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Ricky Gervais on eating pets and bizarre advertising campaigns... Watch full episodes on All 4: Download on iTunes: Channel 4 on Twitter: Facebook:


1110SlimJim : I could imagine Karl Pilkington being on the f word Gordon: How'd you enjoy your food Karl? Karl: Yeah it was alright that

Oaklore Gaming : Ricky Gervais is the Wolf, look at those canines!

first name last name : Ricky gervais and Gordon ramsey Video starts with a strong language warning. Ye we know m8

g O’ : "let me tell you why gordon" ... "i'm a genius" brilliant


Reuben Hayward : that Swedish advert interpretation was spot on.

Channel 4 : Perhaps Ricky Gervais destroyed Horse Mountain?

DeanoPiano : What the f**k is Horse Mountain!? and what had that got to do with this vid!?

Stelios P : this is the definition of genius.

gaptoofgranny : Someobody ouughta fix that table. It's wiggling too much.

Newby Ton : Oh my gosh, Gordon Ramsay predicted the path for let's play videos talking about their favorite word

chris cargle : I love how Gordon turns into a little mischievous kid when he’s paired with Ricky.

TimeForTimbo : I am here from the death of horse mountain.

Karla Kampen : The CC on this video should have been done by the English. Hysterical!

your father : 25% of comments: actual relevant comments 75% of comments: NERRDCOOBD MONTAIN LLOL

Noice : I'm here from a man that is quite ill

Aleksandr Onufrak : Poor Mountain HORSE IS LOVE HORSE IS LIFE

TechShark : A man who blew up an artsy mountain ruled by horses brought me here.

Ethan Knightley : Wow, Gervais was on fine form here. :D

Lucifer Dante : they both need a show together , please make it happen

balebooper : Now he has a new Verizon commercial...haha.

Todd Vines : The mountain I worshiped was killed by a murderous dwarf star.

Peter K : Seems kind of staged but that might be the kind of show it is?

Potato Clock : This is where the pie ended up

Big Red Machine : who do you think you are?! Thor?!

fivemissiles : Horse Mountian My type of mountian

JahJoe : Horse mountain for ever !

Shadowshamer : MINGE BEER

cobalt geo : I Came from a man who killed a mountain

Yasseen Sabry : i have came from the death of horse mountain by a dwarf star

DubiousDucky : i was sent here by a man that spent a whole day making a youtube video plus about a week of editing

Willow Isn't A Tree : So is Channel 4 the murderous dwarf star?

Radium King : I don't know how that woman hasn't died of laughter from being married to Gervais, he's so hilarious

Counterattack : You were killed by a murderous dwarf star.

Insert-name-here : i was sent by a man who mountain and got peter dinklaged

TheLithiumPlays : I was sent by a man who was crushed when his pie got lost in space but in return got a second horse to rule his mountain and then was blown up by a dwarfs star

The Pyre Guardian : i was brought her by a man who was killed by peter dinklage 

ApeX RaIn : So, this is what happens when a dwarf star collides with a Mountain?

lubabe66 ** : Gordon Ramsey fangirling out. Ricky mailed him.

/Isaiah / : peter dinkalidge!!!!

That Spaceman :

HORSES' MUSIC-DOGS : He always takes his shirt off!

Doc James Burton : hahah Ramsay loves "challenges" even to a guest in his restaurant hahahaha

Peter Sanders : Ricky Gervais is one of the most brilliant celebrities alive!

Random Person : 'Thats the best spunk I've ever tasted' - dodgy statement there ricky

Nathan Wenlock : You could tell he was slightly typsy here as well. It made even more hilarious 😂😂 he's my hero

funnelweb10 : ricky just done optus :)

Nelson Powell : is that guy a vampire?

Lam Sodge : And now he's on the Netflix adverts