Convoy - CW McCall

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Joe Mahoney : This is what John Denver would look like if he drove trucks instead of flyin'

The Hoosier Craftsman WORKSHOP with Edward Short : The day when songs were songs !

bigoldinosaur : This is a better music video then half the ones I see today. Great song!!!

SuperPussyFinger : This guy was the first white rapper. 25 years before Vanilla Ice.

randall hamm : RFD Network runs Hee Haw reruns and they recently showed this episode

randall hamm : His performance on Mike Douglas Show is on You Tube as well, but this is the best I've seen

David Frederick : Where did you get/find this video?!?!?! This is one of the Holy Grail television film's of CW McCall...

Kitten Scott : CW was a nice guy. I was just a teenager right out of high school when I sold him a hot dog from the confession stand on Derby Day back in 1975. He gave me the biggest tip I got that day.

Brian Spieker : Lip Synched Performance like most he did on TV

Tom Constance : ...and eleven long-haired friends of Jesus in a chartreuse microbus. It just doesn't get any better than that...

The War Wagon : This is why I STILL have CB's in my trucks. Them new-fangled 'cellular phones' may not catch on, after all. I prefer the tried & TRUE technology! :-D

patluvsvettes : I'm just old enough to remember this song and the CB craze of the '70s. Oh to be a little kid again.

Sara Anderson : Oh I so remember this song and of course the Co voy movie. Kris Kristofferson hubba hubba!!!

Rat Parker : HEE HAW

Ryan Limes : live from the old home fillerupa keep on truckin cafe!

Dale Howard : One of my favorite country songs!

Dragonfly Tree & Garden Services : Gives me a lump in my throat when that beautiful old Mack goes down....Ever heard of a duck that cant swim "Quack Quack"

littleteethkeith : That is a large gal behind the counter. Momma mia.

belaazallat88 : GTA 5

Robert Becker : I WUZ only 2 years old. I've ALWAYS ABSOLUTELY ♡ Semis! "Keep On Truckin"! That's a BIG 10-4!

Leo Moriclet : FUTURAMA !

Dan Westfall : Junior Samples rounds it all out.

Einer Schnudfuddy : Oh the memories. I think I had a silk shirt just like that one.

Scott Kimber : pure cw McCall and hee haw classic

NRAman 1776 : thanks for posting this! you just mixed the 2 best things EVER-C.W. and HeeHaw! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Chris Webster : Classic rap.

Stone Cold fan 316 : C.W. McCall and hee haw gotta love it!!

Gerry Funke : Ya hee haw

Lee Stallings : ez.rider.fla.dump.trucker.27.yrs.we.gone

sqwuade : I don't know how he could keep a straight face when doing this lipsink! Pretty ridiculous!

Cody Zellmer : Never seen this episode! Great song!

George Hennen : Suicide jockey watch out we got skirts flapping... hold em back!

Evelyn Ruiz : love it so much!!!😅😅😅

Waterbury : やっばい泣けるコレ・・・

Lee Stallings : Ezrider27years,dump,truckin,

not your average YouTuber 44 : lip syncing

Robert Collins : Paul Brandt version is better

Brett Koeshall : I really like this song from the movie Convoy.

Chris F : Keep this as my ringtone. Great song.

Christian Cavarno : Ty Clarke

JA Hadlow : R.I.P Uncle Barry xx

John Gilbert : chartreuse microbus hahaha

59fairlane : I bet that 20 cent Stew is delicious!!

jude999 : This song would have been ideal for a Muppets lip sync.

Juergen Krause : The movie was very popular in Germany but the theme song was not a hit here. But i like it

Robot Hunter : Illinoiz?

Northern RC Guy : Why does he look mad at 0:47

Caleb Burroughs : I love hee haw

Anderson Ribeiro : GTA V

Asian Facility : which group is singing in chorus