cowboys of moo mesa intro

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Tex Corps : Nostalgia Critic brought me here

Darron Lugster : GRAND DAD

ISpitHotFiyaa : Cows riding horses. I want whatever drugs the writers of this show were on when they came up with this.

stephforthree : I was raised in China, and this is one the first American cartoons imported to China in the late 90s, along with Sonic the hedgehog and Carmen Sandiego. loved it!

z z z z : G R A N D D A D R A A D N D D N D A A R D A D D N A R G

mrHowlll : why are the horses regular when practically everything else is anthro?

1113stve : I'm not gonna lie, this is kinda badass...but I don't know why?

Fervidor : I don't even like country. Or cowboys. Or cows. Why can't I stop listening to this?

Marr : Nostalgia Critic brought me here!

psikopatadam : Cows riding horses. seems legit.

Gabriel : High quality video game music rips brought me here.

M.O. Orangutan : Grand Dads of Fleentstone Mesa


puppymolly123 : So we're all here because of NC I'm assuming?

Jeremy Smith : if you watched this you have also watched Biker mice from Mars

Xandoshi222 : uh, the recommended videos sent me here because it was the only one.

Minty Meeo : This is the invasion of the GiIvaSunner fanbase. Surrender now or prepare to fight.

FilmmakeroftheFuture : I like this better than Barnyard.  I can tell by the theme song that this parody has more heart.

Alden R. Davis : Like many cartoons during its time, the Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa dealt with a mutation of some kind. In this case, an irradiated comet struck in the late 19th century Western plains creating a miles high mesa shrouding in the clouds. Everything trapped on top of the mesa was "cow-metized" by the light from the "cow-met" and "evolved" into a "bovipomorphic" state. Inspired by the old tales of the Old West, this new bovine community developed to the point where they emulated that era's way of life, including the requisite ruffians and corrupt sheriffs. However, their knowledge of the Wild West living was limited, and as such, many things about their culture had to be improvised to "fill in the blanks". The concepts of steampunk and Weird West were utilized throughout its run. The series also focuses on trying to keep justice in the frontier territory. The lawbreakers were too much for the corrupt regulators of Cowtown (namely Mayor Oscar Bulloney and Sheriff Terrorbull) to handle by themselves. Helping them out, whether they wanted or not, were a group of peacekeepers known as the C.O.W.-Boys(the C.O.W. part is short for "Code Of the West"). Led by Marshal Moo Montana, the C.O.W. Boys also included the Dakota Dude and the Cowlorado Kid. Marshal Moo Montana and his two deputies had their hands full with various ruffians and outlaw gangs that plagued the otherwise peaceful town.  The show aired on ABC Saturday mornings from September 12, 1992 to December 4, 1993, and it lasted for only two seasons and 22 episodes. The series was also rebroadcast on Toon Disney from 1998 to 2001.

cole hardy : i loved this show.

Bargoth Dragon : Sentient bovines riding equines...??? In a parallel universe, they were known as the Pony Plugs of High Horse; where the horses were sentient and rode bovines.

ares god of war : This was one of my favorite cartoons back in the day


TheFirstMuffinMan : flintstones?

peasouper : rule 34 brought me here

fav cocaboycola : Best intro in 90s for cartoons its in the top memorable like gummie bears and chip n dale rescue rangers

Yoshi Yoestar : Ok GiIvasunner. Ok may-mays.

davendee1986 : First season theme song (LeeAnne Rhimes) Comet raised a Mesa to the western skies With the sound of a thousand cattle drives A chosen few would see the light and fight the wrong with right (chorus) up on the Mesa High above the clouds there's a world apart from all the rest On moo Mesa live the real Cowboys standing up for law and order and livin' by the code of the west! Cleaning' up the territory keeping evil on its toes Takes a different breed of riding roping brave heroes On moo Mesa living like real Cowboys standing up for law and order and Living by the codes of the west!!! (Whip cracks) YEe-hawwww on moo Mesa!

davendee1986 : Cowboy of moo Mesa here looks like we up to our noses in deep trouble how can we survive this disaster ull find out coming up next stay tuned cowpokes!

davendee1986 : Tv-y7 (CC) in surround sound where available

ares god of war : This was one of my favorite cartoons back in the day

McLeanHappy Gaming : This is not high quality game rip

Zavarious : Now that's an intro!

hikimi18 : Doug Walker brought me here.

asdf852asdf : Mother we must bake brownies

Cheyenne Wise : this was my fucking show! my dad and i watched it constantly! i was the only girl i knew who watched it tho..

TheStapleGunKid : As dumb as this show was, I gotta admit it had a great theme song.


Ghostwriter : Did anyone actually watch this show?

Dragonrider1227 : I remember this show. It was one of the most strangest concepts for a cartoon ever. And yet it some how kinda worked

Ecks DaRealone : now I feel old. I watched this as a kid

Yotoma Gaming : best anime

María José Cárcamo Arnábar : Funhaus and Rule34 brought me here.

PyroPancoon : I've talked about this show for years and couldn't remember the name of it!

DrakoDragonis : I have the weirdest boner right now >.=.<

Brandon Reina : I have one of the VHS tapes of the cartoon which had the Random House Home Video logo shown just before the intro started. The name of my VHS tape is Stolen on the River.

ofir beck : right now I'd kill for a glass of Mimosa

T.N. : In alternative 1800s... The deadly comet has fallen somewhere in USA and turned everyone into furries. What a crazy plot!

Renzo Leon : Love this show as a kid, I remember watching it back in 92. Even after a few months that it went off the air I kept checking to see if they came back on. Well in those days we didn't have Internet. Lol the Dakota dude was my favorite.

No Name? : damn it Funhaus