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ChillYourself : "Morning boys, how's the water?" Thanks to DFW for this beautiful metaphore and thank you for posting this. The humanity of this man was something precious to all of us and we have to keep the memory alive. Goodbye David, hope you're good now. R.i.p.

Rob Du Bois : I like how everyone stops laughing when they realize that this is no joke.

Jonathan Unger : This is only about half of the full speech. Find the full one it's better

Lark Macallan : Watch this now and then. Don't forget. Randomly send it to people you care about. <3 May all beings be released from suffering <3

than217 : 5:29 you got a kid in the front of the line headbanging to hardcore metal music. The new guy's in the corner puking his guts out! All because you want to save a couple extra pennies on brake pads...

Presto Magic : RIP

Ken Feinberg : Be like water my friend. Rest In Peace Mr Wallace. You will be missed

nekrataal7 : I wonder if the background laughter (from the college graduates) is one of two things: (or both?) 1) of a nervous nature; they know it's true and begrudgingly accept it 2) of an arrogant nature; they know they're going to be the exception and not be subject to the routine that the speaker describes (possibly denial)

James still plays : this teached me a good lesson but it put me to sleep xD

Life Levels Music : wow. great vid gj

nvacondos : Life's tough at times. Make sure you embrace the daily struggle. Things will always get better if you're positive.

Max Savage : its a new year so its a new year to watch this and remind myself this is water

Ryan Muskin : still hits me so hard

Minh Tue Vo Thanh : Now you can order food from Uber eat!

John Ott : Julian, thank you for posting this video. You are right: it is a fantastic work--both Wallace's original speech as well as the film by The Glossary. I'm working on a project with a client and have a couple time-sensitive questions about your understanding of "fair use" of this film. Would you be willing to share a little time with me regarding my questions??

Chicken Permission : Welp, thx Clarity.

Stroeb : Amazing video, thumbs up for the storytelling, one of the most overlooked parts of filmmaking these days where top cameras are actually achievable but storytelling seems to be a gift. May I ask how did you do the timelapse at 1:33?

Inge Scott : Good stuff!

Bribabledrake84 : It's filmed in a Mariano's lol.

Breda Lewis : I hope all my coworkers see this comment because my manager sent this to all of us

Breda Lewis : No this is patrick

Jordy Alvarez : who else had to watch this for diversion hahah

John Sapp : Perceptions hold the keys tp your happiness my friend..

Steven Ocasio : Anyone know the songs??

mill man : What a powerful and absolutely fundamental concept. Thank you DFW for sharing.

Logan Gomez : I'm here thanks to my informal logic course.

Ike Lewis : Great, just accept our dumb society. I don’t think it’s all about me, I find it depressing that everyone is living a stupid life, including me. Though really, people aren’t special snowflakes the way they think they are. Most of us are a strain on the earths resources. Westerners are the worst at accepting this. They act just like everyone else in their ideas and actions, yet still act like they’re special because that’s what society tells them. Stupid westerners with their stupid approach to life. Also a significant portion of teenage girls are absolute idiots and are full of consumerism and are a strain on the earths resources. I marvel at how stupid political correctness is, and I should be considered liberal! Political correctness shows people who can only see morality in a blind black and white way. Where men are evil dogs, and women are there victims. And then people blindly twiddle there thumbs at the massive suffering in the world. Oh great, stop caring, what a great way to fix our piece of bull that we call modern society. Here’s two examples. Christianity and Islam spread like viruses, harming the societies they infest. “Mother Theresa” told people not to use condoms, contributing to overpopulation and disease and spreading the plague that is Christianity. Mormonism, Judaism, etc also behave like viruses. The way society works means that it only has ten to twenty years before it just won’t work. Actually, it already doesn’t.

IntarwebUser : While it's funny to think that fish don't know what water is, considering we know what air is, I'm sure they're quite aware. Also, when I'm in a checkout line, I'm pretty indifferent to the people around me. No point wasting energy thinking about who else is in line. Might think about TV shows or what I'm going to cook when I get home or something, or just space out. Might get irritated with the store itself if the lines are excessively long, like at Costco. Why does it take 20 minutes to get through a line there? They need to put some more cashiers on.