The Unwritten rules of male friendship.
The Unwritten rules of male friendship

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David Cage sucks.


EpicDonutDude : I can hear the pain in his voice

Ariana Segura : I wish I had friends... Like these... Yeah. Like these.

BowlingGlaceon : lowkey would listen to them sing the entire song

Abbey Jay : Proud to have known these gentlemen... So special 😂

Robert : looks like you three grew up together or known each other for a long time and that makes this acceptable. classic bros!!!

Fraydizs : Are u kidding? David cage is a story telling genius! Kappa?

Vil Lynch : Oh damn, this really is about to blow up

Joey empty : Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone. When it came on the radio years ago, no matter what we were talking about, full out singing by everyone in vehicle. No exceptions. I have no idea where I even learned the damn lyrics!

DrVinceMD : Very powerful song with lots of emotion and heart, I love it 0/10

ThRash Gaming : Post Malones new single low key slap

Rocu Legends : this is weard for me because the driver looks like my clone with piercings

Jesse gleeb : Facts.

MAVvH : You seem fun.

the coolest guy alive : God damn beautiful

Isherwood Williams : Looks like you guys had a really fun trip!

Bambino : Yea David Cage sucks, but Detroit: Become Homo wasn't nearly as bad as his other games.

George Brown : Hey, George from LADbible here. We love this video, could we please post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!

Chesh The Cat : Buncha legends

greeo : lol at "david cage sucks"

Lillian’s World : elijah how tf did this get freaking 155k views........ and why do people like such dumb crap XD

Corbin Buesch : Uh no that's just gay