Barstool Pizza Review - Neapolitan Express with Special Guest Bill Burr

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Bill Burr and Pres review Neapolitan Express pizza and Bill has some things to say about Dave getting kicked out of Goodfellas in Lexington.

Comments from Youtube

Trey B : Bill tried to get a slice out for a solid minute and a half🤣🤣

Janoy Crevsa : Olllllll' Billy boozebag, just checkin' in on ya

Ben Affleck : Do you have permission to film on this sidewalk?

Face Meat : zip.........................RECRUITER!

Fin : One angry bald comedian, everybody knows the podcast

Bobby Biggzz : Finally someone good!!

tmjmccormack : Prez seemed not himself here. Def nervous. Rookie move but understandable in the presence of greatness.

alamandrax : Bill Burr in the title. Video didn't start playing. Already pushed like.

Steven Delaney : Was literally just thinking today El Pres and Bill Burr seem like they’d get along. Sure enough! That’s a review! One Burr, everybody knows his comedy 👌

Andrew W : Goodfellas got that ice cold pizza

Shao Dynasty : No way! He's been shouting barstool out on his podcast for years

All-IN Offroad : The king of comedy

BrutusIL : No one bite everybody knows the rules?

Don Boss : Old freckles reviewing pizza on a sideway wtf is happening

dwhitt99 : Next get burnt Chrysler on

Esteban Chavez : El pres has been demoted to vice for this one

alex mccutchan : Does Bill have the hiv? He looks bad. Billy "Bones" Burr

Sean Solomon : Ol billy booze bag

Grandma Betty : Shop local kentucky made a 0.0 goodfellas t shirt. Go check out their Facebook page.

HoWdY : Does Bill’s illegitimate brother Michael Rapaport know he did a video with Barstool Sports? Might be an awkward Christmas/Hanukkah this year...

Mac Ross : Perfect episode with Bill Burr. Whole pizza, everybody knows the rules!

LXM : I like any video of Bill Burr solo, OR when he has chemistry w/ the other person in the vid, such as Conan. Seems like Bill and this dude would be drinking buddies 🤙🏼 Good shit

Nate Alfano : What a perfectly timed peace out from the lady at the end

Michael Brandt : Lord take me now! Bill Burr and Prez in the same video is just fantastic.

adhulo : Dave “what that guy say” Portnoy

D u a l i t y : One pair of me undies everybody knows no more sweaty balls. Ba doop boop.

Juan Valladares : Hey Bill, you gonna be in BCS next season, I assume?

Raven Seibert : holy cow, that's my favorite comedian. super happy to see him on onebite!

M Dev : Guest reviewer like Bill Burr should be on far longer!

Cianisboss : It's one nibble everyone knows the guidelines

Saunter : he said wad up wad up

Joshua Lebowitz : Neapolitan Express is closer to an 8.2. Try the one on 53rd and Broadway.

jagrcantakeyou : Thought you were Dustin Diamond in the thumbnail.

P E R E Z : Pizza and Burr. Doesn’t get any better. Neo 🍕 isn’t very exciting tbh

steevo124 : A great pizza spot 32nd & Lexington. Vezzo thin crust pizza. Super Crispy and amazing tasting. Love to see a vid of that and Johnnys in Mt. Vernon.

Andrew : 00:00:50 "first ahundred" You had ONE JOB

Zhen : Multiple filming permission comments, you know the rules

Samuel Mason : Surprisingly how simiarly reddish of a hue they both are. Bill and the pizza

Oscar Avila : This is the matchup we've been waiting for

Gladiator Spear : Bill Burr. Aka the Funny Savage. LOL

ian lee : Ay it’s billy blue balls


chronicprocrastina : It took Billy Red Tits such a long time to get a slice out

Goa supreme : My score for this episode, 6.8 out of 7.2.

Steve Holmgren : A little cringy, but I will always love and like EVERY Bill Burr appearance! Thx Barstool!

Derek Ortiz : 'Ol Billy Rednuts! And hes wearing my home state colors. Solid win.

Mike Kennard : One Colorado Rockies hockey hat, everyone knows the rules.

tehjamez : I think that guy said "June 1st" Probably repeats the same shit dayin dayout talking to himself

winomagnet : Two chowderheads acknowledging the greatest sports arena in the world. Suck it.