Drinking Cow Pee in India 🐮💦

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Karl Rock : 1. Yes, the salesman quoting "90% of Indians drink cow pee" is completely lying which I thought I cleared up in the conclusion of the video. Very few people drink it regularly, it's more used in ayurvedic remedies. 2. I don't see anything shameful in drinking cow pee. 3. To the people who are commenting trying to insult me (and Indians) by calling us various names: I don't care because I'm happy to say I drunk cow pee. I'm not ashamed. I'll proudly wear whatever insult you label me with. India, there's nothing to be ashamed about if a few of your countrymen choose drink cow pee. I stopped caring about what haters/trolls/keyboard-warriors say a long time ago. 4. The kids who were pulling the fingers in the background: They're just kids being kids. I was a rascal like them too when I was their age. It's all in good fun. 5. Drinking cow pee does not make me a BJP supporter.

M Nalaka : Sri Lankan here, I dont feel this is such bad becouse in current world we eat lot of bad foods, meat & chemical fast foods then who get In kidney, liver & cancer issues those are one most pianful disease in world, but if cow/ camel piss sceintifically proves and cure those diseases I'm happily drink piss, those haters will try before me if they have such diseases and only way to cure it...

Wisnu Wibowo : That is why indonesian leave hinduism 😨😨😨

Hrisikesh Deka : Not 90percent. (at least not in everyregion of india ). The shopkeeper was tricking him.

dheeraj singh : भाई साहब बीयर नहीं है यह दवा है दो ढक्कन पिया जाता है पानी के साथ

GamingTaylor : I would never go to India. Seems like everyone is trying to scam everyone over everything

Yung : Im from India..we had a cow but nobody drank cow pee..its so weird.. Ayurveda is good but there are flaws in it.. i would puke 😵😵

ishaan singh : Kya app goou Mutra peta ha or kya apka toothpaste me Namak ha

Hamza Zohaib : Hahahahhahahah indians lol.

Tarun Kumar : Dear brother, I must appreciate your effort. I know 90% people don't drink cow urine. And brother, you were drinking that in a wrong way. You should have mixed it with equal amount of water. I am just 24 years. And was suffering from many diseases due to wrong life style. I used to spend a lot of money every year on my health. After that I started cow urine ark, the same bottle you were using, MY WHOLE HEALTH HAS IMPROVED LIKE A MAGIC. AND I MUST PROUDLY SAY THAT FROM THE DAY I AM DRINKING COW URINE, I HAVEN'T FALL SICK. Don't add it in lassi or something else. But just mix 2 caps of urine with 2 caps of water.. Don't mix it with anything. It must be consume on empty stomach. Much love to you. God bless you.

Amandeep Singh : Karl in New Zealand Mom:Are you hungry? Karl:Nahi chahiye ji

Akshay Devadiga : The Britishers when they came to India and saw that the Indians were making Cow Dung cakes. "Oh! These culture less people ... They are using Cow Dung stool!!... There is Nothing good about a cow's stool(because they regularly used to eat a cow, porketc.,)"... But now they say(after 50years), " Oh Cow Dung has Anti-septic properties..And they are finding ways to manufacture a cream/Balm using these ingredients...So why this DOUBLE STANDARD??? INDIAN'S DONT KNOW WHY CERTAIN THINGS ARE IN THE VEDAS AND THEY FOLLOW IT(BLINDLY UNFORTUNATELY)... But if some amount of Rigorous Research is considered by the Westerner's... I think we all would know WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OF THIS STATEMENT OR THIS ACTIVITY IN THE VEDAS...We would all be benefitted.... A cow's piss is a Healthy thing... That's why they make it into a product in India...

Lord GayHind : Western countries drink coffee, Asian countries drink tea, and india drinks COW PEE.

Ankit Motghare : I m Indian.. Jo Hindu He Wahi Cow Pee Pete Honge..👍 Aur Baki Apni Apni Marji He..👍

सनातन हिन्दू धर्म : I love u bro.. I also drink gau mutra.they r fool who don't drink gau mutra. And they bloody drink alcohol

LUV Arora : I’m an indian and I can tell you one thing I don’t drink it and I don’t know where the hell those figures like 90% people drink were coming from in your mind,Only a few people drink this,It might be good for health that I have heard of

you can judge me idgaf : I am indian but I will never drink it

Rahul ɢʊʀʝar : Dude drink it as medicine not like bear.🙏🙏🇮🇳😂

Nik : Mullo aur katwo ki maa ki choot behen ke lodo tum bs bakriya chodte rho 😂

manish gupta : Hii, to all mullas laughing does not make sense our traditionals medicines taking place worldwide, i know it is not god to drink cow pee but research is going on soon when u all arabs would suffer from epidemic we will provide a medicine of cow pee at lower rate.

Gabriel Traveler : Craziness. I hope it cures you of whatever ails you! Fun video.

Prashant Dimble : Patanjali ..it's great.....but stupid... foriners wanted to make...fun..but main idea behind this.....we know... capture... Indian market.......

siddharth yadav : The best part of the video -jai hind😂😂

Arif Hasnat : Waak... 😨 shame on you india.. I'm proudly a Bangladeshi

Malaya Basnta Das : you are also a ediot

Duke : They commercialised cow piss... only in India.

Eden Levi : Dude.. You don't have to stoop so low to get more views.. it's disgusting. Whatever it is, i hope u do some medical check up after that. We need you safe and sound. Cheers 🍻

shree saini : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭, you actually drunk ,😂😂yukkkkk🤮🤮

Jason Lucas : Rollin down the street smokin indo sippin on cow urine....laid back

Raji b : Cow pee can protected from cancer it's truth it's Ayurvedik.

Hkm Saharan : Dafaq. Cow pee 🐮? Seriously?

Yash Gaming And Top 10s : I am indian , a Hindu and i find drinking of cow pee really disgusting.

Let's Explore : ewwww only bhakts drink

Rohma Ansari : No bro it's not 90 percent , how can you be such a fool 😂😂😂

DO NOT SUB TO ME : You guys eat cows. We treat them like a goddess. Whats the difference you may ask,wont you?

Deepak Bamania : I don't know anyone who drinks cow pee

Adducla Alts : Im the 300,000 viewer

happy's garden : We Hindus worship cow And gaumutra is considered pure in our religion Taste doesn't matter...

Raman Tiwari : Tum videshi ho is liye bach gaye nahi jute padte aunti 😂😂

happiee hour : Oh plz first research fully, all indian r dont drink it, n specially norteast indian people i hve mny friends from northeast indian, they even dont know about it, the patanjali store boy is lying u😡😡

coldogno7 : in india,cow has higher status than human

Sai Charan : Many Westners making fun!!They still practice yoga and use ayurweda given by us!!Shame😂😂

S A : Please make a video of you washing with soap made from Cow Dung! That is also a hindu practice! lol

Unofficial Kabam Mike : Damn moootar piO

Movies Mania : Are you in india in present i wicould meet with you let try to come in patna

The Zen Show : I'm Indian American, been to India over 10 times in my life, and have lived there for a year back in High School days. I have NEVER seen someone drink cow pee, or heard of them. This is a very small percentage of people, and around the world there are many who do weird stuff like this. Please do not generalize all Indians from this.

VeeResh Kambalimath! : I think we got bear grylls 2.0😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Sherlock Holmes : next time you should try Gao shit :D

Tanbir nisad : Why r u eating this Cow pee

raw man : hehe.. nice.. video.. i used to drink cow pee...its a rituals thinks... but since it can cure diseases there is no harm in giving a try.. n to all the porky .. thanks god ..u terrorist n conversatives are out of india.