Trumpet Boy masters Ultra Instinct
Trumpet Boy Masters Ultra Instinct

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gone but not forgotten : When youtube recommendations get it right

Jeff And The Dude Army : Why is this not on YouTube rewind?

Liam Does : This is the language of the gods is it

Alexis Sanchez : I see you've gone beyond even Ultra Instinct and you've unlocked it's next level! "Trumpet Instinct" 🎶🎵🔊🎺

Spyder Zz : The perfect video doesn’t exis-

Rafael Vargas : This truly was Jiren every time Goku went ultra 😂


RazorKid :v : internet... never seems to unsurprise mr

Baby Shenron : I think I just found my new religion

GameWorks12 : This is actually really dope.

GuyInTheCommentSection : I can imagine them showing Goku this and saying it’s from a universe without saiyans and they watch a tv show about Goku

Gacha Bread : So this is the full power of...... *ULTRA INSTINCT*

calebavelino : I've been looking for this meme for months :( I love this video :)

Sadistic Ashley : Owari Da,Trumpeto Boy!

Francisco Salamanca : Nose como llege a ver esto pero me gusto :D

Drey man : Esto es arte

Virtus Tenebrae : I just noticed the piano boi wasn't edited into Goku's clothes.

ASMR DEX : He's coming..

migatte no gokui : Trumpet boy:*masters ultra instinct* Me:NANI?

Vigyer : 0:00 super sayain god 0:14 super sayain blue 0:20 super sayain blue kaioken 0:26 ULTRA INSTINCT 0:32 MASTERED ULTRA INSTINCT

Mastered Ultra Instinct Vegito : Guys we are lucky we found this video because have now found out about the music of the GODS


Vegito Blue : Best trumpet boy meme so far

Meme Nashedi : This is art

Pajamapants Jack : So this is the power of ultra dootstinct

Agustín C. : Si un Goku le hacía frente a Jiren 7 Goku se lo Violan pero bien

SHAZAM! PLAYS : i tapped on this video by mistake and m not even mad

Claustofobia : Now do Ultimate Batlle and then he can master Ultra Instinct

Alex : Why do i keep returning to see this video everyday? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

EDP NIP : 0:07 The piano boy is better

Keith Bowen : This video was funny xD

ashok singh panwar : Toppo: son goku.. what are you

Noe Donis : He's Coming....

Ruthless Reaper : I liked this shit 3 seconds in 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm abusing this replay button🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯

World Of Thought : Toei: Honestly what an unbelievable channel ( *Hands out "Take Down" order regardless* )

Jxden : I wish this was the way that ultra instinct forms

Jose Vijil : Okay this is epic.

B Will : Finally something good in recommended... *longer please*

Goku Black : When you play the trumpet so godly, it sounds like a violin

Rewinded Plays : The soundtrack for the Tournament of Power was dope. #DBZDoneJustice

Drexel Da Silva : the power of edit

JimmyJumpCut Down : One error that I see is for background to be the Nameless Planet. >~<

Blackcat gamer : tem um erro os caras com o piano esão sem o cabelo do goku

Pixonic 2.0 : jiren's universe dislikes really its a nightmare for them

Edward LANCASTER : its a masterpiece or should I say a mastered ultra instinct piece

Keegan Tyler : The remix no one asked for but everybody needed

Sterbin : Honey... Yes? Our son has finally reach it, hasn't he? "Smirks" Yes. Honestly. What an unbelievable kid! That form... That glow... That... That, indeed, is the complete... Ultra Instinct Trumpet Form.

Alantepano11999 : Mom: are you studing? Me: yes mom im watching vídeos of math...

christopher butler jr : The one who played ui theme in the background