Aubrey Plaza is really WEIRD and...AWKWARD. I love it!

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TheCaliMack : How does she keep a straight face with these one-liners?

Bengo : I would love to have that girl as my friend or a partner,so weird,open minded,nice and beautiful

John Benni : She's not weird or awkward in the slightest its called dry humour i love dry humour its kinda hard to pull off

Scotty Strehlow : "I like your white shirt. It's so unique." LOST IT

Karisma King : The most weirdly attractive woman ive ever seen..

Abby Chiazzaro : "This is the best day of my life, I'm killing myself tomorrow". lmfao

Zareli Noise : She's not "weird and awkward", she's just a comedian that specializes on sarcasm and deadpan jokes.

TheStepmonkey : It´s like she never delivers the joke correctly so that makes it way more funny 😂😂

TheFreshestLyrics : If she was an ugly man everyone would call it creepy..

sadiebaby : nah she just has great humor (:

Ryo : LOL Aubrey Plaza for lead in a live action Daria movie, who's with me?

'ismael masiosare : 4:51 when she thanked the devil and all the dark lords

isthis myrealname : shes the type of girl that does it on purpose to get a rise. but shes actually funny

Dave Howson : She's the female version of Ryan Reynolds!

soshi stars : *Shes the real life JADE from victorious but less aggressive lol*

C F : April did a really great job playing this “Aubrey” character.

anderson : If she doesnt have some sort of mild autism, nobody has.

iiris alexandra : she is so damn weird and I love it

radioattax : "I followed my principal home in a box..." I'm sensing a strong MGS energy from this.

Hannah Margaret : this is why we love her

violetgirl1996 : Actually, even if she was a boy, I think she would be loved just the same. Jesse eisenberg kinda has the sarcastic "awkward" humour and people love him. There are no double standards for this, idk why people gotta be so negative.

The Lost History Channel TKTC : So cool, she rocks!! Great Compilation :)

Mirania : I think most people are weird, they just hold back their true selves in public, it takes a confident person to be able to be themselves and not care what others think.

May Zombie : People only think it's cute because she's famous. I'm sick and tired of people praising celebrities that are weird but weird every day people get made fun of even though they're just being themselves.

Morgan Lemons : Weird.....and awkward? *Relatable*

Nameless Ghost : I love Mila Kunis.

Singh Anmol preet : I dont know about many Hollywood actors but she seems like a nice character.

matma01 : Weird? She sounds like a sarcastic comedian to me. Nothing special or unspecial. Thanks

Lovey Chann : She's not weird, she's literally being who she is. Maybe she realises she was meant to stand out, not fit in or fit your criteria of "normal" no, one is the same.. She's not awkward just, because she is who she. Everyone is different..

The Nothing Man : Holy shit this woman does not age... she actually might not be a witch.

Joe P : So many penises lol

Dis One : she's just stoned a lot lol

Oceanside S : I felt bad for him on 8:42

Bob Bly : I love Aubrey Plaza -- her acting is great and her comic timing impeccable.

dionne : she kinda looks like stephanie beatriz

Bazzralic : She behaves like a creepy stalker. I'd report her if she liked me on Okcupid

OzzyOscy : *_Crazy eyes give me an erection._*

Büsra : „Thanks, this is the best Day of my life - I‘m killing myself tomorrow“ 😂

tommy d u b b s : She basically takes a standard female sarcastic stand up comedy act and pretends to be it all the time

Shiny Heart : Yeah we are all awkward sometimes. Thank God we are not filmed being awkward this many times!!!

maya heart : She is wired....but she is interesting lol😂😂

Alice Cuddles : She's so freaking hot

Agustín Martinez : 10:35 Robert Downey Jr is that you?

Devbo Slice : She is crazy hot. Emphasis on crazy. My kind of girl

JOSHUA Montoya : She's either really funny or really cringy. Depending on her audience. She's one of a kind

Fede de Ugarriza : Bitch is screaming for attention

Katt Schmidt : She’s so hot to me

bigbad bear : Omg...she lived as April ludgate in P&R....😱😱

Diyana Diaja : She is like a real life jade from victorious