My 10.5g Shrooms Trip

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AVI : Jesus christ, horrible trip sitters.. I wouldn't want to be in that room on 1g of shrooms let alone 10g. I know the feeling of bad trips.

Jesus Christ : Next time let me get in on those shrooms with you and THEN we can talk some REAL shit

Nexstbob69 : Expected them to lock arms around you and go nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare!!

Ruben Van Hengstum : 99% of the people would get a bad trip with reckfull next to them.

Michael Malone : Oh my God, these people you were with. Never ask somebody on psychedelics "Are you OK?" No wonder you had a bad trip, with friends like these. Dude seriously, never do these types of drugs with people like this. ARE YOU IN A LOOP? ARE YOU IN A LOOP? It's just so irresponsible, almost everything reckful was saying and doing to you was damaging in the state if mind you were in. "This is what you wanted" I'm sorry, it just honestly angers me.

tubagoo dom : Damn your friends are horrible

Smizzle : Wow whats wrong with Reckful. He's really out there trying to look cool in front of the camera and being insanely rude to Destiny while he's in such a vulnerable state. Honestly this is infuriating to watch. Glad that in the end you seem to have learned a lot from that experience

MooSaidChicken : And people wonder why I prefer psychedelics alone..

Epollo Live : To any inexperienced people out there looking to trip after watching this, please take smaller doses. If you have any mental illness is its better to just stay away. Psychedelics are a beautiful thing, they need to be respected and used in the right state of mind. Its not just seeing funny stuff on the wall, its an intense emotional roller coaster that will humble you. Be cautious out there guys, this isn't a drug you take for fun.

Mike Bova : So hard to watch but very educational on what not to do

Caitlyn Jenner : i feel like reckful is doing all the worst possible things to someone who is tripping. hate to see it

GaBe141 : reckful is the textbook example of what not to do trip sitting

haloKINGSstudios : He should try doing this with someone who isn't going to perpetuate his bad trip. Reckful is the worst trip sitter.

R3k7 : This entire trip was literally just destiny trying to hold on to whatever reality is and resisting the experience.

Woke-House : terrence mckenna does not approve of this message.

Sam Tabatowski : Worst trip sitter of all time.

Maduar : damn reckful is a terrible tripsitter... so hard to watch

Z : I could only get thru 30 minutes of these idiot friends laughing at the poor guy and pressing on his chest and asking him the same question over and over. can't imagine the anxiety that would give someone on 10g of shrooms.leave the guy be and let him trip ffs!

Louis McFall : you didn't experience ego death you experienced the punishment of not letting go.

Cx World : i got stuck in a weird loop on acid once. I found out about the southpark episode where they predicted the episode getting censored or some shit so they censored something to foreshadow it or whatever, and i found it so interesting cause it had so many levels of censorship, so i started reading the wikipedia page to understand all the levels but my mind just couldnt understand all the levels of censorship at once and how they were connected, but it felt like i needed to know and since i couldnt it just made it even worse... i sat there reading a very small sized wiki page for 3 hours until my friend came into the room being like "wtf uve been here so long wat r u doin" i explained to him that i was amazed over this censorship thing and i couldnt let it go cause i didnt understand, thats when he told me "get the fuck up lets play some league" and the loop was over. if it wasnt for him id still be reading that page lmao.... actually let me go read it again now that i can actually understand.

I EAT ASS : It felt so good to push the downvote button.

DGK Waffly : I can't imagine the thought loops. I thought the loops on an eighth was bad

MyDynamit : i took a similar large dose with my friend. bruh i was scared to death, i somehow managed to get home 1,5h in, while on my way home i was trapped in loops, making the usually 15 min walk seem like 2 hours. i didnt want to speak nor hear anyone. i needed my space. i was searching for clues that im sane while thinking the whole time i overdid it so i got some kiond of brain damage. dude i was so terrified. im 2 mins in this video. i would have become aggressive af and punched him in the face. this doses are no fun guys. if you think it is try it for yourself before tripsitting someone on this level of shrooms. this is painful for the ppl who know whats going on...

MacKeeper : i just don't get why you would take a huge dose of a drug and then spend the entire time mentally fighting the effects of that drug. its like someone taking mdma and then spending the next 4 hours trying to calm themselves down and focus on a nice sober game of chess

fireman fireman : I watched the whole thing. I dont have a time stamp, but at some point in the video the tripper admits that he has not done any research. This surprises the sitters and the guy sitter says "you said you had read all the stuff" and the tripper said "nah, who reads that". Tripper was at fault. Sitters did what they thought was right and were probably a little worried, but the tripper put them in a shit situation because he had not really looked into it, so also had not given them any instructions for how to be with him or what to expect. Shit show.

Larry Fisherman : Do shrooms make ur heart rate increase? I used to smoke weed everyday for like 5years but like 3 months ago whenever I got high all I could focus on was how fast my heart was beating and I thought I was having a heart attack.

rebelchild : "am I alive?" "No, but if this was death it'd be kinda cool" "Heheheh no it wouldn't" Oof. Destiny gets it.

Joseph Martin : 2:21:20 CRINGE! Rektful - "can you film me?" Then gives bad look when they stop filming him... So creepy

H!DDEN!NTHERA!N/雨の中に隠され : I have a mild state of this naturally.. its called depersonalisation / derealisation and it wont go away.. and i have this hyperawareness thoughts so much that my brain is pretty exhausted... and my perception of reality is distorted since then and it actually got me start thinking about shit that no normal human normally would think about , means i lost my mind forever... i know why hes scared about that.... at the end of the day its all a brain thing and our body and mind live it out in what ever way it occurts... and also .. by all means , how can you figure out if your in reality while not being on drugs ? there is no way to get 100% certainty.. and your mind can dwell on this question etc naturally .. just not thaaat intense to a point where you repeat the same shiut over again but thought loops etc can occure also without drugs... and everything goes inward , survival bullshit mechanisms that completly take over

Luca : Reckful DESTROYED Steven's sanity in this debate

PieNinjaProductions : This shit gets crazier 30 minutes in.

* * : This vid made me hate reckfull

Andrija Stamenkovic : I like how nothing brought him back to reality but his hatred for Trump 1:48:11

Nessie Andrew : What what if if his his friend friend started started speaking speaking like like this this to to confuse confuse him him.

christiandiaz : You actually thought your mind was powerful enough to maintain a clear head space after a 10.5g dose... what a complete arrogant idiot. Now you're stuck with several months to years of HPPD from being so irresponsible. I have a friend who went insane permanently after irresponsibly taking a heroic dose. What pisses me off the most is that if you had succumbed to the psychedelic experience instead of fighting it, you could've had a profound and life changing trip.

Floskel : Imagine being one of these Destiny whiteknights, he got a bad trip because he went into it arrogantly taking a very heroic dose especially for a first timer, that's about it. Can't really blame the people around him.

Jay Jackson : Reckful is a joke lol. This is a tough watch for destiny's sake.

Dishonoredlover : I wish they were all just quiet and we could hear him form his own thoughts and sentences

Simon Eriksson : Reckful should not be around people who are tripping.

Dishonoredlover : 36:46 “am i back?” No. LMAO. Only laughing cuz iv been through this exactly

Xsef : It doesn't help the trip to only sit in one spot on a couch. It's definately better to just stand up, drink a glass of water even if you don't want to, go somewhere else, just refresh the setting. It also helps a lot having some interesting topics to talk about, instead of just focusing and talking about the bad part of the trip while it's happening

Pennio Cringe : Ned's Declassified Shroom survival guide

jeff jones : Wow, Shrooms definitley won this debate...

Tubleros : That's some reckless tripsitting from Reckful's part lol. That dog also knew something is up.

Hunter Bagby : I have so much i want to say about this video, and mostly about the commenters on this video.... but i've wasted enough time, watching this and typing draft comments.... I'm going to go live my life now. Destiny, glad to see you make it through without freaking out, I hope the insights you gained benefit your life. You are quite the intelectual ;). Don't get yourself hurt thinking too hard man!

koffinkat666 : Wow super shitty Trip sitters man......Holy shit!!! Don't let it ruin Shrooms for you. These experiences can ruin Drugs for a Person. You need an experienced person to shaman you through the experience.

Archer_1904 : who actually watched the whole video??

k den : 31:31 i swear dogs understand tripping better than humans

Don Turbio : So... to the "experts" what is even the point of doing this? he doesnt seem to be having fun.