My 10.5g Shrooms Trip

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AVI : Jesus christ, horrible trip sitters.. I wouldn't want to be in that room on 1g of shrooms let alone 10g. I know the feeling of bad trips.

Nexstbob69 : Expected them to lock arms around you and go nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare!!

Ruben Van Hengstum : 99% of the people would get a bad trip with reckfull next to them.

tubagoo dom : Damn your friends are horrible

Das Wunder : these trip sitters are horrible.... idiots!!! I feel bad for you bro!

Louis McFall : you didn't experience ego death you experienced the punishment of not letting go.

Caitlyn Jenner : i feel like reckful is doing all the worst possible things to someone who is tripping. hate to see it

GaBe141 : reckful is the textbook example of what not to do trip sitting

Smizzle : Wow whats wrong with Reckful. He's really out there trying to look cool in front of the camera and being insanely rude to Destiny while he's in such a vulnerable state. Honestly this is infuriating to watch. Glad that in the end you seem to have learned a lot from that experience

R3k7 : This entire trip was literally just destiny trying to hold on to whatever reality is and resisting the experience.

Niobo : reckful litarally made destiny have a bad trip

* * : This vid made me hate reckfull

Z : I could only get thru 30 minutes of these idiot friends laughing at the poor guy and pressing on his chest and asking him the same question over and over. can't imagine the anxiety that would give someone on 10g of shrooms.leave the guy be and let him trip ffs!

rebelchild : "am I alive?" "No, but if this was death it'd be kinda cool" "Heheheh no it wouldn't" Oof. Destiny gets it.

Niko Martin : Dog is trying so hard to be better trip sitter than Reckful

Woke-House : terrence mckenna does not approve of this message.

Maduar : damn reckful is a terrible tripsitter... so hard to watch

Mike Bova : So hard to watch but very educational on what not to do

Cinema Knight : It's honestly so funny to me seeing Destiny's eyes when he seemingly comes back to reality or whatever. It looks like he just had the greatest idea ever

Nick X : "Whats your biggest worry's in life right now" is probably the worst question to ask someone tripping.

Adam Brewington : im not a violent dude, but if i was on x amount of shrooms, and some guido kept soft slappin me.......

Ronald Perez : what a horrible trip sitter, jfc, he just echoes the insecurities destiny is going through coming in and out of constantly losing his ego, hes not ready to come back, you have to assure destiny that he can still let go, it's only a trip in the end, and dying in the trip won't kill you, in fact you gotta let go, cuz fighting it is the worse part

My Hops : From the description: _I heavily not recommend doing what I've done. You might think you are strong enough to just jump into this but it absolutely is not true, you have no idea what you're getting into. I was incredibly arrogant going into this and I still have problems today related to this (experiencing panic attacks/derealization, things that have NEVER happened to me before doing this)._ _There are responsible ways to explore psychedelics and I heavily recommend investigating those resources before trying anything like this on your own._

haloKINGSstudios : He should try doing this with someone who isn't going to perpetuate his bad trip. Reckful is the worst trip sitter.

james waka : if you ever decide to try this again...keep byron away, he's awful. If I went through a trip like this with that guy I'd cut ties with him. Watching this legit pissed me off.

Luca : Reckful DESTROYED Steven's sanity in this debate

Archer_1904 : who actually watched the whole video??

xray4death : I think the balding guy with no facial hair ruined the trip. Id be hella annoyed if he was around while i was tripping. I woulda left the apartment and went off on my own journey to be honest.

Meg Crosby : Definitely know that popping in in out of reality feeling when he kept saying “I’m back”

Super 24K : He was getting stuck and they only made it worse. He kept trying to pull his mind out of the trip and saying “I’m back again”. Bit of advice bro, don’t ever trip with those “friends” again.. either do it by yourself if you comfortable with that or somebody you trust more than anybody and explain to them what to tell you before hand and how to act.

Simon Eriksson : Reckful should not be around people who are tripping.

Mradzy Mrad : dont hate on Reckfull because he dont know what is like tripping in high doses, only people who experiment that could understand so...

Paul G : Go outside or for a walk while tripping. Sitting curled up in a ball while your friends psychoanalysis you would make me go insane . I had the best trips when I was outside active.

Rami Rami : These trip 'sitters' are breaking the first rule of shrooms - don't try to control the trip, let the shroom lead the way. The way they're trying to hold him back while the shrooms are trying to tug him away from reality, no wonder he has a bad time.

Mikey Johnson : Am I Here I'm Back Are we live Are we streaming As you can see this truly echoes humanitys truest feelings.

S A : I did 10.5g by my self and was way better than this. I dont like people around at all G

Justin Reesef : That poor, poor man. This is horrid to watch. I took 6g last summer and felt super anxious at the beginning. I was leading myself towards a bad trip because my brother wouldn’t switch into dry clothes. My friends make fun of me for nearly having a bad trip because he couldn’t put pants on lol. Had a wonderful time, however. Peace and love🤘

Wolvend : You're clinging too hard. It's all about being okay with the adverse feelings and knowing deep down you'll return once it's taken it's toll. Also shrooms are best taken within a warm sunny day near nature in a safe space. 5 grams is a 'heroic dose' and you should've kept around there unless you're very experienced. Also, you said you have a kid. That's a big anchor in people's minds that spiral them towards trying to corral their consciousness back towards sober reality. You probably will be experiencing anxiety and thought loops trying to subconsciously race back to being present to protect. It's a natural instinct.

Nicholas Costa Tavares : These trip sitters are super disrespectful. I'm super amazed you held yourself together with this nonsense around you.

123 456 : shouldnt be screaming and asking him if hes dead, not breathing.... not smart... and stop questioning him as if he isnt tripping

Joseph Martin : 2:21:20 CRINGE! Rektful - "can you film me?" Then gives bad look when they stop filming him... So creepy

DGK Waffly : I can't imagine the thought loops. I thought the loops on an eighth was bad

Pennio Cringe : Ned's Declassified Shroom survival guide

Mdsoebee : jeeeez speaking about trying to get into a bad trip: bad headspace, bad setting, bad people, ánd you're being recorded

Matias Esquivel : reckfull is just.. not a person to trip with. Also you try soo hard to fight the shroom that you are putting to much stress on yourself, Chill bro.. well that actually maybe becouse of the goddamm 10 g... why didyou go for that in your first fungus trip?

i Love House Music : Hes having a bad trip cause there are sober people are tripping him out

Ersh Man : *wakes destiny up and talks about streaming* *gets mad that destiny is stuck in a loop of thought regarding streaming*

Xsef : It doesn't help the trip to only sit in one spot on a couch. It's definately better to just stand up, drink a glass of water even if you don't want to, go somewhere else, just refresh the setting. It also helps a lot having some interesting topics to talk about, instead of just focusing and talking about the bad part of the trip while it's happening

elias hægeland : Reckful: what do you stream on twitch Destiny: my hair Reckful: :(