How Teen Titans Adapted The Judas Contract

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Core Ideas : Thank you everyone for all your positive comments and constructive feedback! Some have asked me for the track listings and I wanted to list them here for an easy search. Enjoy! (In chronological order) 1. What Planet Is This - Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie) 2. September - Peter & The Test Tube Babies 3. Sleepy House Over Yonder (No More Heroes 2) 4. Shoujo no Fuan - Yoshida Kiyoshi (Girl Who Leapt Through Time) 5. Burden From The Past - Kohei Tanaka (G Gundam) 6. An Oath With A Smile - Kohei Tanaka (G Gundam)

Lowart : Amazing work! What a fantastic video. It's clear that you really poured yourself into this. I hope that this really takes off.

UltimateKyuubiFox : Your editing in this video is the kind of thing usually reserved for Batman: The Animated Series. There’s so much respect for this show and genuine craftsmanship on your part, I can envision showing literally anyone this and having them feel like it was a worthwhile watch. Great work, man. A sobering yet understated look at an under-appreciated adaptation.

Miketastic : "That's not me... I'm not a hero, I'm not out to save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied." Damn that's some good writing.

Daryl Talks Games : This honestly made me feel so much better about the end of Teen Titans. When I watched the first time I was very young and just wanted more. It felt like an abrupt end. But this gave me a new perspective to look at it from. Tremendous job man, genuinely enjoyed it!

Propane Kid : Damn. I just realized something. When Raven says “you treated us like dirt”. DIRT was the thing Terra ALWAYS manipulated. She used her friends the same way she used the earth. Just a tool.... idk if that was intentional from the writers but that lines definitely more powerful to me now.

Melissa D : To conclude, Teen Titans Slade is the best Slade.

CheesecakeLasagna : Even in hindsight, this is actually one of the *top 10 anime betrayals.*

candied scroll Chara : “I’m just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven’t studied.” Mood.

Elijio Ledesma : “Mental issues do not excuse bad actions” wow my first video of you and already you’re hella good at explaining ....literally that one sentence should be said to the world with all these “mental issues” as an excuse for criminals to avoid jail

Gavin YoungMann : The terra arc physically hurt me as a kid T-T

VinylPonScratch : From a girl who played Hero, to one that fell and eventually became one, Teras arc was really a sad one. I remember her episodes the most and her episodes always stuck with me because she was a well written character

Trent Bowie : I hated the comics version of the story, mostly because Slade's manipulation & grooming of Terra was casually swept under the rug. He'd been trying to kill the Titans for 4 years and decided to use a teenage girl to do his job. I appreciated how the 2003 acknowledged this and punished Slade for his crimes.

WhiteRaven696 : I firmly believe the cartoon did it better than the comic. Terra and Raven are my favorite Titans because of the show.

Golden Kingdom : Opening line: *"Teen Titans was a pretty weird show"* Me: *"Your intro is a pretty weird show"*

Nocturne22 : The cartoon did it better. Terra wasn't the obnoxious, unlikable, yet bland character with very little personal stakes like in the comics. They made sure she had a personal connection to all the Titans, and gave her a clear motivation: to gain control and stop being afraid of herself. We get to see how she goes off the rails, and they wisely left out the sex stuff with Slade. She was treated as an actual teenage girl, and her powers The only thing I wished the cartoon would have done was actually have her go on missions with the Titans, to further drive home her betrayal. It felt awkward how after she joins, she seems to be deliberately left out of the story until her betrayal.

Decaf [Invidia] : I find it strange that more people aren't discussing the fact that Young justice is actually just Teen Titans updated to the current DC universe...

WHO DAT Bob : Man, Ron Perlman is to Slade as Mark Hamill is to the Joker. Dude did an amazing job as Slade.

Ronaldson Joseph : Your videos are too high quality for this many views

theRedhood24 : Holy shit this so sad, I haven’t even seen this show but I’m about to bawl right now. You sir are criminally underrated.

Meeandersons2 : Um, my fair sir, Trouble in Tokyo is NOT about Starfire. It seems more about Robin with Starfire 2nd in priority.

inplane : There's something I always found charming about Terra. Whether it's her character design or character development, there's always a bittersweet vibe she gives off. Her character is fun to watch as she creatively manipulates the Earth to save people, but deep down we know that isn't the truth. She's broken, lonely, and imperfect in every way possible. That makes me appreciate her good side so much more.

Ben Rhodes : I love how everyone in that school at the end just walk past beast boy and none are fazed

Rohith Prasad : And then you have "teen titans go"

Santi Ocampos : Great video! Now i'm going to cry in the bathroom

David Ocampo : I had a crush on Terra.

Anna Bella : I think the cartoon version of Terra worked a lot better, mostly because Terra wasn’t built around being a ‘what a twist’ villain for the sake of it. Sure in later comics they gave Terra a decent reason behind how she behaved, but her purpose was to be the opposite of characters like Kitty Pride and that was the problem.

Alexey Chubarov : I never understood comic fans who hate the animated series. From what they said I had such a picture. They destroyed the character, making a deeper, ambiguous and realistic person from the almost caricature villain-psychopath? What kind of nonsense? I certainly understand what Wolfman wanted to achieve. He wanted to show how some people can deceive and use others. And this is good, especially for the development of characters. And for its time it was really something innovative, but it does not cancel the fact that now it just does not work.

TheStewieOne : You know what hurt is that Teen Titans was a great show had everything going for it and I love the show, then it got canned and when I found out that they show was getting renew I was happy because I want to see what happen to the Titans. I wanted to see how the new relationship between Robin and Starfire worked out. I wanted if Terra comes back again. I want to see so many great things that could have been fleshed out. But NO!!! We get ttg. A show that throws everything in the face of the fans and even makes fun of them because of it. The thing that hurts the most is that we are most likely is going to see Teen Titans come back. But here's why it hurts and it makes me sick to my stomach. The shows is being brought back thought the teen titans go movie. In some kind of way it taints the original series, the characters, the stories and the fans by having it brought back through that movie ending.

Black Fire 56 : I guess you can she tried to do good but was terable at it

liizzset : Wow. Just wow. This was an amazing and heartfelt video. It made me appreciate even more the reason that I am glad that I watched the Teen Titans 2003. Thank you. Hope many successful days for your channel. Just gained a new subscriber.

Zed Miller : so beast boy went to a high school with no problems from the children there

Shadowheartmk : This really hit me in the feels. People are always confused when I tell them she is my favorite super hero, because I can relate to her so much but I can't explain it. This is the best video I have seen of Terra. It really choked me up.

Legendary Eya : Actually, in the comics terra is a sociopath not a psychopath, there's a big difference.

europanzer : Beautifully narrated and executed video. It still hurts to see such a great series desecrated and twisted into the most recent iteration. But back on track, fantastic video. Keep up the good work!

Chris Ludwig : Considering how subpar the original comic arc was, it's amazing that it has become so central in the retelling of Teen Titans. Literally after every reboot we get it. Often multiple times per reboot. Darkest Night? Better shoe horn this plot again. Teen Titans the animated series made it work the best. All the credit to them. Still, it would be best if future creators just let it go. Try something new. It wasn't even a particularly well written arc to begin with.

Pablo Gutierrez : My dude, Tara was my favorite character as I felt growing up she was HIGHLY relatable with. I love how there is a touch of poignancy in the editing, man! I am feeling this to the core

LHudson : A wonderful video and a wonderful return to form. Welcome back, brother :)

jirodyne : This shows both a character you rarely ever see. A semi main character, not just some lowly side character, go through an amazing story arch, and it wasn't for good, or evil. But for the character themselves. This also shows how badass Slade is. That unlike most other villains was both strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. And that he stayed strong, and wasn't beaten by a Deus Ex 'Friendship' or 'Good Guys Always Win' power, not grows weaker or stupid as the show goes on. He's just as good and powerful at the end of the show, as when he started. He was never boosted, or nerfed, to fit the story. Instead the story fit HIM.

Dunkleosteus : You pronounce "louse" as if it sounds like "loose". It rhymes with "mouse" and is the singular of "lice". It's the origin of the word "lousy".

E123OmegaShow : You made such a fantastic video. Terra is my favorite character of the show, and I love both her good and evil side. It just shows how human she is, and how we all make mistakes. Also the scene where Beast Boy tells her it was all HER choice is awesome. Yes she was manipulated, but like you said in the video, it was her insecurities that made her go with Slade. And "Things Change" seems like an ending to her story, but at the same time its like an open door. I really hope we can see her one more time in season 6, so she can say sorry to the Titans

Fought a Pidgeon : As a kid, I hated Terra and how she made me feel. She was dangerous and I couldn't tell what she was thinking and I still really don't like her.

Catnium : TT + avatar .... best western animations in the last 20 years

Toon Link : 4 year olds today are obsessed with paw patrol. Yet my cousin, on the other hand, was 4 years old and a HUGE fan of teen titans. He would go trick or treating as Robin and it was like, the best time of his life. Even with our huge age gap (him being 4 and me being 9) we were both the best of friends who enjoyed the same TV shows, video games, and anime. Maybe not all preschoolers were like my cousin, but I think our generation (90's and 00's) was very special.

Megan 101 : And that’s the reason why Terra is one of my most favorite cartoons characters ever 😊

rednekdashie : Damn, really well made video. Personally Terra was one of the best characters. A really good example of how flawed characters are often the most relatable/entertaining to watch. Those flaws make them feel much more real and tangible.

Danielle 'Smith' : So what's your opinion on taking something that was one way (a remorseless villain) and turning it into something completely different? (a sympathetic character)

Meeshell ART : It's great seeing all the Teen Titan love and attention at the moment.

The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association : Killed it my guy

MVQlech_67 : Hated how they did this arc. In the comics its all about Beast Boy growing up. His parent were killed, his adopted parents neglect him. A girl takes advantage of his need for love and affection and betrays him. Gar is in denial and builds monuments to her until he finally accepts he deserves better and was in a toxic relationship with a psychopath. This just makes the arc about Terra instead of Gar and ships them together instead of Gar moving past her.