When Humans Were Prey

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SBBwasaight Vuong : Fun fact: Dr. Leakey who discovered the Habilis fossil was also the professor who urged Jane Goodall, Birute Galdikas, and Dian Fossey to study primates in the wild. They were jokingly called Leakey's Angels.

Wicked Wildlife : Video idea 💡 Can you do a video about the megafauna of Australia? I take native animals into schools and kindergartens and it’s amazing to me that the average Australian doesn’t know much about our own natural history We had all sorts of cool animals like giant kangaroos and 7 meter long goannas that no one seems to know about

Evariste Galois : Lvl 1 : Australopithecus Lvl 100 : Homo sapiens *_That's how evolution works_*

Persphonefallen : *Looks at my pet chickens with worry*

Ben Llama : Imagine getting picked off by a bird

A Bird Lover : birds, how dare you betray me like this

FragmentalStew : Giant hominid killing birds is a terrifying concept.

Sir Meow The Library Cat : 😳 The modern Harpy eagle is quite capable of carrying off a monkey. Increase the size of the bird you will have one powerful enough to attack a proto human being similar in size to the San or Herrero people of Namibia. We also know of large species of land birds, such as the now extinct Moa, that were deadly predators. Without the use of some form of weapon, few early hominids would have been unable to escape attacks from these deadly birds. Our ancestors were fortunate in possessing enough intelligence to devise means of surviving against great odds.

L R5 : humans still are prey. its rare, but things still eat humans.

AardvarkLord : All this makes me wonder what currently held beliefs we have about ancient humans right now will be considered silly a hundred years from now.

Oson Houston : Giant Eagle: "Omae wa mou shindeiru" Tong Child: "Nani?!?!" That's right I'm digging this fossil of a meme.

KeyWestGlenn : Africa is expert mode server. Playing in Asia and Europe is strictly for casual players.

Mac Mcskullface : You guys should do a video on the evolution of pigs

Yamen S. : Why is it a shocking fact? I don't get it. We were part of the natural system and the food pyramid... Yes, we escaped it now with our weird tech, but obviously we were not like that in the past, so... Why is that weird?

Jessica Renae : Australopithecus has entered the chat Giant Eagle has entered the chat Australopithecus has left the chat

Bastonikov Istah : The "killer ape theory" is hilarious. Oh, how our egos makes us biased!

LordPizzaJunkie : Isn't there a theory that dragons are our ultimate fear? They can fly (getting hunted by birds), they are long and reptilian (venomous snakes hidden by grass), they breathe fire (we conquered fire, but it was/is still a violent and distructive force, to which we have succum many times in history), and lastly they are intelligent, usually wiser then we are.

ofi123 : "Run, Hominin, Run!" And thus Hominin slowly evolved into the best long distance running species.

Big Papa O : Early hominids were just bipedal pizza rolls

Sara L : Couldn't imagine being carried off by a large bird. Eeeeeeek

Metalkatt : "Look what you did. You took a perfectly good ape and gave it anxiety." I wonder how much of such conditions today are maladaptive holdovers, considering that it wasn't that long ago, evolutionarily speaking, that the nervous buggers were the ones more able to spot and run away from the leopards.

FlawlessSin11 : I find it odd that it took decades to come to the conclusion that "yes, early man was hunted by apex predators"

WriteorDie : We're still prey in the wild if we lack our tools.

Sam Bell : Can you do an episode about the evolution of cats?

UndyingPwner : Who needs history class when you could just watch this

Swrve™ : Me: wow, 3am and I have an exam which grants me into uni in 6 hours. YouTube: When Humans were prey Me: yep, let’s check it out

Dimka Lie : Our ancestors were basically walking hot-dogs back then !

Brooklynn Hall : This reminds me of Oviraptor, and how we saw an animal spending its last moments trying to protect its eggs and were so sure that it was stealing them that we called it "egg thief". Not that paleontologists at the time were stupid for thinking that, especially since our perception of dinosaurs has changed so much so quickly. But it's interesting how we seem to have a tendency to come to the most violent conclusions first.

ghazt master : Do when dogs and cats were one.

Enthused Norseman : 2:04 - That's very interesting, because pretty much all I've read (I'm studying anthropology) seems to indicate that gathering far exceeds hunting as the primary source of caloric intake. Rather, the issue is that hunting is a "prestige activity" that require a greater extent of cooperation, and is done more rarely, takes longer and with greater pomp and circumstance. Basically, hunter-gatherer cultures tend to primarily live off gathered plants, but if you spend time with them and talk with them, they're more likely to talk at length and with passion about hunting and how great meat is. It's kind of the same reason why you'd want to talk with a friend about a great meal you had at a restaurant or a barbecue, and not the ham sandwiches or oatmeal cereal you eat every day.

Ryan Alexander Bloom : Humans are still prey. We generally stick together and carry weapons for safety, but if you’re out at dusk or dawn by yourself in isolated wilderness areas, there’s a decent chance you’re being hunted. Just in North America we have Bears, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Alligators, Crocodiles, and a couple stray Jaguars...a few things can easily drop a human. Go swimming much? Try sharks. The only reason we aren’t eaten more often is that we have killed off many of the predators, keep dogs around, travel in packs, live in fortified shelters... but you’d make a decent lunch for something any day of the week if you aren’t careful. Especially in the lesser populated western states.

Mac Dege : Sometimes you really don't understand just how much knowledge gets past you without anyone ever saying a word. Like to me, this quote was kind of a no duh statement. Like of course our ancestors were hunted until we got enough muscle and brain power to start taking out the apex predators of wherever we were living, it seemed a no-brainer that we would of course be prey. No one ever told me that it's just an assumption I had, and to think that people had other assumptions really speaks volumes to how people have evolved their thinking in such a short amount of time.

Moaz Shah : IMO fear, not pure aggression, is the cause of all the violence in our history which lines up with our evolutionary background

eleking gudon : Could you possibly do a video on the Extinct MegaFauna of Australia?

Archive Arranger : Video idea - Marsupials of North America. The spread of opossum is fascinating, and their travel patterns might be better understood by looking at extinct species.

Ram Jam : Of course humans were hunted. It is much rarer today because of our tech and protection but 25,000 years ago....oh boy

郭子嘉 : Can you do the evolution of avian intelligence? I always wonder why birds are so smart

22vx : i bet we taste like chicken

Nikolas De Moulin : early hominids would've almost certainly eaten meat. The myth of the herbivore man is a vegan creation if the 1990s. We have these early hominids like Australopithecus with early knives/rough hatchets, animal bones broken in a way that one would extract bone marrow in their dwellings etc.... Even to this day almost every great ape alive consumes meat, not just fruits and vegetation. Chimps hunt and kill, gorillas have been witnessed multiple times killing and eating other organisms etc.... most highly intelligent organisms consume meat. the caloric need for a large brain is quite high and meat is the only readily accessible food with extremely high caloric value along with very important fats, oils, minerals, vitamins etc... so just saying. trying to pretend early researchers were wrong by hypothesising that hunting drove intelligence is objectively false. most prey animals are very unintelligent and predators highly intelligent. the two behaviors and diet decide this. it doesn't take intelligence to run away from a predator. it takes speed, wide set vision, good hearing etc.... where as predators need to plan. Lions, wolves, tigers, raptors etc have all been witnessed regularly setting up elaborate plans to trap and kill prey. This is almost certainly what drove man. Killing a mammoth or Buffalo isn't as easy as run at it and throw spears. It's complex. you pick the weakest, most isolated, you plan to further isolate them, you plan to surround them or funnel them into a kill zone etc... prey doesn't need to do these calculations. prey just flees. run to the thicket like a deer, run up a tree, run in your burrow etc...

H K : “Humans being hunted” Don’ t hear that very often, it’s really fascinating how far we have come Can you please do a video on the spiders that had tails?

Erick : I guess that may explain nightmares, irrational fears, and perhaps modern anxiety and stress disorder.

Tareq AJ : And here I am depressed because my life “sucks” but seeing what our ancestors gone through I got a new appreciation for my life

Jéan Melton : We guys are awesome, I love paleontology because of you guys. Keep it up.

Joren Baplu : No wonder we like to wage war, we have been afraid of everything for most of our evolution and fear still rules to this day.

Jonatan D : Time to teach nature some respect.

Jeff McNally : Humans still are prey...the most dangerous game 😈

Wade Slovick : You guys should do a video on where certain groups of birds originated and how they spread.

Ludwig Grundberg : Scientists says that Homo sapiens during the hunt and gather age were maybe stronger than some modern Olympians. Please explore and do a video on that.

- Ѷαгιķ // : We are survivors, not killers

Jacob Gillispie : I have a 1:1 scale model taung child skull. Been waiting for this video.