Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson break character

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Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson momentarily break character in their live stage show, "Bottom Live."


mcpheonixx : Those guys were on fire. Out of character, yes. Off script, Yes. Who cares, that was comedy at it's finest. The crowd really got what what they paid for.

Irvine195 : This house will become a shrine! And punks and skins and Rastas will all gather round and all hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader! And all the grown-ups will say, "But why are the kids crying?" And the kids will say, "Haven't you heard? Rick is dead! The People's Poet is dead!" Rest in peace Rick Mayall. The People's Poet will be missed...

RomWatt : "Why did you leave Southampton ?" "Because I found the railway station !" I'm sold ! 😂

Steve Norm : shes got a tongue like an electric eel and she likes the taste of a mans tonsils

Bob Dobalina : These guys are side splitting. The end of an era.  Bottom got me thru a very very difficult youth and made me laugh. Thank you Rik for being the comic madman that you were and always will be. We will always miss and love you mate. Why was he taken so soon? 

MOLE : Unfortunately I’ve turned into Rik Mayall’s character 😱😨😰

Annemarie Fleming : How can 38 people NOT like this piece of genius ad lib? Brilliant! Their obvious rapport, both with one another and with their audience, is palpable!

El Burrito : Ah RIP Alan Rickman, RIP Rik Mayall

other tomperson : I miss Rik Mayall. And Alan Rickman. :(

Robert Spratt : Ode to Rik Mayall - by Rob Spratt I remember the 80's, when I was still in my teens when four crazy students ignited our screens. The show was The Young Ones. I simply adored it. So funny and different, like nothing before it. The stories were crazy, the characters insane, a collection of misfits who lived in my brain. There wasn't a playground, where the youth at the time, weren't doing impressions or reciting the lines. And like 'Cliff' before it, the key thing it did was shock all the parents and delight all the kids. The show was anarchic and it hit with such force, that it redefined humour and changed history's course. There was Vyvyan the punk who was completely insane, a violent psychotic, who had a girl's name. A loony tunes cartoon, always having fits, and whose solution to all was to smash it to bits. And then there was Neil, the one who dug graves. The peace-loving hippy, abused like a slave. He'd cook for them all - chickpeas or lentils, and he found it quite heavy in a house full of mentals. And what about Mike? So chilled, suave, yet so shady. He fancied himself as one for the ladies. He was always so cool, wearing shades was his norm, with his laid-back persona, he was the calm in the storm. And so on to Rik, who looked up to Mike. But Rik was the housemate that nobody liked. He was shallow and childlike, his tantrums unreal, always fighting with Vyv or else picking on Neil. Rik was deluded, and thought he was great,  but to everyone else was a figure of hate. The self-proclaimed poet, who 'spoke for the youth', but to say he spoke rubbish was nearer the truth. Oh how I loved the look on Rik's face when he thought he'd put someone back in their place. His hands on his hips, all Rigsby-style snorting, gaffawing; the self-satisfied smile. The others just scoffed at his pompous pretensions and ignored him whenever he demanded attention. Frustrated and angry, didn't know what to do, that was our Rik, the rebel with no clue. So, many years later, it's all in the past. Did they know at the time they'd made something to last? Something important, a stand-out by far, that would affect our culture and the way that we are? Thank you to Rik, Chris, Nigel and Ade for being the Young Ones and the parts that you played. To some it may seem that you were just being daft but no doubt in my mind, masters of your craft. And thank you to Lise and Ben and to Rik for writing what is, a true Brit classic. Of course they all went on to do far more besides But The Young Ones was really where they hit their stride. So, it's thirty years on, and out of the blue, the TV and web were alive with the news that something had happened, so sudden, so quick; the nation lost a hero, a hero called Rik. I never imagined the pain that I'd feel. The shock hit me hard, still can't believe that it's real. I don't know why, I can't explain, why I've cried so much since and felt so much pain. I guess I loved Rik more than I even knew. It's like a part of me has been snatched away, too. I keep watching re-runs of the things he was in, and keep thinking of Barbara and all of his kin. And when the kids ask why the adults are crying The adults will say "because inside we're dying" "Someone we loved, a man we adored, the 'people's poet', is sadly no more". But one thing's for certain, it's since become clear That Rik was a man that his country held dear. I feel happier knowing that, and it's now a safe bet; the noble Englishman, Rik, we will never forget. Rik, ask us again, "hands up who likes me" and watch millions go up, just so you can see you were always right, that you always knew just how much love would come back at you. Now you're standing wild-eyed at the gates of heaven, And they've heard the bad news has been turned up to eleven. "Flashheart's arrived!" and while mulling your fate God's voice booms, "Bastards! Open that gate!" RIP Rik Mayall 1958 - 2014

Kane Stanford : Rehersed or not, they have the audience under their total control. Awesome to watch

Soulsalivation : 2019. Still watching. Still hilarious.

hohohomum : "Bloody Hell! .... A line from the play!" OMFG LMFAO!

David Lumb : "Stop laughing, imagine you're watching Ben Elton or something,"....classic

The Phantom : This is brilliant. The only downside being that someone in the audience brought a squeaky toy in with them and stuck it in their arse pocket.

_idekanymore : So glad my parents let me watch these two growing up

Steven Hibbrt : Love the way Eddie gets a cheap pop

Emily Barker : There's nothing funnier than watching comedians laugh. This is beautiful, RIP Rik x

VainEldritch : Rik did much the same when I saw them doing Waiting For Godot at the Shaftsbury - he even gave us some "Rick" from the Young Ones. How he worked that into Beckett was something to see. Rik's death is a difficult one to take. Thanks for the laughs, mate!

Michael Davies : Brilliant. Not so `momentarily' braking character. It was more like a play within a play. 

toadstyle101 : I remember watching every episode of Bottom on New Years Eve 2001 on UK Gold. I was too young to go out & get pissed, but watching Bottom all night had me laughing so much that I might as well have been drunk. R.I.P. Rik Mayall

Robert Tolhurst : Stop Larfing! Imagine you're watching Ben Elton or something! ;)

writeract2 La Principessa Anne : Wow, wow, wow never seen anything like this by 2 actors in a play, but very funny & adrian is loose. Ric Mayall must have been a force of nature.

Jonathan Titterton : I loved Rik and Ade just like any true long standing comedy duo they always know how to set each other off.

Dave Speers : R.I.P Lord Flash heart you right B'stard another comedy great gone too soon

John Dinsky : Karl Pilkington took a date to Bottom Live...but he didn't see her again because she had a problem with her marrow.

Shannon McDonald : Rik laughing isn't scripted in... nor is the audiences reaction

Worldwide Ghosts : Haha, love these two! We miss you Rik but you're still very much in all our hearts.

gggfx : Two genuinely enjoyable people to watch; comedy which is fun, funny, vulnerable and emotional - so good

Andromeda : Really wish i got a chance to see them live looked such a ball to be at one of their shows. have always been a big fan of Rik an Ade from the moment i first saw them. they are the sort of people if id see on something it would perk me up straight away!! such shame we will never see them together again! Unique talents!!! R.I.P Rik <3

Sids60sSounds : The irony of Eddie's line at 5:15. RIP RIK

John white : Rick and Aide loved each other you can see their pure joy even when they mess up. fabulous to watch..

Kranku : RIP Rik Mayall, absolute comedy genius. 

EnglishTurbines : I was lucky to see them live, Rik was taken too soon, epic duo....pure genius.

My Playtime : Seen this MASTERS OF COMEDY live each time they came to Nottingham, It's such a shame we lost Rik Mayall. I'll never ever get bored of watching anything with these pair do 🤣😁🤣😁🤣

Ashynz : Even if this was staged afterwards  I'll give them credit that it happened initially by accident...also so wonderful watching them together, they bounce off each other so effortlessly.  <3 Them both.

Gerald Frankel : That's the biggest load of bollocks I've ever heard, done in the best possible taste......

Ed Coward : I saw Bottom live in Bristol. Didn't stop laughing.. and yes, they went out of character plenty of times. The best EVER.

Arthur Pewtey : What a joy it must have been, to get paid a lot of money to do something you clearly love, making everyone in sight double up laughing. I'm not often envious, but what those two had together was very clearly more than a bit special. Wonderful stuff. RIP Rik.

keffenos : saw this show in Woking theatre and they ad lib for half an hour or more at different points of the show- got out well late but one of the best nights out, crying with laughter

pragmatist : It's funny seeing the younger members of the audience laughing when Ade mentions Reg Varney. They more than likely wouldn't have had a clue who he was talking about.

chikitabowow : If you ever break character, THIS is the way to do it! Genius!

phlOgistOn : Don't think I'd seen this in over a decade, laughed like a fool with a tear running down my cheek. RIP Rik

Natalie52 : I'd say that was a bit more than 'momentarily'! There's no one as good as this now

Amanda L : Only true comedians can mess up and still split the audiences sides! <3 This was a good vid! r.i.p Rik Mayall.

Noneofyou Business : Do they really break character, or have they gone meta ...

Mark Beggs : Watched these in Liverpool in the late 90's ...absolute legends of comedy. The world is a bit less funny without the incredible Rik Mayall. 4:31 kills me every time.

EXEJON : It looked like Rik was about to Drop Dead there.

Spotlightgopz : Thank you both, for all the side splitting laughter.