Super Mario Odyssey - Review

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Sefraca : Keep it up Redzy ☺

Slick9000 : How do you only have 350 subs? You've got some great editing skills and your review is solid

Wolfkaosaun : Amazing video and great quality. Awesome stuff man

LittleLordZerox : Awesome content and keep up the good work!

Melgacius Annoying Accent Reviews : Yes, seems a great game, and portable! Thumbs up!

LoftyyGames : Just got here from the Google doc! Awesome content and keep up the good work, I'm here to support you! #SmallYouTubersMatter

beezito : Subbed!

Parker Cook : Great video, I️ look forward to more uploads from you.

Redex : You deserve way more subs than you currently have

Engineered Mojo : I haven't been a huge Mario fan for a bit, but may pick this up. Nice review!

AudiobookGo : Wow, the quality of your commentary is extremely good! I'm definitely going to check out more of your channel.

MasterGreenEye : It's really good to see that Nintendo didn't CAPitulate to the MTX trend just to CAPitalise on quick profits, I really tip my CAP to them for that and I can't really put a CAP on my excitement to play this game.

RVZ : I believe with this quality you should have way more views.