing TSA locks. Every time I see one it rubs my nose in the fact that we no longer live in a free and just nation. Case in point, this is why the clipper chip was a really bad idea that thank God was shot down in the court of public opinion.

Da Hai Zhu : More security theater

Кристиян Александров : lockpicking lawyer gives us another valuable lesson. for those of you who ask why you show thieves how to steal, he does not. theves know how to steal without this video. What lockpicking lawyer is doing is show us what we are vulnerable to, and how they attack us, so we know how to defend ourself and so we know what to protect ourselfs from.

Wazzuuup GD : I bought a cheap 4 pack of travel locks that DIDN'T have the sticker on them, tried to pick one, when I turned the tension wrench it opened the lock

Fulmynato : The whole idea of the TSA master key is flawed by design, and is a good example of why any sort of "government backdoor" some would like to introduce on IT systems is a terrible idea.

No Remorse : I used to use TSA locks on my work tool kit when I traveled, but my luggage kept arriving with the lock missing, so I gave up and just put a spring-loaded steel snap link through the hasp on the toolkit to help keep it from popping open. One time I tried a key-retaining TSA lock. When I retrieved my toolkit at my destination, I found the remains of the lock inside the case, tied up in a rubber glove. TSA moron apparently thought his key was trapped in the lock and busted it apart.

Timmy Brolin : Why are TSA master keys available on the internet? Because TSA leaked the dimensions! They published a photo of the master keys in an article online. And these people are the ones that supposedly guarantee security at airports...

LTManiac : Ohh as soon as i saw those locks i knew this was gonna be a brutally honest & savage video 🤔🤔😂

April Jones : I used a non tsa approved lock on my suitcase once, and the TSA broke my lock for a “random inspection.” They also folded all my clothes lol

asv : I mean, with people like you around who's basically a living master key, nothing is safe...

Gunga Dinn : More of TSA Kabuki theatre. These are the same people that prior to 9/11 were $7.00 an hour flunkies. I also frequently travel with firearms. Inside my hard shell suit case, I’ve got a second hard shell Pelican case. All three locks are Medeco puck locks. You’re not cutting them off or gaining access without being noticed. The GPS trackers I used for my UAV’s are utilized inside the case. I have been requested to open the case after the firearms verification only once. The TSA monkey asked if I trusted them, to which I replied, about as much as you do me.

NYPANAMA : I've been watching your videos for a while now, and I have to ask. Have you ever found a lock that you COULD NOT pick? This includes padlocks, and door locks.

Alex : Remember to travel with guns and thereby having to use you own locks instead.

Hunter Davis : This channel makes me want to use an arc welder as a lock

Asdayasman : I disagree with you completely. The TSA has no business being in your luggage whatsoever. Letting the TSA in only gets your stuff lost or stolen. Put your luggage in hard casing, and lock it with a good lock. You can do this legally by packing your firearm, or anything that can count as one, and asking for a firearms declaration. Your luggage will be inspected with you present, then you lock it with your lock, keep the key, and walk away. Your luggage will not be opened by anyone other than you. If you're not happy with guns, then you can leave, but also you can just have a block of aluminium. Check out Deviant Ollam's talks on the matter.

Stormborn Apostle : Masterlock still offers more protection than the TSA itself does.

DIY MAN : 16 thumbs down are the thieves who has these keys and are pissed because you blew their dirty little secret.

Darren Harvey : Any chance you would do a video on how master keys work? Specifically where you have have lock A that opens with key A and lock B that opens with key B but both can be opened with a master key where the master key bears no resemblance to the locks "proper" key. Multiple shear lines or something - in any case, would be nice to see some of these gutted.

BourbonWarrior : I'm going to save this video and show it to people that think "master keys" are a good idea for encryption.

gir489 : The TSA has never stopped or foiled a terrorist attack.

pilotbaxter007 : Put a tamper seal tag on the luggage too, so opening is evident regardless of your lock

bdf2718 : To quote from the book _Alice in Security Theatre Land_ - "pick me."

James Smith : What is TSA? Is this an American thing that you have to use certain locks on luggage?

soundspark : Luggage, the one thing it is illegal to secure...

Ivo Stoyanov : I have one of these, it opened the moment I inserted my pick in it. And you don't even need a pick, the gaps on the combination cylinders are so wide you can see the gates.

ScytheNoire : My underwear! They aren't secure!

Skulptur Lamm29 : I prefer zip ties on my luggage. They are pretty much as secure, but I see if my luggage was opened the moment I take it of the carousel. This way I can check if anything is missing or was added before I leave the terminal / go through customs.

Mr Toal : I hate TSA

Woogoo336 : What happened if you used a standard lock or higher security lock on something like a travel case (latching, no zipper). Will the tsa destroy your luggage or lock to search it?

Cory Goodman : I disagree; these would be perfect in a sting operation to catch one who steals peoples belongings :p

Robert Chrisman : I personally hate the TSA007 keyway. Why? Because I can simply use a diary key as an impromptu (read: poor man) pick. Also, I have found that a number of TSA cores are made of wafers and/or plastic, rendering them useless to a flathead screwdriver attack.

ZaqoccProductions : LPL’s savagery meter - 💯

Oreo the Avali : How do master keys work if they don't share the profile of the lock's key?

over00lord Unknown : @LockPickingLawyer Is it illegal to own this key for penetration testing? (Red Team trying to get into secure areas with a company's permission)

Tony Papantoniou : Waxed seals would be better as you would know it has been opened.

SpartaGames : see these on lockers all the time in our break room at work. should let them know by picking it and leaving a note inside

Thomas Neal : Ah, TSA and Homeland "Security". the biggest single con jobs that have ever been run on any peoples, ever, in human history. really. go look at how much money is spent on the Department of Homeland Security in the US, and boggle at the numbers you see. it's larger than any "entitlement" in history, for any nation that ever has existed.

Grant Thomas : I'd rather see a cut lock if tsa had to open my bag, so I filled the keyhole with glue. This way no people with keys who aren't tsa cannot open my bag without damage, and I rarely fly.

BasedShark : I actually purchased some travel locks in the US, I believe from Target. It actually included the tsa master key in the package. Didn't just look like one, it was an exact copy.

Richard Purves : Deviant Ollam's talks at DEFcon and other places are always worth it on picking and TSA security. I'd still like to see anyone get a hold of TSA #006 and deal with it because you only get it on Rimowa luggage ;)

hey you : Any plastic luggage zipper can be breached with a pen. Bill did a video on this.

Picked It : Oh dear I remember one of bosnianbill's vids how it was easy to get in a suitcase and zip it back up without touching the lock 🤐

《THUMPER》 Lock picking, Police accountability : Great video brother, great info Mr.L.P.P.

FFVison : For that matter, luggage secured by non-tsa locks are usually pretty easily circumvented as well. If you pry open the zipper track, you can open the luggage. Then, to cover your tracks, you can just use the zipper to go over the opened tracks to re-zip the zipper.

Sebastien Irigoyen : Can you do another Ramset please

Chris O : So how do master keys work in general?

Driving Lessons By BMS : Hmm, I just learned something new. Thanks for letting us know.

PapaWheelie : Series suggestion - many bridges in large cities have bridges covered with locks right next to signs that say it is illegal to place locks on bridge. You could pick and remove as many as you could as a public service. I just went over the Brooklyn bridge and saw some higher end ones along with tons of cheap ones.

Tom Webb : You don't need a key, nor even picks. I've got a combination TSA lock built in to a suitcase (it prevents the "pen" opening trick). TSA opened my bag, and didn't re lock the TSA lock, which meant no combination was required to open the lock - it opened regardless of the code inputted. To resecure the lock I used a floss pick - jammed the pointed end into the keyway and turned - it locked the bag and it meant only my combination opened it. Unless, of course, someone else had the super difficult to get hold of floss pick... 🙄

Garth Goldberg : I never lock my luggage, since the TSA always goes through it, and I never have anything valuable in there. Just dirty underwear. But the stupid TSA went through my bag and when I arrive home I found it LOCKED! And I didn't have the key. I didn't know anything about picking then and had to break the lock.