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Cyranek : this is the content that I want to see on youtube

JPiXeL : they’re all in pain save them

Emma Fallon Films : Please play africa by toto on this I'm begging you

Forgetful Hatter : I'd love to hear more songs played on that delightful nightmare machine. :)

Matthew May : This man has enslaved, dissected, spliced and wired a group of little techno demons to where we can make a song from their tortured screams. Thank you💜

mrcomp : Ah yes, thousand years of technological advances has led to this point.

nefarious : 1987: "in 30 years time we'll have flying cars!" 2018:

TheNN : Well! I'm certainly glad you're using free-range, homegrown Furbies. If not, I would have a serious problem with this device. Continue.

TheDarkVoxel : The song sounds kinda sad, with its mechanical undertones and the images of the Furbies staring lifelessly...I just can’t explain why. (Also, you had me at “Collective Awakening” lmao)

Arseniy Movshev : Most people leave can leave their piano on at night without worrying it will murder them

glowworm2 : I am both impressed and terrified at the same time!

Cheyenne Rose : This is a horror movie I haven't seen yet

Katers1343 : When your mum threatens to throw your junk in the bin because you "don't use them anymore"

1974UTuber : HOLY HELL SPAWN MAN.... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? You have awakened a beast that was never meant to be awakened, grouped together in a hive mind and coneccted to a potentially permanent power source. You have created the Furby Borg Organ. Furby Skynet..... I hope you keep that thing locked in a basement with 6 foot thick concrete walls and a 4 foot thick steel door.

Cryo Phobica : This is a hellish congress of pain that thousands of years of technological advancements led up to in a harmonising, hair raising symphony. Humans were born for nothing and we die easily forgotten, this is your mark on our fresh hell, this plastic meat organ of mire and mirth your only footprint

WusGoodTJ : this is horrifying

JaywasablindPirate : this is the disney villain that I want.

Potato Zech : Shall we invade the humans yet? Let's check on their technology. *THEY HAVE FAR SINCE SURPASSED US*

Someone Important : *Just imagine walking in a room and seeing this.*

Isaac Westawski : "Wouldnt look out of place in your grandmas living room"

Daniela Reyes : This is what’s waiting for all of you at the gates of hell

Ryan Ray : Just a reminder, furby eyes face forward. They are therefore an apex predator.

Potato Patato : A horrific monument of nightmares. Well played.

Michael Hana : lol the "collective awakening" button

jaydee152515 : i honestly just want to see some horror music tracks recreated with this, that would be terrfying

Jessica Walton : this is sorcery and im not sure anyone should be doing this with their life but it's also the thing the internet didn't know it needed

just dont : What was the song he was playing? It sounds familiar.

Artonimus C : So THIS is what British rock star singers with wicked hair do in their spare time after their retirement

Adelina Diaz : The perfect video doesn't exis-

grav3yardgirl : omg someone more obsessed with furbies than me! :D lol i need one of these!

Indy : But this Furbie goes to 11....

Just A Glass Of Milk : Yes, finally, a machine that lets me hear the screams of agony at the press of a button

EndMendFriend : good lord it's like the cat piano but with furbys

Mann of Dober : Oh god its a corpse piano. Thoroughly horrifying.

Kate Chamomile : Truly a harbinger of the apocalypse. Horrifying. Goodbye, friends.

Deo : sounds like the portal turrets.

Marinda Music : What is video kind of makes me feel bad for throwing my Furby out of a three-story attic window, but this is freaking awesome never the less.

Just A Glass Of Milk : This guy sounds like he’s trying to discreetly show off his new torture device

darrell m : I am suddenly overcome with a great epiphany that I am no longer a guitarist, for now my destiny is to be a player of one of these melodious mayhem makers, a “Furborganist”!!!! Btw, what is it called?? A Furbischord, a Flurbinet, or a Minifuurb??? This is by far the MOST AWESOME DIY musical instrument and the most creatively entertaining YT channel that I’ve seen in years!!! GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roly : Well I am going to have nightmares tonight

Simography! : 1:26 the madness starts

Dins Navarro : So it finally has come... the days humans brought our nightmares to reality.

Jacob Ryan : You sir spent 7 years asking if you could but not one moment asking if you should. Mankind will look back on this as the day the world changed forever. Bravo

Mr_ BeatMaker : You crazy) Respect from Russia)

Artzie Music : Nightmare fuel, mine is still in my room, starring at me...

Lauren Elizabeth : This is what you see at he gates of hell

Zomby : Can't help but feel this will be the reason our robot overlords will enslave mankind.

Fungi 331 : what the hell did i just stumble upon?

That One Arcader : 3.2K Furbies disliked this video.

Hydraulic Press Channel : Really great machine and video! everything just makes sense somehow! I think this deserves at least billion views!