A crazy looking cat at his mom’s house!” 🐱😳😂

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Bee Shots : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hcmMRxjg7RQsL0JzRHZtQ

Jesus Christ : I haven't laughed that hard in a long ass time... I think I peed a little and wet my tunic!

OzzieBloke : Lost it at "Blink MOTHERF**KER"


johnfaber100 : That cat hasn't blinked in six years.

Zach Shanks : That cat has seen some shit

ImTheMystikOne558 : Looks like grandma hahaha

Karen Kraut : I’m crying This is my new favorite video

crys_v : This is from Michael Rapaports Instagram page (the actor/comedian) - you know, since you didn't credit him.

Richie C : That cat is coming to collect souls.

OmegaGamingNetwork : That cat's face is nightmare fuel.

gyloir : For those that don't know this cats name is Wilfred, he's a chinchilla persian cat and he has his own instagram (wilfredwarrior). This video, though hilarious, is just an edited video with Michael Rapaport doing his voice over it.

Nightmarish Bat : Breaking news: a young man and his mother found dead in their house.

no no : future classic. hi people 5 years from now

Foggen : Persians sometimes wind up with weird underbites like that one has, because the breeding that produced their facial structure was so unnatural. Also our brains tend to interpret their faces in terms of human expressions despite that not being what's going on. A nice-looking Persian looks grumpy most of the time, and this one is not nice-looking. I would bet money that this cat is a complete sweetheart.

I Used To Be An Octopus : I laughed way harder than I should have at this

Spaced Invader : It freaked me out at the start. Now I just feel sorry for it.

Wesley Insley : This is like a real life Family Guy Skit

Steven Rivers : Moment's after filming, the camera operator later died from a feral beast

Abby Dusten : I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it's so funny👀👎✋😂😂 I like totally lost it at the part where the cat started walking and he said NOOO NO NO NOOOOOO 😂😂😂

Zach Van Harris JR : Cat look like it lost 8 of its 9 lives already from a hard knock life

It All Happened So Fast : Can't believe that after all that screaming, the cat still decided he was the guy to get pets from.

Milky Bilky : who's here becuse of markplier?

Ann Productions : Honestly, at first I thought that the cat was fake. Turns out I was wrong....

Alex wonderland : Imagine starving to death in the street only to have a loud wop scream at you for your looks

Super Square7741 : And he never blink again

AccOUntRetr0 : I can’t stop laughing XD *IT LOOKS LIKE GRANDMA* *B L I N K* **cat walk towards him** *AHAHAHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH*

Schmidteren : And that was the last people ever heard of him..

noisyturtle : 90% sure that's Michael Rapaport. Not the cat, the one talking.

Kuba Gra : Did he survived?

Kelvin S. : Help I can't Breathe I can't Breathe!!!!

Patrick Durham : I was eating dinner when I watched so now I have to wash the window.

plolee blowoteehow : maybe it really was grandma!

Garrett Mangieri : That is Michael Rapaport, yeah?

Xenosophia : bamn, this is the funniest thing i've seen in a while!

Robert Brunello : Aww, the poor thing wants to die.

Duo Pierce : This was filmed moments before the confirmed time of death


Froxy : Who's from 2036?

Teriyaki Chicken : I want more of this guy's narrations

Kristen Dominique : "MA! THE MEATLOAF MA! What is she doing in there? I never know what she's doing in there."

Ares8 : Dude has New York accent but lives in England, hmmmmm 🤔

Kat Feroe : When the cat started walking towards him I lost it xD

Arthur Ngo : How is this thing not viral yet. Lmao!

Olympus :_ : That cat is having a Vietnam flashback

Spetsialista : blink madafaka!

MrCoopz911 : That cats been raving hard 💊😬

A M : WTF I laughed so hard my abdominals hurt like hell!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA This never happened before!

orazal99 : Catnip effect

Alx 3001 : I am almost right that this cat was looking straight to his soul