What Happens When A Woman Abuses A Man In Public?

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flower edit : this is the narrative that women are victims and men are naturally strong and are going to be the one who initiated the argument / it's their fault. this excuses men a lot of the time because they are almost expected to be shitty but in this case it excuses the woman because she must be a victim of the man getting justice. stereotypical narratives are dumb, think more clearly and compassionately and dismantle prejudices about gender

discostucrazymunkey : Feminism wants equality. Equal right to self defence. But if he retaliated, he would still be seen to be in the wrong. Men cant win in this scenario.

jim bill : Man hits woman: she done nothing and he is evil. Woman hits man: the guy must of done something wrong and the women is fine.

Traumatic Tomorrows : It's not that a man is getting hurt by a woman and a woman is getting hurt by man. It's that a person is getting hurt by a person. If you see a person that is being hurt by *anything* you should help them. Why? You should help them because you can. It's that simple.

Awab Sherif : wtf bbc three trying to be wwyd, get a grip

Blair Maclennan : ITS JUST A PRANK BRO

Adam Paterson : Is anyone actually surprised by the results? A few of the women even said they thought the man had done something wrong so he must have deserved it.. hypocrisy at its finest.

inya but : Was this filmed in Nigeria?

WHOTUBE GALLIFREY02 : Proves how better off women are

Najoo98b 12 : well it's really annoying.. I'm not a feminist for so many reasons I just think we have to come up with a new term as a humanist or whatever.. however this is the picture that been taught to all of us "men are stronger than women" so when a man yells at a woman he's an arshole and she's the victim... and all this goes to the amount of women abuse recorded all over the world. so you can see why this happened.. and we need to not only work on women and their rights, we need to realize that we are all humans... I personally would feel more hurt if the man was getting abused and the reason behind this is the thought "a man is stronger than a woman". however I think the world would go imbalanced for some period of time and then would finally balance.. or simply just get used to this imbalance.

Guess Who : Just like when girls rape guys they won’t get any charges but when a guy touches a girl ass they get 20yrs

Littlemorte : who is the person that stopped for him though?!!! I only saw people passing and none stopping when the guy was getting yelled at

Khaled Humaid : To make the expermint successful, you need to do it with a strong woman with muscels and a skiny man

dackjanielsmeup : This might be an unpopular point of view, but if it were me I would not have stopped in either case. If somebody is that nuts that they're going to abuse someone else, I'm not going to fuck with them. If it was bad though I would of course go off to find a police officer to help / call the police. I say this because once a man was harassing me in public, like touching me up and breathing down my neck, and when my friend said "can you leave her alone please" it obviously made him angry and he punched me a couple times (even though I didn't move a muscle). It's nice that my friend was trying to stick up for me, but unfortunately she put both of us at higher risk. People who assault others are most likely not reasonable people and if you are not confident that you can fight them and win, I suggest you leave the situation and get help instead.

QuadrumGaming : Imagine Israel and how women can accuse men of rape and they’ll get thrown in jail without evidence

Calvin McLaughlin : Classic. People will not help males...are we not worthy of help, no? Stop this stupid stereotype.

Yeldarb Etihw : Imma slap a girl now

Challenge Vlogs : People that dislike are feminists

Ghost Face : In mostcases its cases its those guys who are really unsure of themselves and shy so these abusive relationships go on for years or maybe forever, this can lead to suicide in later life .. not all males are strong, just like not all females are weak!

Rocket Legend : This makes me so mad I’m a male and girls can abuse men just as much as some people..... I’m not even going to go there

товарищ фабси : if a man tells his mates he can't go out because his girlfriend won't let him everyone thinks fair enough if a girl can't go out because her boyfriend says she can't people flip their shit

James Davidson : if you cant defend yourself against a woman then you dont deserve to call yourself a man. men are naturally stronger and tougher than women.

Zak : we are all humans that feel mental hurt and physical pain. Gender, culture or whatever else should make NO difference. WE ARE ALL HUMANS!!!!!

DonReality : Hey, it's simple. A woman strikes at me unprovoked, I'll give her the Right Hand of Equality. Plain & Simple. My mum & dad raised me not to strike a lady, but they said nothing about not striking a woman. Once a lady strikes a man, she revokes all her immunity and courtesy as a lady. Equality nonetheless is still a myth, when you have White Knight Beta Schlubs siding with an obvious Witch.

longer hauler : I am a male and i will never hit a women, i dont care what anyone says loool

JulianRoyale : I like how people find plausible explanations for their behavior in all situations with fantastic ease. This clearly shows that our words mean mostly nothing but our actions speak louder. Another problem our society don't even admit as possible is that women are emotional/psychological abusers because they cannot afford to be physical. If that abuse would be counted the proportions of abuse would be at least equal. To summarize: men are physical abusers and women are emotional abusers yet we judge women using men type of abuse and completely ignore the emotional abuse they perpetrate not only on their husbands but on their children as well. PS: i was raised by an abusive mother.

Precise : Equal rights

Existence Defies Logic : That's the problem with society. Assuming that only women need an upgrade, in the level of status to that of men. But that's not true. Like it was mentioned in the video that 1 out of 6 men suffer from some sort of abuse in a relationship. In fact there is a million plus Khasi community(I don't remember exactly) in the state of Meghalaya in India where men basically don't have any rights. it's a matriarchal society where most of the men end up being indolents and layabouts. Most of the Indians are not even aware about this oppressive culture since Meghalaya is one of the North Eastern states which the media and other outlets don't shine much light on. We need equality not just for one gender or class or anything for that matter but most people don't care.

Nathan Brawley : And then there are the feminists...

Mech0p : I wonder since the statistics say that 1 out of 6 will be abused what the real numbers are??? Its much much easier for women to come forward as they will have their word taken for truth and have all kinds of programs/homes they can go to... As for men I would say the majority go unreported and they just leave or live with it... Men are made to feel weak if we let women do this to us but yet if we try to fight back were the ones who end up in jail the majority of the time... Society is fucked and feminism is making it worse

Dave Staallekker : ~Double standards FTW~

Sachi Rae White : I would have been so ready to fight.

Sarah pink : I hate this double standards, men should be as protected like women are.

ijustjosh : i'd bang her head off if i was going passed

Clorox Bleach : where is the EQUALITY

Aurel S. : #feminism

KeepItSimpleStupid : Victim-blaming is suddenly totally fine when the victim is male. Feminism is going nowhere until women are held to the same standards of accountability as men.

WildCard811 Time : Boom sexism at its finest.

S U R V I V E : But when the man retaliates suddenly everyone becomes a white knight. Ridiculous

Laura Denver : I'm all for feminism! Yet this upsets me, I want voilence between the both genders to stop ! Man or woman! We definitely need to focus on this as well , only love between the genders not hate

Eline Van Bogaert : I completely freaked out when I found out that the woman’s name is Eline because I have never met another person named Eline and it’s cool just knowing that someone has the same name as me.

WarpRulez : They keep telling us how our society is "patriarchal", and male-dominated, and how women are being systematically abused, while men have all the privileges, and how we should always believe a woman by default when she claims to have been abused, and we should essentially reverse the burden of proof in these cases (ie. the man is considered guilty by default, unless he can prove his innocence.) Yet experiments like this, which have been repeated numerous times, so a rather different picture. People will often intervene if a man is abusing a woman in public, but that almost never happens if it's the other way around. Heck, in some of these experiments bypassers _laugh_ at the situation. Seriously. Feminists also want to paint this picture where the cases of domestic violence where the woman is the perpetrator and the man is a victim are a minuscule minority, almost non-existent. Yet study after study shows that the ratio is closer to 50-50. Yet it's only women who get help from society. Look at basically any western country, and there will be plenty of shelters for battered women, but very few shelters for men. In many countries there aren't any shelters for men at all. In fact, in many countries there is no societal safety men for abused men of any kind. On the contrary, in many countries abused men are shunned and ridiculed by society, while there is plenty of social safety nets for abused women. That's the exact _opposite_ of the feminist narrative. Of course the feminist narrative will twist and pin these experiments to suit their own agenda. Their conclusion is not "we need more equal social safety nets for women and men alike". Their conclusion is, still, "we need more feminism, and more brainwashing of kids in schools. And men do not need shelters, because fuck men."

Ace-ZK : i personally wouldn't help the guy cause a man is more capable of defending his self from physical abuse from a woman... I dont get what this is trying to prove, cause all the people passing by maybe thought the same thing as me..... Nothing wrong with that... i mean he can physically over power her in a few seconds to defend his self.

Callum James : Feminazis.

MAGNUS : Ad stop both but that’s just me.

Oliver Green : The public is so sexist

Detonator : If a women hit me I'd hit them back. Act like a man and I'll treat you like one. It's deemed unacceptable to hit women in society, you even heard the guy in the video say "don't hit a women". Women think they are untouchable because of this. If anyone hits you and you didn't deserve it, hit them back.

Ruby James : how about we discuss stopping violence, ALL violence, man, woman, black, white, all of it!

Jade : This is sad because everyone can be a victim and we should stop to help anybody

Xtina : So what? Males are more violent and aggressive by nature. Who commits the most violent crimes? And women aren't usually violent physically unless it's for self defence or unless they're a sociopath, but it's still pretty rare. Men are less sympathetic towards other men than women are towards men in need of help. It's a cool "experiment" but the results are very predictable.