Silver man secret revealed London street performer, floating and levitating trick

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syd16packchicken : What with the depressing ass music? Lol

Folkenv2 : reveal nothing...

Tiffany : The song makes me feel bad for him....idk why. I hope he enjoys doing this and he's supporting himself well.

Talking Things TV : His left arm must be HUGE from doing this all day.

Koala 1234 : This is very artistic, would be nice to appreciate in person. And, that can't be comfortable basically he is basically on a small bar beneath his armpit.

TITANSPIRIT : His parents wanted him to go to law school. They now tell their friends he died in a car accident.

A. SankVEVO : I still don't understand how he got to do it

gremmiehodad : Regardless, you've got to be strong to do this! You can see him shaking from the strain when he spins down. I would have designed it so the bar goes up to the armpit support but continues across the back (hidden under the coat) and has another armpit support on the other side! Would be a lot more comfortable and a lot less strenuous!

ManzaZappers : *EXPOSED*

Karin Sahakyan : This music doesn't match with video.

MysticalGodz : Why the sad music?

Bla Bla : Black Magic D:

Jeff Gedgaud : He still needs to be in good shape to do this, my hats off to you and others who work hard to entertain as well as support themselves.

Lilysone Maridone : What’s the secret I don’t get it?

DDG : Plot twist: He actually has super powers and needs to make it look a little fake, so nobody finds out that he actually can levitate and fly.

Sharon Jones : I still don't see how they stay up there like that.

비니보이 : You can't call it "levitation" if you're touching even one thing that's connected to the ground. It's just "unexplained balancing".

PrometheusX : Why was the song Moonlight sonata

fun shakers : wat .... i like this guy...tho

JaminJamal : like if you watched the whole video and couldnt find it then just went into the comments because you couldnt be stuffed watching it over again

Unspeakablebros Cloud Airlines! : 3:29 USE YOUR EYES! Fake arms.

karim rashyani : Look carefully. He has iron handle in the left hand. He goes above the elbow.

Mike Such : I thought he died from paint fumes

キズナアイの産道を通った男 : noob

Fathan Khan : whatever it's trick or magic. it's not easy to stand in summer with silver suit. he does work hard and earn money. salute this man.

Soma Electricals : whr is secret revealed.

Everett John Martin Smith : Esa musica deprime es como si, lo que hiciera fuera triste y muy cansado, muy deplorable... me hace sentir mal por él Σ( ŎДŎ ) que triste (⊙︿⊙) Dios lo cuide (◕‿◕)

KNELE BRAT : 3:57 that's it

Joshua George : Hi person scrolling down the comments

I can’t think Of a name : 4:31 it's Donald trump😂😂

Gabriel Berry : RARE EDITION: Silver Engineer

Demon Cat : The sad music makes me think that he hates his job

darlin HB : Fun video... although I figured it out, the first time I saw one of the street performers ... thanks for the peek all the same! For those that don't know......he's wearing a harness he's rigged up so the shovel handle slips into it supporting his weight and allowing him to pivot from it. He's hanging from the apparatus the way a parachute harness allows the body to hang beneath the chute, like a hang glider hangs beneath their kite. Something he's designed to fit him, and I would imagine it to be quite comfortable while he's hanging up there. Be interesting to see the harness tho and how he has rigged it up!

Grape Flavored Bleach : I don't see what the secret is, this video didn't reveal anything.

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ : No black magig but silver this time..

rocky rocks : Either you people asking how didn't watched the video properly or are just ignorent. watch @3:14 at handle. it has a bar welded to it. which comes under the jacket. he simply hides it and puts all his weight on his left shoulder and upper body. no offence, it's still really tough to hold and lean, even for few seconds that way. Takes a lot of workout to have build thatuch strength. The man truly earns every single $. 👆💪👌✌👏👏👏

D.M. : Che stronzate....ste cose possono far fessi solamente a quei boccaloni di stranieri, di sicuro non noi ho immaginato il sistema quando avevo solo 8 anni e la prima volta che l ho visto (ad 8 anni) mi sono fatto una risata

william horwood : It's really simple. He has balloons with helium gas under his coat which keep him up in the air. He's holding onto the shovel thing because if he lets go he'll float up into the sky. Don't try this at home otherwise you'll get stuck on the ceiling.

Cranberry X : For everyone who doesn't understand, the man is simply falling upside down, and holding on to the shovel really tight to prevent him from floating into the clouds.

Lüïsä Röjäs : aún así sigue cargando su peso con el brazo

Lithuania Mania : An elaborate back brace and arm sling connected to the shovel that is locked into place. Very similar to the trick where a witch appears to stand next to her broom while her body rises perpendicular to the standing broom. Very neat & slick tricks!

matycee : Let's be honest. This is definitely only "sort of" revealed. That's still most of his body weight appearing to be controlled by his own strength, which seems improbable. The little device on a pivot??? How much leverage could he be getting. I was still stumped despite this big "reveal". More please.

Gabrielle Fike : You likely just ruined this guys performance by exposing how it's done. That not very polite or respectful of another persons art.

トマト間トマトTomato : Now that I know how I am gonna....gonna... nvm I don't want to "stand" in the cold

Al Dentay : 2:27 - GREAT legs on chick walking by...

Alan Long : Personally, i think the guy is awesome...i have watched his video on many occasions.. I would love to know how it is done from start to finish.. im from N Ireland, and there are places here, that i would love to put it on display.. Well done man......

MEGAN CHOW : Regardless of the shovel/arm support, this is still very impressive.

Beatrice Rodriguez : Estar sostenido solo por una mano deve ser re dificil! Uno lo ve y parece facil. Un aplauso fuerte a él y a su familia.👏👏👏👏👏

thok ling : I like how he's busy setting up and nobody's watching or recording this. People are zombies!

Chelle Howard : Did anyone else fall asleep watching this video