Drinking Cow Pee in India 🐮💦

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Karl Rock : 1. Yes, the salesman quoting "90% of Indians drink cow pee" is completely lying which I thought I cleared up in the conclusion of the video. Very few people drink it regularly, it's more used in ayurvedic remedies. 2. I don't see anything shameful in drinking cow pee. 3. To the people who are commenting trying to insult me (and Indians) by calling us various names: I don't care because I'm happy to say I drunk cow pee. I'm not ashamed. I'll proudly wear whatever insult you label me with. India, there's nothing to be ashamed about if a few of your countrymen choose drink cow pee. I stopped caring about what haters/trolls/keyboard-warriors say a long time ago. 4. The kids who were pulling the fingers in the background: They're just kids being kids. I was a rascal like them too when I was their age. It's all in good fun. 5. Drinking cow pee does not make me a BJP supporter.

Amandeep Singh : Karl in New Zealand Mom:Are you hungry? Karl:Nahi chahiye ji

Skyy B : I'm an Indian.. And I only came to an year back that Indians drink cow piss.. I thought its a myth tho 😂😂😂

Tom INFO : I m an Indian and don't know any people in India who drink this item 🤔🤔

michael jhon : 1st gave this urine to shopkeeper and tell them to eat and then sell to others they only fool ppl in the name of yoga. This is not cow pee this mans pee u drink 😂😂

michael jhon : U make ppl sick of doing this and promote them too

Gabriel Traveler : Craziness. I hope it cures you of whatever ails you! Fun video.

Shahriar Bin Rouf : Totally disgusting 😫

Duke : They commercialised cow piss... only in India.

Pilot Faris : Some people in India believe cow as God, lol....

Edzio Auditore : This is indian national drink named as "Cow Cola"

nitz vision : Karl bro ..don't get discouraged by dislikes ...it's because indians Hindi speaking guys just came here and disliked and gone without watching

Mandeep Singh : 90% indians drink gau mutra? 🤣 what an honest salesman 😑

Peculiar Android : Thank God Pakistan formed and I was not born in India..😄

hamza alvi : So finally you are also cow piss(cow cola) drinker.

Cyril Gomez : wrong...only BJP drinks cow pee

Shruti Vis : Auntie was nice. She didn't disappoint u and finish her glass. Gourav rocks.

Md Kayes : nowWe can start the exporting cow pee in india.....earning billion of dollar 🙊🙊🙊🙊

xXGamer Xx : Plot twist: it's the Baba's piss😂

Akhilesh Gujarkar : gaumutra is really medicinal.. my grandmother is 102 year old and she daily drink it.. she is totally fit and fine and she dont even use spectacle.. while reading newspaper. i also drink this and its good

The Living Monk : @karlRock you think we are the two only westerners who tried that?🤩🤩🤩

Deepak Brahmaniya : I don't know anyone who drinks cow pee

Surfaraz Ali : Hahahaha well exploring . 😂keep it up . Lov from pakistan

vaibhav chawla : 0:54 idiots 😓

Mr. Cool : I am an Indian...but this a horrible idea...

Bobby Rana : You're superb brother

Hkm Saharan : Dafaq. Cow pee 🐮? Seriously?

Priyansh Shrivastava : One thing I liked most that u told I m indian😁🇮🇳

Anonymous Guy : As an indian hindu I've never seen anyone drinking cow pee in my entire life but yes I have seen some islamic and Christian's eating goat TESTICLES

BADDAS BOY BD : I am Indian I have never seen anyone who drinks cow pee . It's just a Taboo not our culture .

John Tomoson : Holy cow piss

Binary-Technique : I'm drinking red bull right now and I'm sure it taste the sans

viplav shaiva : The Patanjali store guy is lying, 90 % Indians don't drink cow pee.. I don't think even 10 % people do Mostly ppl in India exaggerate things around them, be careful.. I think you already have noticed it

Muhammad Jamaluddin : An idiot abroad 😂😂😂

NW Oista : i luv any pee, its healthy for your skin n body, some places we even eat shit (tatti) , try it, jai hind <3

boss soss : Lmao .... Back those days ,when Indians used the burnt coal from coal stove to brush their teeth , the invaded white people criticised it ,saying how dumb it was . But these days toothpaste companies intorudce pastes mixed with charcoal saying how effective it's in whitening the teeth . Yeah ofcourse we follow our ancestors culture blindly sometimes but we do know it has some real good benefits ! And the video is misleading ,it's not that 90% of Indians drink cow pee. Though iam damn sure it has some scientific reason behind it . People who laugh at it now remember , your great great grand childrens might be drinking cow pee milkshakes in the future 😜

RED FLAMES OFFICIAL : TBH cow pee is really good for protecting from diseases

Grow Positive - COC Experts : Yaaakkkssss OMG That is Disgusting! I'm Feeling Like Vomiting!! OMG😲

mathivathani sakthivel : Bro do visit South Indian states. Kerala tamilnadu andhra telengana and Karnataka. They are beautiful And neat compared to the north

Kris Hammer : If cow piss does all that I guess milk cures cancer and aids.

Anime Balls Deep : What's with the dislikes? This video is great. I like this guy 😂

rohan chhatrapati : There are pills in usa made from human urine

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 : 8:11 gau mutra nahi pasand h!! Anti nationalist😂

Jaspreet singh soor : 8:14 wow brother great job hahahahah

MOCHIcow : fun video i personally learn so much about India's culture (way more than school lol) so i dont really understand the hate. So stand proud i guess!

LUV Arora : I’m an indian and I can tell you one thing I don’t drink it and I don’t know where the hell those figures like 90% people drink were coming from in your mind,Only a few people drink this,It might be good for health that I have heard of

Vasu kommi : eeww!!! i dont wanna drink that even i am from India!!! i have never seen people drinking that (seen in videos only) i think its less in south.. or in both north and south India...... but its not wrong .it doesnt harm and it may cure little health problems.......

PV Malik : Only two dakkan bc

debenhams : next time eat cow poo as ur lunch or dinner

ClipsTheater : Tangy