The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection [HQ - HD 1080p]

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mmmegameat : Goth & Roll, baby--Goth & Roll!

Josef Pohl : 4 minutes of pure awesomeness

Rat Sallad : Cult fact; Eldritch has a remarkable recemblence to a young Stephen King.

Kittyfashion face : Fuckin LOVE this song FOREVER!!

Nikki Angelus : This band could've been HUGE if it wasn't for Andrew Eldritch's moods. Great shit nonetheless!

Intelligentlittlebat : Patricia.......sexiest lady on earth.

Samael : holy shit this song is epic i could listen to it all day

sombergod99 : i already commented on this but, it's a great fucking tune!! I absolutely LOVE early 80's Goth Rock. It's pretty timeless for Goth rock & roll. Just great!


Neon Vandal : A big hairy roaring monster of a groove - If your sitting down when this song finishes, you've just died - i'll call your mother!

Goblin Queen : Thank you! So nice to be able to watch this without all the graininess. Much appreciated. :}

THE MOE & COOPER SHOW™ : Simon Pegg brought me here.

DnB Soldier : Thanks for the high quality upload, this track still goes hard as fuck!

Spellbound Venom : YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!<3

Nicolas F. Costoglou : Lucretia My Reflection Songtext I hear the roar of a big machine Two worlds and in between Hot metal and methedrine I hear empire down I hear empire down I hear the roar of a big machine Two worlds and in between Love lost, fire at will Dum-dum bullets and shoot to kill, I hear Dive, bombers, and Empire down Empire down I hear the sons of the city and dispossessed Get down, get undressed Get pretty but you and me We got the kingdom, we got the key We got the empire, now as then We don't doubt, we don't take direction Lucretia, my reflection, dance the ghost with me We look hard We look through We look hard to see for real Such things I hear, they don't make sense I don't see much evidence I don't feel. I don't feel. I don't Feel A long train held up by page on page A hard reign held up by rage Once a railroad Now it's done... I hear the roar of a big machine Two worlds and in between Hot metal and methedrine I hear empire down... We got the empire, now as then We don't doubt, we don't take reflection Lucretia, my direction, dance the ghost with me...

FUTUR Futur : AHS !

SidewaysRock : greetings from Romania. great song !

jancyr edgar : good!!

Dee Gardner : Great song. :)

Daniel Mitan : Awsome sunglasses. Btw I've got somewhere sis of mercy videos on VHS

Deb Smith : TIMELESS...

Peter Lomas : I hear you're dying, parmesan

TrapperMilan : not a patch on the extended version, but decent anyways  :)

optimat prime : sooo massive. still& forever. a milestone.

YaroSz. : Andrew Eldritch voc., voc. świętuje swoje urodziny, 100 lat i wszystkiego najlepszego drogi jubilacie !.

Stephen Dreher : Nice job on the upload!

Pleasure Victim : 🖤

Michael Campbell : Wow, It's amazing how your musical tastes change: Back in the day I thought this was the greatest stuff I listen to it and just think it's more overproduced 80s rock...

kenny P : So Different from your verse/chorus type - standard songs out there. Love it

Intelligentlittlebat : Best song ever

Rat Sallad : True, although that do come up rather frequently. I rarely hear someone mention the King-likeness. Not enough hipfactor no doubt.

cthulhugamete : good job on the upload

77ArunasM : o boy....good one....superinis...

Paweł Pakura : im gonna hear the roar of big machine life for the first time 15.09 at Progresja Club in warsaw!

curlytemple79 : YES!

Cézamu Egea : Gostei muito bom estilo retro

ToughGuyver : The beats and guitar are the balls, mang! :D

ice princess of the wild frontier : Had a massive crush on Patricia, second only to Siouxsie in my book.

Maria Jimena caPUSOTA : CHEERS!

Henryk Jaroszewicz : Many thanks!

jemaje2 : GUAU !!!!

alessandro pennati : I like this sound and Iike to way to play the line of the bass by sexy woman Patricia Morrison,too

lizeth rocker : SUPER TEMA

Breezy Jo : American horror story brought me here

alex krycekz : pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Charlie Bradley : YEAAAAAH!! I love bass-driven goth rock sexiness.

Fernando Rodriguez : excelente!! me trae bellos recuerdos

Klebber Schmidt : Save Brazil in protest !

John Connor : <3

Miguel Angel : This is why Andrew Eldritch says The Sisters of Mercy is no goth rock, the only álbum where The Sisters of Mercy were true goth rock was First and Last and Always. This sounds more like a pop/rock band