What Happens When A Woman Abuses A Man In Public?

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Nirav Ramdarie : If a woman is abused than everyone jumps in for her. If a man is abused than he must've have done something wrong. This is the sad reality of today. I don't care if you're a woman or a transgender or whatever if you hit me I hit back.

Sabih Bin Masood : This is what's wrong with our society. People always claim men to be bad

GMMReviews : So when a man shouts at a woman, he's to blame. But when a woman shouts at a man, he's to blame.

stanley weezy : So 1 person stopped for the guy? Who? Why didn't you show him/her?

Dynamaster : Yup. There's one girl who has been PROVEN to be a sexual predator at my school, who even lost her job for sexual harassment of another employee, but otherwise has never been disciplined.

Masked Gamer : *Gets jumped by women* No one helps *You fight back* Someone reports you This really says something.

Andrew Sacks : Feminists want boys to cry and to be less masculine but when did just sitting there and crying help the guy while he was being harassed

CarimboHanky : this is the issue with our society... woman are made to be fragile and man are beasts. a dude i knew was in a abusive relationship, whenever she was mad she would make a scene, hit herself and call the cops on the dude, he ended up in jail more than once. the last time i talked with him he told me, he had called cops on her couple times within the last month, and the cops laughed at him and told him to "man up" saddly, ended up in a murder/suicide, thanks to the double standards.

Pan Leo : sexism

Always With B : Abusing a man is totally ok but abusing a woman is not? That's so messed up, what about equality

SagaHub : Wait BBC shows the other side of the story? Well thats nice to know.

Uncharted Boar : I am a guy. I believe in gender equality. I am not afraid to hit back to a woman.

Robert Farkas : Feminists are like the pigs in animal farm. “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”

Χρήστος Παγκόπουλος : "What is love ?" "Baby don't hurt me" "Don't hurt me" "No more"

Albert Pavlas : You know what? Sure. Let's be equal! They'll instantly regret it.

Azwad noob of da2 : I didn't watched the video but lemme guess None will help the man :) equality is legit these days

Arjun Chatterjee : This cannot be BBC, its not possible. Maybe they forgot to take their meds that day.

Cesar Rivera : At the end they provided statistics for men and women who reported domestic abuse but the problem is that most guys won't even report it. I know that if I was in an abusive relationship I would probably never report it I would find it embarrassing and assume that as a man I should be able to take it.

mark jones : It's a wonderful argument for "equality". If women would actually stand for it. "EQUALITY" that is...

Itshighman123 ! : Honestly this actually makes my blood boil as people always assume that a man will never be in a situation of domestic abuse in a relationship but when they see it happen right in front of them they don't act upon it but if the tables are turned and it's the opposite everyone looses there shit so much more quickly with a man, obviously I don't agree with domestic abuse at all it's horrible and should never happen just seems that men are so easily targeted when it comes to this then women are, women ask for equality which is great and agree with it but how come men are treated differently in this video then women are like men have feelings to you know, especially when the man said of I had the stereotypical view that the man is to soft, people need to stop thinking this as it's completely false. And if women want to be looked upon the same as men (I completely agree with this everyone deserves the same rights and respect) I think that people need to start thinking that women can do this to men and it's not just men that do this, men nowadays are pin pointed by the media to be the death of all things and seem to always be wrong it actually disgusts me as if everyone should be treated the same why did the people not give a fucking shit about the women miss treating the man but when it's the other way around he gets picked up on it

Vincent Andrews : This is super disrespectful towards men.. what narrowminded people we have

Shailen M : Bitter truth which needs to be stopped..

Albert25012501 : That why I love Bill Burr, he really nailed it. Woman beating man, people just think that’s hilarious. Man beating woman, people are freaking out.

Ks Zu : 2:13 *im fast as fuk boi*

Trick Tricksterz : Male privilege is a myth, female privilege is the biggest coverup of the last couple of decades

Not Awesome T.V : Feminist wanted the world to have let women have more power but when you think about it it has turned sides and men aren't as likely to be helped when abused as the other way around and this is very triggering/upsetting

ItzDaredevilCC : This is our world guys

Lucifer MorningStar : I would stop them both

Nishishit : It's so ironic that feminists complain about male privilege when this video just further proves the point that females are ones with privilege.

the punisher : Men are meant to be man if a woman is shouting at a man the man should hit her hard and no person should help him or calm the girl down so this experiment is actually a win.....

Milton Aguilera : Fun isn’t a thing to consider when balancing the universe but this,(feminists being rekt) does put a smile on my face

billny33 : It doesn't concern me that women are treated with kid gloves when they hit a man and men are treated like monsters when they hit women. I understand why that is. What troubles me is when passerbys see a woman berating a man in an argument and immediately assume it was still the man's fault, when that clearly never happens when the roles are reversed. That means no matter what is going on in any argument in public view, the man is automatically made the villain by witnesses. Yes, I think we should be always strong enough to defend ourselves, but we are not always the one doing the most wrong.

Ky Bandit : People are sexist

Alex Battaglia : Male privilege am I right?

dub2459 : Wonderful display of sexist double standards in our society,and women pretend nobody cares lol

Jairus Gaming : Gender equality🙂

Mithel Celestia : Even if the man is capable of standing up for himself, the moment he starts standing up to his abuser, people will instantly assume the man is the abuser and the woman is the victim so this is a lose-lose on a situation the man is abused.

Richard Cai : Apparently, men can be abused, while women can't.

XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068 : This is what makes me want to die. Today's society is getting to my head.

Lil_ Almond : And they say men have privilege

Jay Wood : Femenists: YEAH BUT THIS DOESNT HAPP- Us: Yes it does Femenists: LALALALAAAAAALAAAAA

Gerrie de Lange : I wish feminists would actually consider situations like this. It hurts that its being ignored, when female problems are shot through the roof. High five BBC, this is what the world needs to see.

Le SIPP : The woman was a bad actor

The Playinghand Show : Stuff like this kinda makes me ashamed to be a boy.

Vadexid Ia : That's why i say that gender equality will never exist.

J of the Negs : Don't feminists want equality?

Itsyaboi Shay : Men can be abused too. Edit: I’m not denying woman can be abused. They also can, but some people think men can’t be emotionally or physically abused. Which is not true at all, and also a lot of men are too scared to talk about it with anyone because “men aren’t supposed to cry” and “men are weak if they’d show feelings”, and women can also have a hard time talking about abuse too; but as this video shows people don’t think about it when it’s a man, but when it’s a woman people stop. Just saying y’all should be more aware that men can also go through this. (again, I am not denying woman can get abused)

bird person : my ex girlfriend once hit me 3 times in the face i couldnt see out of my left eye for 2 or 3 days but after third hit i hit her right back on the nose xD

Brandon 6 : Girls life is SOOOOO much easier than a mans life. #truestthingevertbh

JJ Geometry : Feminists would probably be proud of a woman abusing a man