Barstool Pizza Review - Neapolitan Express with Special Guest Bill Burr

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Steven Delaney : Was literally just thinking today El Pres and Bill Burr seem like they’d get along. Sure enough! That’s a review! One Burr, everybody knows his comedy 👌

orqn : Ol' Billy Blue Balls

Trey B : Bill tried to get a slice out for a solid minute and a half🤣🤣

Ben Affleck : Do you have permission to film on this sidewalk?

Janoy Crevsa : Olllllll' Billy boozebag, just checkin' in on ya

Fin : One angry bald comedian, everybody knows the podcast

Bobby Biggzz : Finally someone good!!

Alan Shao : No way! He's been shouting barstool out on his podcast for years

alamandrax : Bill Burr in the title. Video didn't start playing. Already pushed like.

Underground Jukebox : Burr is the *GOAT* Best episode yet!

Andrew W : Goodfellas got that ice cold pizza

bigdogtrainor : The king of comedy

Face Meat : zip.........................RECRUITER!

MyPhoneDidIt : Congrats barstool, you did it. you made a video where ole billy burr some how wasnt entertaining. pretty fing hard to do. Dave or the leader of all dumbasses really helps make his guest feel awkward.

BrutusIL : No one bite everybody knows the rules?

tmjmccormack : Prez seemed not himself here. Def nervous. Rookie move but understandable in the presence of greatness.

dwhitt99 : Next get burnt Chrysler on

Mr 305 : Did u get permission to film there ?

Don Boss : Old freckles reviewing pizza on a sideway wtf is happening

Esteban Chavez : El pres has been demoted to vice for this one

MRios1128 : Did you get permission to film on their patio?

CornishRicky : I'll watch Burr do anything but this was the most boring thing ever. This is a TERRIBLE idea for an internet show. Do you not watch back?

ian lee : Ay it’s billy blue balls

Ionization2020 : Prez getting caught offguard by the passerbys makes this a gem.

David Gendron : This Dude Looks Like Screech with a beard...

Sean Solomon : Ol billy booze bag

Hotboi Flexxer : Shop local kentucky made a 0.0 goodfellas t shirt. Go check out their Facebook page.

HoWdY : Does Bill’s illegitimate brother Michael Rapaport know he did a video with Barstool Sports? Might be an awkward Christmas/Hanukkah this year...

CMMDieguez81 : lol, the postal worker @1:01

Jonny Gower : One chomp each person knows the regulations

Lindsyll : could either of these shmucks be any less interesting in this video? the answer is no btw.

Ed McKeever : When did bill burr catch the hiv? Eat a cheeseburger

Brandon Iwabo : One nibble everyone knows the laws. LOL 3:31 "my blue purse"

adhulo : Dave “what that guy say” Portnoy

JustAPositiveGuy : Sick hat Bill

Doc Holliday : I loved Bill Burr's rant on the Montreal Canadiens from a few years ago. The man is a legend just for that everywhere in Canada outside of Montreal!!

Paul Smitty : Bahhhhstool

Nate Alfano : What a perfectly timed peace out from the lady at the end

Randeep Banwait : One chomp, everyone knows the commandments

DunkusB3ndro : It's a guarantee that every other review Dave will give 7.2 as his score

Adam Barnhart : The bit where you come out and then look for the street address is getting old you’d think you would know it. Before going into the shop.

Lou Zer : WHAT?? No Sharri's Berries review??

Lun Hing : These videos are cool

Evs : I have no idea what they said in this video because the entire time all I could think of was what would I do if I saw Bill recording like that on the streets Would i walk pass and do something? Should i wait and go up to him after? Should i just say i like his shit? Wtf do i do? I contemplated walking up to him and saying "why are u eating pizza with another man and recording it" "WHatT ARE YoUU A FagGG??"

michele vitarelli : Is it always just a cheese pizza?

halicore : 90s yankees

mizzou192003 : Nia's sister in the background @ 1:59

Kyle Ewing : Bill Burr is the mann!

David : Every guest should strive to be like Bill Burr when reviewing with Davey Highroads

Joe Bothwell : Bill Burr, a real class act.