What Happens When A Woman Abuses A Man In Public?

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jim bill : Man hits woman: she done nothing and he is evil. Woman hits man: the guy must of done something wrong and the women is fine.

Warfstache Is Beyond The Phan : It's not that a man is getting hurt by a woman and a woman is getting hurt by man. It's that a person is getting hurt by a person. If you see a person that is being hurt by *anything* you should help them. Why? You should help them because you can. It's that simple.

discostucrazymunkey : Feminism wants equality. Equal right to self defence. But if he retaliated, he would still be seen to be in the wrong. Men cant win in this scenario.

KeepItSimpleStupid : Victim-blaming is suddenly totally fine when the victim is male. Feminism is going nowhere until women are held to the same standards of accountability as men.

flower edit : this is the narrative that women are victims and men are naturally strong and are going to be the one who initiated the argument / it's their fault. this excuses men a lot of the time because they are almost expected to be shitty but in this case it excuses the woman because she must be a victim of the man getting justice. stereotypical narratives are dumb, think more clearly and compassionately and dismantle prejudices about gender

Calvin McLaughlin : Classic. People will not help males...are we not worthy of help, no? Stop this stupid stereotype.

Awab Sherif : wtf bbc three trying to be wwyd, get a grip

Dirty Diego : In mostcases its cases its those guys who are really unsure of themselves and shy so these abusive relationships go on for years or maybe forever, this can lead to suicide in later life .. not all males are strong, just like not all females are weak!

Callum James : Feminazis.

Existence Defies Logic : That's the problem with society. Assuming that only women need an upgrade, in the level of status to that of men. But that's not true. Like it was mentioned in the video that 1 out of 6 men suffer from some sort of abuse in a relationship. In fact there is a million plus Khasi community(I don't remember exactly) in the state of Meghalaya in India where men basically don't have any rights. it's a matriarchal society where most of the men end up being indolents and layabouts. Most of the Indians are not even aware about this oppressive culture since Meghalaya is one of the North Eastern states which the media and other outlets don't shine much light on. We need equality not just for one gender or class or anything for that matter but most people don't care.

Khaled Humaid : To make the expermint successful, you need to do it with a strong woman with muscels and a skiny man

Detonator : If a women hit me I'd hit them back. Act like a man and I'll treat you like one. It's deemed unacceptable to hit women in society, you even heard the guy in the video say "don't hit a women". Women think they are untouchable because of this. If anyone hits you and you didn't deserve it, hit them back.

Lee Benstead : That's sexism right there. Men deserves equal rights too but lets be honest a lot of women love seeing men take shit from a woman. From personal experience i find women to be more calculating and more violent probably because they lack physical strength. Some women love to instigate and then play the victim, even when two men are fighting it's probably down to a women. Women can be more dangerous than men because they know they can get away with it and that society and the law will back them up. Some women don't understand a thing called fight or flight, a man may react to being hit and knock a woman out cold and even then the people who don't completely blame him will still say "but you didn't have to hit her that hard".

dackjanielsmeup : This might be an unpopular point of view, but if it were me I would not have stopped in either case. If somebody is that nuts that they're going to abuse someone else, I'm not going to fuck with them. If it was bad though I would of course go off to find a police officer to help / call the police. I say this because once a man was harassing me in public, like touching me up and breathing down my neck, and when my friend said "can you leave her alone please" it obviously made him angry and he punched me a couple times (even though I didn't move a muscle). It's nice that my friend was trying to stick up for me, but unfortunately she put both of us at higher risk. People who assault others are most likely not reasonable people and if you are not confident that you can fight them and win, I suggest you leave the situation and get help instead.

Sachi Rae White : I would have been so ready to fight.

Rocket Legend : This makes me so mad I’m a male and girls can abuse men just as much as some people..... I’m not even going to go there

Ruby James : how about we discuss stopping violence, ALL violence, man, woman, black, white, all of it!

thealleykittens : The black girl is gorgeous.

Chip per : It's been Done before! Same outcome!

JulianRoyale : I like how people find plausible explanations for their behavior in all situations with fantastic ease. This clearly shows that our words mean mostly nothing but our actions speak louder. Another problem our society don't even admit as possible is that women are emotional/psychological abusers because they cannot afford to be physical. If that abuse would be counted the proportions of abuse would be at least equal. To summarize: men are physical abusers and women are emotional abusers yet we judge women using men type of abuse and completely ignore the emotional abuse they perpetrate not only on their husbands but on their children as well. PS: i was raised by an abusive mother.

Mech0p : I wonder since the statistics say that 1 out of 6 will be abused what the real numbers are??? Its much much easier for women to come forward as they will have their word taken for truth and have all kinds of programs/homes they can go to... As for men I would say the majority go unreported and they just leave or live with it... Men are made to feel weak if we let women do this to us but yet if we try to fight back were the ones who end up in jail the majority of the time... Society is fucked and feminism is making it worse

NachoTheBarnacle : Why tf is it always the guys fault

im lost : feminist doctrine, duluth model, listen and believe, only men rape & abuse women, women are free to commit any violence towards men

Nuala H : Men are generally stronger and bigger than women so it's an unfair fight when a man is using his size etc to intimidate. I think the reason people don't step in is because the guy is clearly larger & stronger & could easily defend himself and restrain her if he wanted to do it doesn't really appear that he needs help. I wonder if the results would be different if the female actor was much larger and appeared a lot more imposing than the male....

David Michael : Lol what a clown the guy is

Clorox Bleach : where is the EQUALITY

Rat : When I was 10 I saw a guy shout at and grab his girlfriend.

товарищ фабси : if a man tells his mates he can't go out because his girlfriend won't let him everyone thinks fair enough if a girl can't go out because her boyfriend says she can't people flip their shit

Donna Johnson : Funny because when I was beaten up by my ex boyfriend on several occasions, not one person stopped to help!! I’m hoping this video means that times are changing. But the attitudes when it’s aggression from the woman to the man are so so wrong and very worrying!!

Wessex Player : I was going to praise BBC 3 for showing the other side of domestic abuse, but then I wasn’t surprised when people where feminists and didn’t stop

Gl1tch B1tch : Love that BBC made light of a man's issue instead of the typical "women are always the victim" and "men are always the abuser" narrative that seems to be taking storm

J Nagra : As a guy this is just wrong..

Tina Marie Buchan : Men should be entitled to just as much help and compassion as women when being abused. It's because of comments like "a man should be able to defend themselves" that thousands of men kill themselves every year becasue they feel lile thay can't ask for help! You are also suggesting that women must be too weak to be able to defend themselves and must always need a rescue which is equally wrong and sexist

Chimpanzee : They actually stopped him politely from " abusing " her. If did that up here in Glasgow he'd be set about on.

Recovering.s0uls : The first girl was so pretty

Janne Grönmark : They talk about "stereotypes" when they really mean (draws deep breath and thinks of himself shouting in those ignorant peoples ears) DOUBLE-STANDARDS!!! That's all folks. Men get all white-knighty in shiny armor when they see female getting treated badly and women come defending their "sister" because there's no way man can have a reason to be harsh to a woman right! But when tables turn, people just see that poor bloke as a loser who can't defend himself against woman? So uhm, they think that woman is weak enough to cause no harm to a man, meaning they (men and women) are acting by double-standards and have no, absolutely NO understanding what equality means (since they both see woman being the underdog). The way these people behave is faaaaaaaar from equality. Infact, they are just the opposite because of their actions. They see man getting treated badly by a woman and they just walk past by, but oh my goodness if that man would stand up and slap that woman to kingdom come! Here comes the white-knight cavalry and "equality" yelling sisters to defense! ...sad, sad people.

Jamie Reid : This is why I'll never call myself a feminist. Feminism shuts down men. They do not support equality. I'm an egalitarian and support both women and men's rights groups.

I Am The Light Of The World : Are there any movies or videos about male victims to domestic violence.

Memes and Hearthstone : Is this the new BuzzFeed?

Wanda pierson : If this happens & it's rare, the key thing is r they playing, r if it's truly hitting, it should be stopped. Men generally don't ask for help, it's embarrassing. In some cases women do abuse men & the men stay silent. Ideally if one tries to settle things by hitting, they were taught wrong r need to seek professional help. There r other ways to settle disagreements.

Sam : abuse by women can be a lot worse than this and not only that police think its a joke or that your lying when you claim to have been abused by your girlfriend/wife, speaking from experience.

saeefa : Interesting how this has more likes than dislikes if it was the other way around every beta male and keyboard warrior will be saying stop forcing all these feminist stuff on us.

inya but : Was this filmed in Nigeria?

kaphonie : I tried my best to avoid clicking this video😒

Zak : we are all humans that feel mental hurt and physical pain. Gender, culture or whatever else should make NO difference. WE ARE ALL HUMANS!!!!!

ghostv8 : Share this with your feminist friends

Living Zebra : I don't understand how is okay in either situation. If anyone, any person is being shouted at like that I would step in before even registering things like gender, if they're flinching and fearful, they need help, why do we have to attach labels to people? If labels are preventing you from helping someone then the labels need to be changed.

Kps Fitness : Apparently white men have it easy but we fit into 'no minority's' so we are looked down upon

Challenge Vlogs : People that dislike are feminists

ijustjosh : i'd bang her head off if i was going passed