What Happens When A Woman Abuses A Man In Public?

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Nirav Ramdarie : If a woman is abused than everyone jumps in for her. If a man is abused than he must've have done something wrong. This is the sad reality of today. I don't care if you're a woman or a transgender or whatever if you hit me I hit back.

нaydée мoraleѕ † : Well I mean since when we were little kids it's been taught like this: Boys: "you can't hit a girl!" Girls: "..."

CalAntJ : Seeing this disgusts me. People don't seem to understand that men can be victims of abuse just as much as women in some cases, yet people will just state that the man did something wrong as a reason for being hit. No one should be abused, be it a man OR woman

Haemo Ford : Yeah... equality...

Faker The Legend : I'm TRIGGERED by this :/

B : Abusing a man is totally ok but abusing a woman is not? That's so messed up, what about equality

Audio Sonic : So.. a man abused a woman = it's the man's fault a woman abused a man = it's the man's fault sounds about right

Koru Lyn Kité : Could you tell me what the difference is, between a feminist and a knife? One has a point.

Matthew Delis : I'm gonna enjoy the silence from feminists

Norman Bates : I remember one relationship I was in, a long time ago, about 13 years. Had a nice lass, we got on well together and everything was good. One night, I invited her to join me and one of my friends at his birthday bash we were having in a club. Evening was going well, everyone was having fun. Me and my friends were at the bar, drinking as you do. A nice blonde lass walked past, and one of my friends said to me "Would you?" referencing her. I said "If I was single, yeah I'd try." Not realising my GF was standing close by. Well, she went ballistic. I apologised and said it was a mistake, but I did say to her aswell "I said if I was single, therefore I'm staying loyal to you because I'm not single so nothing will happen. We're together." It wasn't enough for her. For the next six weeks or so she made my life a living hell, became really nasty, aggressive and quite bullying at times. On this particular evening she was getting in my face. I'd had enough. I stood up, picked up her handbag and threw it out of my apartment into the communal hallway. I held the door open, and I gestured for her to leave. She refused. I squared my shoulders and deliberatley made myself appear menacing. She shrank back for the first time in fear. Now, I wasn't going to hit her. I don't do that, a man never raises his hand to a woman in my book. But it was enough. I told her to leave, and she did. It was interesting how in those few seconds the whole dynamic changed, she went from being domineering and abusive to completely subdued. She picked up her bag and I told her not to call me or try and see me again, we were finished. Needless to say she called me the next day in floods of tears telling me how sorry she was. I never relented. You get one chance with me, and if you fuck up, I'm not going to take it. Of course, that was 13 years ago. I've not really been with another woman since, and I don't regret it. I enjoy having complete control over my life now that the thought of having a relationship is actually not very appealing to me anymore. Women should never hit men, and vice versa.

TheSmashMaster9000 : Their logic Man being aggressive to the woman: He's to blame. Woman being aggressive to the man: He's to blame. -_-

Rose Earth : I hate how everyone thinks that woman are weak and they must be protected but when it comes to men they say *suck it up your a man be stronger* or something like he started it or the he was wimpy or what not.. honestly if I was there I would have tried to intervene. Men have just as much emotion as woman do. Jeez.. sorry I just get very defensive about this type of stuff. Since I have been talked to about it with some male and female friends... people need to realize that were all just human.

Jamie McCallum : People piss me off, a woman can be soft and a man can't? Yo, update, I saw someone wearing a shirt that said "The Future Is Female". So yeah, equalityn't

mrboydell : We still see gender too much instead of a human being

No Copyright Music - Free Audio Library : Female privilege, plus male privilege ... equality. :) Can't everyone just get along and acknowledge social axioms for what they are. I mean, seriously ... you can look throughout the entire animal kingdom and reference such very nature, hard coded into the vast topology of our biology. We're only human ... at least have enough grasp on the reality of sociological change and learn from past historical repetition. Can't everyone just simply ... "Be" ... Judged not - by the misinformed Idiocracy, that helped shape aour modern ideology's. For understanding is always evolving ... and morality is always true to one's character upon others, the only true constant within our nature ... All nature. It's not productive to use conflict and over inflated aggressive stances to communicate. But again ... We are only human. Communication is key to understanding and morality of one's character (aka - how they communicate their opinions to others.) So ... again I ask, can we all manage to grow up and handle our lives, or country, our planet, our own reality? Can humanity, survive itself? These are the real questions ... because there's a whole ocean of concern out there, all over the world ... while everyone is too selfishly busy antagonizing conflict. Like spoon fed children, hungry for accomplishment ... ignorant to reverse psychology ... and eager to regularly consume whatever appears on the screen in front of you. Craving for that next fix ... A social junkie, feening for a place to let it all out ... Hunting for the next victim of your aggressive outbursts, someone to push it all out on and make an example of ... Can you be better than that? Can we all be better than that? I hope so ... For the sake of my children and future generations to come.

Technomorph : I see a lotta people arguing about “a man can do more damage than a woman” Abuse not only affects you physically, but mentally as well. Even if a women can hurt a man less, the man may still suffer serious mental instability. Also, let’s pretend genders never existed. They are both just rag dolls with emotions. If you would stop the agreement then, that means that you should also stop the women AND the man when each respectively are aggressive.

Fulgrim88 : Thanks for exposing feminisms HUGE blindspot. Operating on the assumption that men are always the aggressors and women are always the victims is poisoning the debate and puts both men and women in fixed roles that they can't really escape from

EqualArcher 6878 : The people who stopped when the male was yelling aren't in the wrong, it's just sad to see no one cares when a male is being abused

fullblooded64445 : I can't watch this. It disgusts me.

The Comical Dude : When a man abuses- "He's probably wrong and definitely evil" When a woman abuses- "She's probably standing up against the abuser and showing her true rights" Are you happy now *feminazis* !?

The Orbitz Clan : One time a few years ago a girl in school kept throwing this hardcover book at me and it was starting to hurt so I eventually caught the book and refused to throw it back and even after people in the class said that she had been throwing it at me, the teacher gave me a detention for provoking physical violence

Dew Duh? : Man abuses woman* : "she doesn't deserve it", " she looked like she needes help" "wE nEeD EqUaLiTy" Woman abuses man*: "He could have done something to make her mad" Talk about feminism's Dictionary meaning: equality. The word and the meaning clearly does not match

Salman Farizi : Well, GENDER EQUALITY they said

YodaIAm69 : She said it’s because of a stereotype that women have less power, no, you just don’t care about men

Cesar Rivera : At the end they provided statistics for men and women who reported domestic abuse but the problem is that most guys won't even report it. I know that if I was in an abusive relationship I would probably never report it I would find it embarrassing and assume that as a man I should be able to take it.

Will Wilson : It's always the man's fault. What if the man was defending himself? People will always misunderstand and take the women's side, even if the guy did nothing wrong. If a man stopped a women from doing something very bad, it would still me the man's fault.

MechanicalFury : Im a masculinist

Whitetigerflash AJ : 2:14 geez that was one fast girl in the backround

Lego Grievous Rodrigues : Can we just agree that we are all equals.

stanley weezy : So 1 person stopped for the guy? Who? Why didn't you show him/her?

RedyTheLegend : Woman being abusive -.- Man being abusive O.O

Conrad Andrew : Feminism is not about equality. The very name of the "movement" should make that clear. They're not egalitarians, they only care about women, hence the movement has turned into a toxic facade, showing it's true face in the form of extreme feminists and "Fem-nazis". Feminists are happy to attack men and say and do ridiculous things, but as soon as men resist and fight back they are also happy to play the "weak, defenceless woman" card. The amount of hypocrisy is astounding; they want to have equality in all the things they don't have right now, but want all the things where they're in a better position than men to stay the same. We must fight feminism. It is not about equality between the sexes. It is about superiority.

אור ראובן : You know what the main difference between man and woman? Man don't really give a shit if a girl touches them, yeah, it makes them uncomfortable, but they wouldn't be telling the whole world that the girl touched him. Woman make a scene out of everything, sorry, but it's the truth, and you can't deny it. For all of the woman getting triggered by it, I am not saying there aren't special ones who don't make a scene out of everything, just like i don't say that every man doesn't make a scene out of everything. Thats the truth, stop thinking about equality so much and focus on reality instead. The society is built that way, and was built that way since the first woman was borned. What do you expect man to do? Give birth aswell? Or perhaps having a period once in a month? Be surprised to know that most dads work as much as the woman works nowadays, and make about the same amount of money monthly.

VES SEV : There will never be gender equality if women can get away with abusing men.

Male MENtorship : Double Standards #ToxicFEMININTY

Junior Farias : That's equally 😂 you're a man so we don't care

Jewels : Men are abused much more than people realize because like the last woman said, they are very embarrassed by it and are much more likely not to call the police. What a shame.

carlos vasquez : So if a girl abuses a man is because the man make her angry or his soft... but if a man abuses a girl is because the man is so dangerous... OK, I GET IT...

Maria Vasquez : 1000 dislikes=1000 feminist

Marlenka 677 : If a guy didn’t leave his house saying his gf won’t let him go But if a girl said her boyfriend won’t let her leave people would be concerned I did take this out of a video but it’s a good point

SAM MICHAEL : There is no justice for men and the whole world is filled with femnism wtf it is 😭😭😭😭😭 this time for boys👊💪

Neomis 01 : People are also scared of women, they can use many things to there advantage including sexuality, I have commented on videos before where I have had situations where I was the victim of a Women abuse, Not physical, but worse even. A very young, pretty woman did a hit and run on me, I called the police and chased her, she thought she lost me in a Starbucks Drive through. I was waiting at the exit to block her off, I called police and she denied everything, even cried and asked why I was being so mean to her, the cop was on her side on everything she said, she made an excuse for everything even the fact she made 4 right turns, which still made no sense.. until I said I had a dash cam and I wanted his badge number "I called you!" I said to the cop, when he was being an ass to me and taking her side, on Everything. Another time when I was a 20 yr old manager a girl wanted a ride home, gave it to her and that was that, she wanted to drive my sports car, I said maybe some other time as it was late, I found out she liked me, and i liked a different girl, the girl I started to date made me tell her I wasn't interested, after I went out with the other girl and the girl I gave a ride to found out she did something... they pulled me into the H.R. office at work and asked me what happened when I gave her a ride home, I still don't know what she said to this day, they said they Investigated, She was mad at me and the other girl I was dating, and threw tons of attitude, she then acted like a brat and all the manager were scared of her, I couldn't even tell her what to do... she threw it in my face and even said so... I have never been so scared in my life, I could have been labeled as a sex offender or something if they believed her, there is a video of a girl doing something like this to a cop, luckily they had it all on video, What's upsetting is they didn't prosecute her for the Accusations, idiot cops... which is what we need badly to happen, they just gave her the DUI.

Stev : 00:55 Chopstick legs

ktri : Women, men can be abused too. Men, not all women are soft.

Bass THA Sasquatch : Not one person stopped for the man...and women complain about being equal...when the women was being abused people came out of nowhere....DISGUSTING.

bella broughton : funny how everyone in the comments is taking this as a chance to say 'feminism is so terrible' instead of addressing the actual issue that in society we assume men are or should be too strong to be hurt. pretty sure that view long predates feminism and that's what needs to be dealt with.

cc360 : Men. Start sticking up for each other. Women have groups, shelters, laws, and society that protects them. Men have nothing in comparison. #sadtimeformen

Chris Darwiche : No one cares about men, simple

Sabih Bin Masood : This is what's wrong with our society. People always claim men to be bad

harrypotteravenclaw : Everyone assumes the man is in the wrong