Aubrey Plaza is really WEIRD and...AWKWARD. I love it!

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Salty Facts : 8:50 is my favorite part. Which is yours??

The Nothing Man : Holy shit this woman does not age... she actually might not be a witch.

The Retro World : She's the best person alive

Shake Dat : 6:45 is *by far* the best part

Neil Aspinall : As much as I like Aubrey I believe she is constantly putting on a persona, I do not believe this is the real her?

J S : She is actually April ludgate

Diyana Diaja : She is like a real life jade from victorious

David Saintloth : She's having so much fun trolling the clown show that is Hollywood.

Desertphile : She is a genius. I wonder if she is autistic.

Test Vision : Crazy Chicks are the best lol

SuperAtheist : "I went to an all girls private catholic high school" That explains a lot. .

Diyana Diaja : I'm oddly attracted to her 😍😍😍

Sázhe M. Epifanne : I feel like I have something in common with her. The language center of my brain is damaged. I know how it feels.

Crystal Kelela : Idk why but she reminds me of Kourtney K. Lol

My96XJ : She's big on PornHub

Madelyne : "I like your white shirt, it's so unique" HAHA, LMAO she's so funny

Xavier Ancarno : 4:52 summoning dark forces

Alberto aka Turtleman : I'm crushing on her beautiful eyes. I'm attracted to her because of her weirdness.

RootedHat : She has them psycho eyes

Sam Crow : So she is nuts , yet oddly attractive for it...

Francis Walcott : The intelligent mans hot chick !!!

Morgan Lemons : Weird.....and awkward? *Relatable*

Rick Feith : Shes a weirdo...I can't tell when she is serious. At least she is a dumplin.

NAG HAMMADI : She's like a female Andy koffman

funkEfresh : Howie : Your'e - going - to-Hollywood!!! Aubrey: ????😲????

ErikTheRed : She is genius.

Kassutsu : She has "expressive aphasia" from her stroke. That's why she talks and is like that.

funkyunclenardi : One of the funniest and most authentically moody people anywhere... not just show biz... anywhere anytime. That ain’t an act. Hilarious

schlagboy : I'm weird...please pay attention to me.

Brittany Kozak : idk if it's just me, but i feel like shes trying too hard to be weird and "funny"

Chris L : The bit she is doing @10:13 is so damn funny! I could literally watch that for hours.

Jim H : either this chick has got everyone fooled , or she is straight up mentally ill . A stroke will do this too .

AJ Labbe : MK Ultra victim

Baron Saturday : She reminds me of Cat Power.

Frank Beats : she reminds me of Gina from 99

Momonja : I got a new crush now.

funkEfresh : "I followed my principle home in a box"

Ali good : A form of autism and she is bomb covering up

Ryan O'Cerous : Yea, she's weird and a freak, but a good actress and probably amazing in bed. She's a true beauty and a mindless actress, what can we say?

Zephr Schillman : "I'd like to thank the devil" ... 4:58 is a shot of Harvey Weinstein.

Ja Z : 6:59, perfect delivery. LMAO

Floyd R. Turbo : I thought Hillary already had the twitter handle "Evilhag".

Red Menace : This comedy was edgy and cool in the 90s, kinda corny now.

Juris Fabium : She's 100% authentic natural-born deliciously frigging crazy! How to not automatically love her?

Philalethes : Eric Andre's new wife?

Devbo Slice : She is crazy hot. Emphasis on crazy. My kind of girl

Adriana Kuzmikova : she is sick in her head...

Peter Piper : She has no chesticles.

Mike Arroyo : Proof beauty will get you anything.

Jeffrey Schneider : She's socially awkward and should be in a short term psych facility before she really hurts someone