BEST F(R)IENDS Trailer !

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Huggbees : Saw this in theaters for a special event. Very good movie, one of the better smaller release films I've seen.

Andre Moreau : I'm glad Greg and Tommy are still friends.

bulbadozzer : >Family kidnapped by ninjas, need 4$ karate lessons That’s my freakin’ life :(

House Gamers Airsoft : Man i NEED to see this, i don't know why I'm so excited :D

Charlie H. Smokes Dank : Thank you Tommy, very cool.

Planr The Cable Guy : "you are part of my life, you are everything..."

Dewynity : This made me so moist, you have no idea


Ruben Arbide : This is ART

Your Communist Waifu : *The room 2 confirmed*

Simon Films : OSCAR BEST PICTURE 2019!!!

Deses : Movie got taken down?

Official Filmilen : Tommy Wiseau proves he is a good actor in this trailer

LookItsCollin : cant wait to see this!

Alex Mazza : I’m gonna see it!

sez_YT : Friendship before money

m1 : A new classic.

maki ligon : why would Ninja The Fortnite Streamer kidnap a family guess I have to watch this to find out

Captain Mayhem : Excited

SatanicJamnic : I love how quality of video is degading with time. Start with 1080p, middle in 360p and again 1080p ending. So symbolic and awesome

Phijkchu Euphoric Pizza : YES

lukesick1 : saw both parts in theaters with a good friend of mine loved it.

jakesweet1000 : here before this goes viral

Daniel Charney : I love you tommy

dan43544911 : Better love story than twilight

D0CK : Rock on Tommy!!!

Megolaznazia -iOne : This is legit, thanks man

Gabriel Severa : I hope you come to Ottawa for a screening!

han banan : tommy is a DADDY

The Boob Tube : Oh hai Tommy

Johnny Shuffle : How much candy did he offer you this time Greg?

Marcus Rashford : Saw this, actually was a decent movie.

cesar yachi : I really want to see it!!!

Pondcast : Bought it👌

Gabriel Severa : I can't wait for this!

Bat Man : You are just not a good actor, in fact you are a terrible actor, how about sticking to behind the camera?