WHY I LOVE THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN: The Magic Of Cinematic Storytelling

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MA Juve : This new channel will be great :) I wish you good luck and - most important - great success :)

Bodhi Joe Hendriks : Props on taking the big step!

Cody Ross : Congratulations on the new channel. When I first saw this video previously on Breaking Banter (yes I will be re-watching the "I Love" videos that I've seen already as they're uploaded to this new channel - because why not) it really made me appreciate this film so much more, when I first saw it when I was younger I always used to think that it was a weaker film as it didn't have Voldemort or any kind of "big bad villain" in it. However not long after this video was originally uploaded maybe a couple of weeks, The Prisoner Of Azkaban was playing on TV not doing anything I sat down and watched it and actually realized how right you were and how wrong I was all those years ago I think that's in part of me not knowing about the process of film making at the time.The camera work alone amazed me as you mentioned it is so well done and overall it was just a well made film in general. I really like this series and shall continue to watch it, seriously great job.

Lester Chiua : I’d been a fan of breaking banther for its very good insights about movies. I admire you for having a conviction and for being true to what you wanna share to us with this new channel. Good luck!

MC TalkingFilms : Hyped for the new videos, this type of content is my favourite on breaking banter

Holy Toast : Very excited for this channel! Love your vids! :)

Mridul Chhibber : Really excited for the new channel

Jose G : Let's go! Good luck and I have no doubt this channel will grow. The I Love series is spectacular!

A Certain Potato : Bro you slayed this video! I'm in! *Subbed*

Caleb C : Congrats on this next step! I'm sure this channel will become something great one day.

Gregor Valentovic : wow man, honestly. Finally I found someone who appreciates POA as much as I do. Great analysis!

Connor Nyhan : I half agree with the costumes. He may have had the kids dress themselves (and looking more realistic in costume) but he’s also the one that started the trend of making characters raised in the wizarding world wear muggle clothing.

Hanniffy Dinn : I watched this again last week, as it was shown again on ITV. I really enjoyed it, and definitely my fave Harry Potter film, but this time I was watching it trying to figure out WHY I enjoyed it. Looking at every scene and flow of the story. My conclusion was I fucking love time travel, werewolves and soul sucking dementors....plus the director knows how to direct a film.

Julia Hellkvist : So good! I’m so excited for this channel. This is also my favorite Harry Potter film by far.

Connor Nyhan : This video is fantastic. Subscribed.

Jquan2020 : Subbed, love both ur channels, and am watching all ur videos on this channel, I love the Harry Potter films so much, thnx for posting this! 😃

Rahul Kumar Ojha : This man grinds harder than Batfleck at the gym.

Francisco Lepe : Good to have you back! I can't wait for the new material!

C_Davie97 : And thus a new media empire was forged.

Guess I'll die then : Good luck guys, great idea and great series.

Josh Allan : Really enjoyed this video! Definitely gave me a greater appreciation for this film. Love your two channels, keep up the great content! :)

Jay : Great vid, excited. Also good thing this is the only HP movie ive seen int he past 3 years

Fan Raging Films : I love the feel of this video! You do a great job when talking about story as a whole. Excited for your next videos.

DerSammler : Very good Video. "The Prisoner of Azakaban" is still my favourite HP-Movie and this video shows exactly why. Thanks!

Amelia Jones : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMvr5o_1dYQ

Mikey Lax : i completely agree with every point you make in this video, but Michael Gambon ruins this movie. he single-handedly makes this movie very difficult to watch for me. nearly everything else about this movie is exceptional, but goddam... Gambon was awful in this one.

Shane Scott : I love this new channel so much

Micah Sayler : 1) I love the channel name (**cough, cringe, hack**) 2) I can’t wait for Breaking Banter to hit a break through and become known as the ground-breaking reviewing channel that it is (kill me) 3) I wish you guys all the luck in the world! Love your content and banter!

Rick Grimes : hi

BowieZ : Awww am I wrong or did you not mention John Williams' music at all?

saba birkadze : <3