Aubrey Plaza is really WEIRD and...AWKWARD. I love it!

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TheCaliMack : How does she keep a straight face with these one-liners?

Dark Fire : Shes pretty and her weirdness strangely makes her more attractive.

Singh Anmol preet : I dont know about many Hollywood actors but she seems like a nice character. Edit: holy cow, why have so many people liked my comment 😱???

Andrea Naquin : When you realize she's not acting in her role as April

OzzyOscy : *_Crazy eyes are so hot._*

Karisma King : The most weirdly attractive woman ive ever seen..

Maverick Sabinada : She reminds me of phoebe buffay's personality and sense of humor from friends.

Guja Jangirashvili : I am still trying to figure out if she is for real or just acting

Juan10 : I think her and rami malek would be an awesome pairing for some reason

Lloyd Nix : Can we replace Amy Schumer with her please, not even a joke , Remove Amy, replace her with Aubrey.

sadiebaby : nah she just has great humor (:

wet egg : she's like a grown up tina from bob's burgers

Ishaan Walia : Nah fam... That's just higher level humor we cant understand right now

Disha Jedhiya : This is literally me when I'm high.. tf

sneha katharpi : 'Why do you sound like my daughter?' I died 😂😂😂😂

soshi stars : *Shes the real life JADE from victorious but less aggressive lol*

Tailynn : Sometimes her eyes look like they bout to pop out of her cute lil peanut head, and other times they got their seat belt on

Zane Salamah : Its like she was one audition away from doing porn

Delmeaux Knows : The African American man with the same name was Drake

Alex Denton : So she followed her principal in a box in a lot more than once. XD Also, the boyfriend must have freaked out when she kept saying she was 16 XD

Hannah Margaret : this is why we love her

Ryoof A : She is a real life Brooklyn nine-nine Rosa😂😂😂😂💜

Jesse Brown : every female currently under the age of 25

Andree Kashyap : *I* *wanna* *thank* *the* *devil* *and* *all* *the* *dark* *lord* !!!😂😂😂 That's going to be my speech from now on when ever I'm on stage !!

mac & cheese : the only chick in this world that can make awkward look so sexy

The Nothing Man : Holy shit this woman does not age... she actually might not be a witch.

Hannah Parsons : I love how weird she is

Chris Wilson : She would be the perfect Raven.

Moos P. : Until I saw this I had no clue she existed and after watching this I have no clue what she does (most likely movie star), but no I know for sure, that she is really WEIRD and...AWKWARD. I love it!

jessamone chamberlin : Thanks! This is the best day of my life, I'm killing myself tomorrow!

Bengo : I would love to have that girl as my friend or a partner,so weird,open minded,nice and beautiful

Fuck off Young orange : Who tf lives in Delaware

Moviestuff : she's weird because illuminati messed her brain up

Judas : Just let the woman thank the devil. I thought it was 2018?

bougie water : me but skinnier

Annabelle Grace : Lol this makes me happy because I have the same humor and most people just laugh from discomfort and i like that she still maintains her humor and personality even though I know how annoying it is when people don’t get it and pretend they do so they uncomfortably laugh.

Alice Cuddles : She's so freaking hot

Dimitri : Shes super attractive, but I'm......not....sure......why....

AE : can't take the Cringe at 2:53

Eddie Galon : it's all an act. It's her gimmick. She comes from an improve background.

Abby Chiazzaro : "This is the best day of my life, I'm killing myself tomorrow". lmfao

Michaela Huff : She’s an older version of Wednesday Addams

Drew ॐ : Don’t ever take her mic 🎤 from her hands EVER AGAIN!! 😌

jason henry : I love people like her. Just being yourself all the time to me is 1 of the healthiest things ever.

coacoapuff : she’s going through major anxiety, idk how u ppl can’t see this. In most o these scenes she looks uncomfortable asf, other times she’s just weird (n Ik im kinda contradicting myself)

tommy d u b b s : She basically takes a standard female sarcastic stand up comedy act and pretends to be it all the time

Son of a BITCH ! ! : "Yes. It's Aubrey Plaza. I was named after a parking lot where someone had flipped the letter "d" around to look like a "b" on the sign." 🤷

MX304 : I love her delivery. Funny as hell.

Green Light Transport : Weird, awkward, and amazing legs.