Almost Heroes Eagle Eggs Scenes

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Max Power : Speaking of Chris Farley movies, Tommy Boy is great, Black Sheep is okay, and Beverly Hills Ninja is kinda crap. But I'll pick Almost Heroes any day.

hioeo : 0:44 my reaction when im making breakfast and i realize i have a paper due that day.

Max Power : I love this silly piece of crap of a movie.

Max Power : God, I love this movie.

Raaanch : I laugh every time. Same with the Whiskey part. "How's about you get your own bottle!" LMAO

hhhguy2004 : come on you damn bird haha

PrinceofMacedon : that pinecone looked delicious

SorryButYouAreWrong : Whoever wrote this scene, along with the hilarious acting of Chris Farley, made this such a wonderfully hilarious part of the movie! I own this movie now, and I will truly treasure it forever! <3

GregofCanada : 3:25-3:36 Me in Farcry 4


HDMScorp : This movie takes me back man. Such a classic especially between me and my brothers. One of my favorite scenes apart from the river monster scene. "He's got something in his hands!" (dramatic music starts) Haha

Sierrathegoat : me and my friend used to watch this scene over and over and just die over it lol, miss those days :P

briandd27 : You gotta love the music when the eagle makes its appearance lol

hhhguy2004 : all that work just to find out all she needed was the shell

Brian Joseph : Chris Farley + Eagle = :O

Rebecca Segovia : 0:44 Where will YOU be when diarrhea strikes?

Matt Lawson : 😂😂😂 Damn, I love the faces he makes every time the eagle comes. Lmmfao!

homer11345 : the music when hes climbing up the tree makes it even funnier!

DarkPaladin24 : I think his first reaction is the best out of all of them

moen king : Does this make anyone laugh hahaha 4:11

kaijinu : that last scene= everytime I have my first glass of gin. I'm more of a brandy guy.

ADDMcGee25 : Made me angry when I first saw her bust the egg and dump it out. I actually said in the theater, "Isn't everyone starving, ya dumb bitch?!"

VinewoodHD : At 0:48 Chris Farley has messed with the wrong eagle

Eddie Lovins : "Hmm, loved one. Alright. I name this here fork Pittsburgh Nelly!"

briandd27 : I used to watch this movie all the time. Such a timeless classic. RIP Chris.

DarkPaladin24 : Did you guys know Chris was actually originally cast as Shrek before he passed away? I'm serious

riverrutt : HAHAHAHAH he punches the bird

Ariel Medina : I loved almost heroes. RIP CHRIS FARLEY.

Martin Craw : Word of advice. Never go near an eagles nest. XD

mmeyer1 : Can't believe a Native American could be so wasteful...

crazy like a tiger : watching this movie started part of my life. rip or not chris farley

RMDubay : 0:48 is priceless. I've been LOLing half the night when I first watched that.

Mathew : When he try's to eat the pine cone lol

LunaTwi01 : Using the screech of a red-tailed hawk.

arina parker : 0:47 lol the face


Sir Sumumabitch : Lol...dude was in a serious dilemma.We´ve all given the pinecone a chance to save an egg for later...but we all know you can´t have eggs without bacon....

Philip Zamora : If you were a fat funny guy filming a western comedy during the 1990s, you pretty much signed your own death warrant. How do I know? This was Chris Farley's last movie. He died shortly after filming completed. And, John Candy, he died making Wagons East!

ptoner87 : 3:06 lol he starts crying

Lethalis1234 : AHAH i saw this in ny first hour class. :D

Slowmotionlight : @bluetoaster8822 it might explain why you "wash dishes in a retirement home kitchen" rofl

Slowmotionlight : Almost Heroes is part of the curriculum in America? rofl wow that explains a lot

Braulio Calderon Ruiz : did did the revanant copy all this

Javier Jimenez : 2:29 noooooo!!!! that's what I say when I'm trying not to give in to temptation

balleur : hahaha, i remember seeing this movie like 4 in the morning. i woke up the whole house with my laughs :P

Jimmy8317 : 2:28 Nooo! lol

Eddie Lovins : Haha, yeah, that part is awesome.

Eddie Lovins : Haha, never thought of that.

UncleFriis : I love how he kills a big ass pig and only takes a few strips of bacon off it. XD

briandd27 : *dramatic music* :O!!!!!!!!!