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tangopup10 : Oh man! I did not see that coming. I thought that the Jets would never win a super bowl. Man, season 3 is packed full of twists.

Just George : Let’s see if we can get this comment to 0 likes... OH MY GOD WE DID IT!!!!! OMG

Sam Gallagher : C'mon guys. This sketch spoils so many sporting events for those of us who aren't caught up yet. Next time please include a spoiler alert in the title or the beginning of the video.

Hurry the feet : Actually binge watching sports sounds fun but stupid

Rico Vargas : If you dvr a football game, start watching at real half time, fast forward through commercials, you will be caught up to real life near the real end of the game.

Logan Napolitano : What a dramatic end to season 1. HOW DID BART STARR GET PAST THE CHIEFS!?!?


Yaboyjeremy12 : I’m on season 45 of the NFL and, man, how was that not a catch by Calvin Johnson? Hey gotta do something about the catch rule within the next 7 years to prevent a team losing in the playoffs because of it

Kite : As fan of auto racing, I actually do go back and binge watch old seasons that I wasn't around for.

Vaughn Family : 100th like not first comment

Adam Dennison : 2 2 6 minutes

Chris Hannon : I feel bad... You guys should have way more subscribers.... Great stuff

Thomas Cremens : 989th view 110th like 16th comment

AutisticPotato : I like the video, but I wanted to be the first one to dislike it.

FallingStar : ehrttgvv

tam 14 : Luck's gaming Channel

Justin Walker : Is it weird that I do this

انت اسمع : تعليق

MFFL STRØNG : Father Time over here

RideOrDieRaider : Yeah, im down for a beer Rob! Im off at 4!....Who am i kidding, F*ck this job! Lets go now!

ASE Apps Support Education : NICE :P

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