QI | They Say Of The Acropolis Where The Parthenon Is...

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Katherine Price : This is proof that British TV is better than American (and this is coming from an American)

saltytrey : Bloody hell, Stephen. This better be good.

OneHundredPercentAus : I love how Bill Bailey just starts randomly chanting "Fight fight fight fight" about halfway through! 

stiimuli : StephenFry.exe has stopped working and must be restarted.

Nikesh Patel : I come here when I feel sad

Hvymtl fan : "I can't breathe... My tummy hurts!" Bless you, Stephen Fry.

jarnomiedema : I love how, at 1:50, the camera shakes a little.. Everybody was having a good laugh, including the cameraman..

GiftedMonster : Funny how Stephen says there are no straight line when he can't seem to deliver one either!

Donach mc kenna : I feel this should be a Noel Coward song, "They say of the Acropolis where the Parthenon is, No lines are straight, do you know why that is?"

SamShuffla Brice : the amount of times I've watched this and it still makes me laugh

Robertson Thirdly : Acropolis and Parthenon are both key words for my world civ unit, looking forward to telling people what they say...

damarh : why are British comedians so naturally funny, they don't even try, they're like bloody kids.

CrowsRedemption : I love unplanned moments like that, the way they took it off Stephen, and bill started to sing, then jimmy then finally rob and Alan, I can say this is in my top 5 favorite moments of QI

The Unknown SCP : 0:45 "Bloody hell Stephen, this better be good!"

MusketWalrus : Best episode and moment of any QI ever, I watched it on the bus on my phone and someone thought I had had a mental breakdown because I was crying with laughter.

Marc Weeks : Two down-votes?  Really?  If Stephen Fry laughed--practically dying in the process--then it's, by definition, funny as hell.

puppetsock : This show makes me think that at any moment within British society, a panto could spontaneously start. And if not a panto, then a musical.

NormanMatchem : First time I seen this, I CRIED laughing! I had friggin tears! That was months ago, if not a year, and even now, my jaw hurts now from smiling. EPIC STUFF!

Natsuhiboshi : This will never get boring. It will never fail to make me laugh until I have tears in my eyes.

OrangeJews1138 : So they have the early seasons in HD, but only release the small clips? That's just cruel.

Potted Aloe : I think Stephen Fry's weep-laughing throughout his panel bullying him is the thing that really lifts this to the next level :D

rhysepoos : This is actually a very good way of teaching people. I don't think I'll ever forget what they say about the acropolis (where the Parthenon is).

DIL : I love how they turn it into a musical :D

heyysimone : they almost broke stephen haha

12yearsfromnow : somebody should make a musical version on Itunes

dannyboy12357 : the perfect cast

2charliep : I'll just leave this here, the collective noun for comedians = riot. A riot of comedians.

Bryan Braddock : This and Stephen's prep school tailor are my favorite bits.

Warren K Smith : Best Qi moment ever. Still leaves me in stitches. Every. Single. Time

Merle Blue : The classic, the absolute classic!

Adam Nair : The most classic moment of all the classic moments lol

My Happy Dae : I post this on some form of social media at least once a year. It's my absolute favorite moment from the show.

Alan Canon : Last week I was talking to a complete stranger at a pub in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, very far from London, and mentioned Qi. My new friend said "I LOVE Qi!" and immediately launched into the Acropolis Where the Parthenon Is song, with me coming in only a quarter second behind.

Reverse Films : This is one of the best QI moments ever

Luke Rogers : The lone "they..." by Stephen will forever make me laugh.

CookieBaBa : jesus Jimmy Carr had a fat face back in the day

HairyHariyama : How long before Sandi Toksvig has a moment similar to this?

mattwestuk1 : Rob Brydon, Bill Bailey, and Jimmy Carr on the panel...poor old Stephen never had a chance!

Apprentice Wizard : The purest form of humour

AuntieWelly : Wot-evaaah

Vult mog : Did anyone catch the subtle back-reference to this in the latest L series episode? Nobody took the bait though :(

Hat Yakker Fisherman : Second only to the Giant Tortoise in qi comic wonderment

Thomas Edgerley : Honey, we broke the Stephen!

Megan Collins : I can watch this over and over and it is still just as funny.

Lucifronz : That was hilarious. In Stephen's defense, that's a very poor sentence. Too difficult to say right off the bat because it's an unusual way to word a sentence in the modern day.

Fallen Sway : Haha this is now one of my happy places I can't help but feel better when I hear Steven Fry exclaim "oh my tummy hurts", just instant smiles.

Yonkage : 1:19 the repeated "He's going to say!" is like from monty python and the holy grail.

madperson876 : The "They Say of the Acropolis where the Parthenon is" song should go to number one! 😂

Dontknow : Always brings a tear to my eyes when watching this, so hilarious and superb for the comedians.

Glenn Matthews : 1:50 Bill and Jimmy look like proud parents