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Lauren Elizabeth : This is what you see at he gates of hell

Toi Ware : thanks i hate it

Ryan Ray : Just a reminder, furby eyes face forward. They are therefore an apex predator.

TheLovingMadman : This man has enslaved, dissected, spliced and wired a group of little techno demons to where we can make a song from their tortured screams. Thank you💜

Someone Important : *Just imagine walking in a room and seeing this.*

WusGoodTJ : this is horrifying

Cryo Phobica : This is a hellish congress of pain that thousands of years of technological advancements led up to in a harmonising, hair raising symphony. Humans were born for nothing and we die easily forgotten and this is your mark on our fresh hell, this plastic meat organ of mire and mirth your only footprint

Just A Glass Of Milk : Yes, finally, a machine that lets me hear the screams of agony at the press of a button

Isaac Westawski : "Wouldnt look out of place in your grandmas living room"

PieceOfTrash. : Each furby was sitting on their shelves napping, playing with children, or excitedly waiting to meet someone new to make friends with. One furby had been waiting to be bought for a long time now, and today was the day he thought he would make a new friend. The human took the furby home with a smile on his face and set him down to look at some notes. The human departed a few days later and the furby had not spoken with the human very much at all. The human had come back shortly with a new, female furby and sat her right down next to the first one. The first furby enjoyed talking to to her and she enjoyed talking to him. Every so often the human would come back with a new friend. There were many furbies around the human's den in little groups. They would play, sleep, chat, and have fun. The human approached a furby and took it to a separate room. This happened quite often until the first furby had gotten so curious he asked to go with the human. The human agreed with a cheeky smile and walked into the room. The furby was terrified. The whole room was horrific. The disassembled musical instrument was creepy enough, but there was more. Fur was laying everywhere in chunks of every color imaginable. There were skins laying on tables. Shrieks of suffering occasionally occured, but the human showed no signs of interest whatsoever. Then he saw something unimaginable. The top shelf was lined with the skinless beings that couldn't have possibly have been furbies, could they? Wires stuck out of them and screws were beside each one. Most of them had lifeless stares into nothingness. The human laughed and locked the furby in a small birdcage. He watched as the human performed a sort of surgery on one of them that still had fur. A knife ran through the back of it and it screamed as the human pulled off the skin. The human unscrewed the back and took out its battery and it suddenly stopped and looked like all of the others. Tears ran down the furby's eyes. It couldn't believe what was happening. The human approached the birdcage and took it out. The furby trembled in fear. All the human really did was force it to wear a quite professional looking outfit. Each furby was placed on the musical instrument and made a sound when the human pushed a certain button made of white. The furby was carried over to the organ and sat down as the human made songs with the furby shrieks, screams, and yelps of torture, pain, and despair. They all still looked lifeless as they stared across the room. The furby never questioned anything ever again.

Daniela Reyes : This is what’s waiting for all of you at the gates of hell

Mann of Dober : Oh god its a corpse piano. Thoroughly horrifying.

Just A Glass Of Milk : This guy sounds like he’s trying to discreetly show off his new torture device

Furby Dee-Kah : 600 years later historitians will explain this video

George Beard : i want a version of Bohemian Rhapsody played on that thing!

glowworm2 : I am both impressed and terrified at the same time!

Jacob Ryan : You sir spent 7 years asking if you could but not one moment asking if you should. Mankind will look back on this as the day the world changed forever. Bravo

Artonimus C : So THIS is what British rock star singers with wicked hair do in their spare time after their retirement

Orange Pixel Studios : One word. Fire Hazard

Dins Navarro : So it finally has come... the days humans brought our nightmares to reality.

Cyranek : this is the content that I want to see on youtube

darrell m : I am suddenly overcome with a great epiphany that I am no longer a guitarist, for now my destiny is to be a player of one of these melodious mayhem makers, a “Furborganist”!!!! Btw, what is it called?? A Furbischord, a Flurbinet, or a Minifuurb??? This is by far the MOST AWESOME DIY musical instrument and the most creatively entertaining YT channel that I’ve seen in years!!! GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doom2508 : Was there ever a moment where you stopped and just thought "why?" during this?

EggSalad 5000 : This is the music they play in hell on loop while you're tortured

Deo : sounds like the portal turrets.

JPiXeL : they’re all in pain save them

James Williams : Me: I'm gonna get a full night's sleep! Me at 12:00 A.M:

Aidan Gargasz : Love the Gremlin reference on the back

Zomby : Can't help but feel this will be the reason our robot overlords will enslave mankind.

Kevin Sukdolak : Mad scientist

mrcomp : Ah yes, thousand years of technological advances has led to this point.

Fungi 331 : what the hell did i just stumble upon?

Jay K : I just took the biggest inhale of excitement and confusion when I saw the thumbnail for this in my recommendeds ^×^ (edit) Wasn't disappointed! Except when the drum beat kicked in - it made me feel really sad for the furbies.. Think it's cus of watching too many things like Westworld, Humans and Ghost In The Shell. With that in mind - I hope you're treating them well 😩

Nathan Rivera-Melo : If a dude played a live set and out came the furby organ for one of the songs it would be an unforgettable show. No doubt.

sean thorton : Furby was cool for like two weeks, twenty years ago.

grav3yardgirl : omg someone more obsessed with furbies than me! :D lol i need one of these!

inocent bistanderd : You know its four am when you have this playing over tri paloski while doing fortnight dances and considering suicide

Bob Bobbertson : This level of disgusting is just what I love!

Granola Granola : Chaotic good

Satanic DevilMan : *slowly removes glasses* ....dear god.....

Kate Chamomile : Truly a harbinger of the apocalypse. Horrifying. Goodbye, friends.

Crispy Memez : I don't know wth to do after this

amazing furby girl : Whoever tired this probably summoned a demon into their house.

Idiotica Maskimus : Perfect for horror-themed music, games or just about anything that should cause a trauma.

Stupid Studios : That was so beautiful yet so terrifying

Johnnie Guilbert : This is scary but beautiful

TeaRoses : Part of me wants them to “sing” the Duloc welcome song in Shrek

KiwiSausage Films : That's not vegan

TheDeemoNexus : I've always loved furrbies! This was a treat to watch!!!

Subscribe Or big gay : This is what Einstein listened to before writing the bible