Aubrey Plaza is really WEIRD and...AWKWARD. I love it!

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TheCaliMack : How does she keep a straight face with these one-liners?

BakaStryx : the perfect woman doesnt exi—

K Syntax : She's literally a professional troll without trying

Ryan Tvedt : It's called deadpan comedy. Where you appear to show no expression, and are extremely sarcastic much of the time.

Marty Nicole : If jade from victorious was real

Karisma King : The most weirdly attractive woman ive ever seen..

Andrew T : I can't shake the feeling that this chick is an absolute psychopath in the bedroom

Pass auf du : Look Amy Schumer, THIS is comedy timing.

Jenny D : She has really nice legs

AxelBitz : She's been off her meds since forever

HENRY THE RC CAR : She lives a Troll life 🤔

Fotosynthesis858 : Aubrey is like the super hot gothic chick from high school that all the jocks had crushes on but they were to ashamed to admit it in fear of being teased by their stupid jock homies because she isn't a cheerleader! I LOVE HER!!!

Jesse Brown : Her yelling at Michael Cera has got to be one of the best things I've ever seen.

Jeromah : only just realised the guy with the same name as her is *Drake*

Grumpy Munchkins Comedy & Gaming : I can't tell if it's all an act, or if she's really a carefree, narcissistic schizo...

lupe Lopez : She would make the perfect Raven for Teen Titans 😮

Skelter : I want her to ride my face like a stolen horse.

Jeremy Baker : She’s as crazy as she is hot

Quest Physics : She is the crazy borderline personality hypersexual girlfreind that loves bomb you; takes you to heaven and then slams you down to earth leaving you in a emotional hell you can't escape from. All you healthy guys run and run fast. Trust me it won't end well.

Alpha Kara : She is mad sexy and deliberately awkward. Fabulous. This is what makes her stand out. She knows it.

jorge gaitan : She had a stroke back in 2004 and ended up having expressive asphasia or Broca's asphasia. I wonder if her awkwardness has anything to do with this, I can tell some of it is acting but I can't tell if this may have been a way for her to cope with this🤨

bobo caterpillar : she doesn't turn her head towards the host... she just jacks her eyes waaaaaayyyyyy over, that's creepy!

Kuryux : Wait, in which movie was she masturbating again? I mean, a friend of mine asked....

Odis Clemons : Yo I would marry the hell out of her except I think she would get bored with me after a day or 2 and sneak out the window or something. But not at night or anything, I think she would do it late afternoon when I'm coming home from work. Just so its awkward

sadiebaby : nah she just has great humor (:

Damon Kelly : Im so attracted to her.....I dont know why...

Knocmout ! : The real Wednesday in real Life from the Adams Family.

YoseiHito : Imagine her and Eric andre being together, that marriage gonna be something

Tahlia Trudgett : This is me in every social interaction holy shit

Josh Calvert : She really just went off on Michael Cera XD

sinkiy : She is so amazing in legion. Utterly weird and she plays that part so damn good.

Gerin X : I find her to be tiresome after a while. Just the same dry reactions and awkwardness over and over again. Her character on parks and recreation was endearing and sweet, though.

That guy mitch : I’ve always wanted to date someone more awkward than me, so I could feel so much better about myself.

Martin Chuzzlewit : That's autism.

soshi stars : *Shes the real life JADE from victorious but less aggressive lol*

Zachary Wright : She is so perfect lol! Just the greatest!

kenchun24 : Aubrey always looked like a young Allison Janney to me, they should do a mom & daughter movie together, I will call it... "Crazy Mom & Crazy Daughter Too: Electric Boogaloo"

2JOHNNYT : 4:52 “Eating the flesh of innocents” 😂😜😂 I can see Aubrey has had dinner with Kevin Spacey Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton! 👹🔥👶🏻🍽🤮

Tyrell Hooks : Legs for days 😍

kittenclaws : She was gonna kill Michael Cera. So close. *snaps fingers*

SmokingSpoon : So Mike Myers was right in Wayne's World?

Real Talker 101 : What an absolutely PERFECT example of *Pretty Girl Privilege*

Joe Masters : Were Aubrey Plaza & Eric Andre separated at birth? XD

pascal schacher : She possesd by demons and can't handle her contract with the ilumimati and satan.

VHB Engines : "Masturbate like it says in the script." Lolololol

Andy Appleton : This girl strikes me as aspie. Not a bad thing.

Henry Thillet : I love this woman so much. Her dead pan delivery to some of the jokes she to freaking killed me.

A T : She is adorable and a comedian!

Ryan O'Cerous : Yea, actresses and actors are often weird, what makes them good is taking direction. She's all kinds of hot but a weirdo, for sure.