How to Prep Cold Brew Coffee
TIL Laura Prepon has a youtube channel and is so Lo Fi

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Jesus Christ : Thank you Laura.

skippygirl959 : Guys she is her own person, she's not Alex Vause. She's here trying to do her own thing and show us her personality and everyone is just commenting stuff about OITNB. Its super inconsiderate.

Beatrice Thüller : I love how environment friendly you are. This makes me happy bc shows me you’re not only beautiful, an amazing actress and cook but an amazing human being

Ashlie Neevel : Just here to see if anyone made a "Preppin with Prepon" comment

BALISTICxSHANK : You should try freezing cold brew coffee ice cubes so your coffee doesn’t water down! I do this all the time ☺️

Megan Freeman : I love coffee but I have a sensitive digestive system.I didn't know cold brew was so much less acidic, I'm going to have to try this out. Looking forward to more videos! - Megan

Shirley Zman : Love your cold brew method... but instead of throwing out the coffee grounds you can add them to your flower beds, garden or just compost them!

KAT V. NYC : Laura don't toss the granules you can make them into a body/foot scrub or face mask.that's what I do

adriane pulliam : Me: 7 whole min on cold brew? Also me: Damn this video is already over?

4themotherload : I like her - but he Scientology thing bothers me, I don't care at the end of the day and please don't get mad at me for this statement. I wish her and her family all the best!

ChristianBolt : Great video, I’m gonna have to try it! Like the idea of low acidity.

Igniel : Remember when Alex Vause talks about original coffee bean in Season 6? Here's what happen after she is released from prison.

Kass Gal : *Aww look how happy she is while cooking. This is cute and inspiring*

Aya M : Laura Prepon: "I drink alot of coffee" everyone else on the planet: "Same"

Catherine A. : ''I know it's not a lot, and we still have to find a way to grind them, but this is real coffee. Not that instant shit from commissary.'' 🧡

Bailey McManus : I love that you're making youtube videos. It's so nice to see you as Laura and not you playing a character. Don't get me wrong though I do love all the characters you've played. Keep making videos girl!

kris b : Can't get over the fact that she's a cult scientologist. Gives me the creeps.

D S : YES i need this. I struggle with hot coffee and i like cold drinks. I will get this!

Alex Papasozomenos : I love how simple your place looks. Nothing extravagant, no flashing or flexing.

SD. : So this is what its come to aye? Youtube videos...

oldies geek : 16 to 18 hour work days... That's brutal. Work, sleep, repeat.

Yaya Shug : Any idea on water/sugar measurements for simple syrup?

jessica lee : I loved it I made it so it’s taste really good thank you very much I’m into healthy life Style whey of life and I’m happy to find your channel and to subscribe to it can’t wait for the next video thank you

Glen Hefner : Someone send this woman a decent grinder. That blade grinder nonsense is as dead as L. Ron Hubbard. 😂😂😂

Danielle : You should show us how to make a healthy version of a pumpkin spice latte!! 😍

Jordan Juarez : I just watched black hair Donna make coffe for like 7 minutes .... should I stop drinking or keep drinking !?

Helen xo : *PLEASE* share some of your favourite vegan recipes with us!💖🌱

Krissy W : Can you do a tutorial on “how to life” because I’m failing at that right now k thanks luv you

Tabitha Sparklebright : Look at Laura, prepon her cold brew.....badum ssst I'll make my own way out lol 🤣

carlacoleman87 : I love watching your videos! I’m a Mum of four from the United Kingdom and your tips and tricks are amazing. Thank you for sharing x

Lexi Tessman : Ooooo some coconut cream in that would be to DIE for 😍💖

Mondo A : I'm wanna prep somehing and it ain't cold brew coffee 😘

`Grimmzy : Title should say: *"Donna and her many ways to cold brew."*

Drew Lewis : I personally use left over coffee grounds to create herb / flowers. Just use 80% grounds to 20% real soil. Always worked great in our family.

Margarita Galvanized : That caramel you make is just a happy accident.

George Clinton : Did I miss something or did you just say you drink an entire ½lb bag worth of coffee beans made into cold brew every day? For that much water I use maybe ¼ that amount of grounds steeping for 16 to 24 hours and it's got so much caffeine if I have more than 2 cups I start to feel like there's too much blood in my body =/

vanish Loyal : Holy crap u have a channel. I was just watching new episodes: Orange 🍊 is the new black . Weird 😂😂

Suzy Whitten : Laura, will you share the name of the coffee beans you mention? They sound so good !!

Kass Gal : *Lauraaa I saw you in my dreams last night and we talked haha. I wish it was true*

Prabhakar Maity : Wait a minute. She is Donna

Kyles Damon : Laura can you please share your kale secrets; salad, drinks snacks.. thanks so much! 😊

andiandi21 : She is a person i would be so happy to have coffee with, she has this calm assuring power in her presence. Nice!

Alejandra Vergara : I don't speak English and I don't understand anything but I love you ❤

Flowerdoodle2 : She also calls this her “Scientology Juice”!

Harlice Laver : I would like to see the almond milk been made love it

MrsIdiocy : the reason why I love tuesday :)

Brian Johnson : Thanks. I just tried Starbucks cold brew and then saw your video. Very helpful.

Allyson Wonderlandd : Obsessed!! I love this. I’m definitely going to start having coffee this way!! 😍

DuckyDae X : Definitely gonna try this, but I think I’ll do a trial run with vanilla extract, just because I have a serious sweet tooth.