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Lauren Elizabeth : This is what you see at he gates of hell

Erik Bakker : "Let's flick the collective awakening switch" *famous last words*

PieceOfTrash : Each furby was sitting on their shelves napping, playing with children, or excitedly waiting to meet someone new to make friends with. One furby had been waiting to be bought for a long time now, and today was the day he thought he would make a new friend. The human took the furby home with a smile on his face and set him down to look at some notes. The human departed a few days later and the furby had not spoken with the human very much at all. The human had come back shortly with a new, female furby and sat her right down next to the first one. The first furby enjoyed talking to to her and she enjoyed talking to him. Every so often the human would come back with a new friend. There were many furbies around the human's den in little groups. They would play, sleep, chat, and have fun. The human approached a furby and took it to a separate room. This happened quite often until the first furby had gotten so curious he asked to go with the human. The human agreed with a cheeky smile and walked into the room. The furby was terrified. The whole room was horrific. The disassembled musical instrument was creepy enough, but there was more. Fur was laying everywhere in chunks of every color imaginable. There were skins laying on tables. Shrieks of suffering occasionally occured, but the human showed no signs of interest whatsoever. Then he saw something unimaginable. The top shelf was lined with the skinless beings that couldn't have possibly have been furbies, could they? Wires stuck out of them and screws were beside each one. Most of them had lifeless stares into nothingness. The human laughed and locked the furby in a small birdcage. He watched as the human performed a sort of surgery on one of them that still had fur. A knife ran through the back of it and it screamed as the human pulled off the skin. The human unscrewed the back and took out its battery and it suddenly stopped and looked like all of the others. Tears ran down the furby's eyes. It couldn't believe what was happening. The human approached the birdcage and took it out. The furby trembled in fear. All the human really did was force it to wear a quite professional looking outfit. Each furby was placed on the musical instrument and made a sound when the human pushed a certain button made of white. The furby was carried over to the organ and sat down as the human made songs with the furby shrieks, screams, and yelps of torture, pain, and despair. They all still looked lifeless as they stared across the room. The furby never questioned anything ever again.

Scoot : is it bad that 1. i dont find furbies horrifying 2. this actually doesnt sound half bad

aguy654 : .... Are you a mad scientist? Because this is somewhere between Frankenstien and the scientist from the intro of Robot Chicken levels of madness and I love it.

Toi Ware : thanks i hate it

KiwiSausage Films : That's not vegan

Alien King : I want something like that at my wedding

TeaRoses : Part of me wants them to “sing” the Duloc welcome song in Shrek

StoryBirdArtist : Just imagine this playing in his basement with no one there

glowworm2 : I am both impressed and terrified at the same time!

Angel animatez : Whoever tired this probably summoned a demon into their house.


BlairBear : Oh splendid, I was wondering when Satan was going to drop a new single

Satanic DevilMan : *slowly removes glasses* ....dear god.....

JPiXeL : they’re all in pain save them

Love Life : That is the coolest yet most screwed up thing I’ve ever seen in my life

Adrian Fluffbutt : **slowly slides all my sprite cranberry to chest* n o

David Tehle : this is actually an amazing piece of music that could have only been realized thru the furby organ. Is there anywhere you can download that track I want to play it on christmas

vivianne : anyone else watching this in 2019?

grav3yardgirl : omg someone more obsessed with furbies than me! :D lol i need one of these!

Daniel Geer : Please play Mad World, by Gary Jules.

Jay K : I just took the biggest inhale of excitement and confusion when I saw the thumbnail for this in my recommendeds ^×^ (edit) Wasn't disappointed! Except when the drum beat kicked in - it made me feel really sad for the furbies.. Think it's cus of watching too many things like Westworld, Humans and Ghost In The Shell. With that in mind - I hope you're treating them well 😩

Corey Iba : You engineering genius

inocent bistanderd : You know its four am when you have this playing over tri paloski while doing fortnight dances and considering suicide

Cyranek : this is the content that I want to see on youtube

Micha Tadema : It's like the cat piano but whit furbies

once posting : a premier on how hell sounds like

Mister Mystic : Beautifully sinister..

Giggle Cake : This reminds me of the Orgão Orgânico from Undivided but with Furbies instead of hundreds of teenage human faces.

WusGoodTJ : this is horrifying

The1pokemaster1 : This is the song I'm gonna be hearing in hell... Like if you agree

Sparraw : I was thinking of something else when I read the first 3 words. Something horrible

ZoM-BoY BrAiNz : Dear god...

Matthew : This is what hell sounds like

mrcomp : Ah yes, thousand years of technological advances has led to this point.

David Watkins : Ffs, get a life. That was truly awful.

Lauren Triplett : i only watch quality content

Legend_PlayZ YT : Like si vienes del hormiguero

N. oort : One of the most original things I've seen in a long time. Awesomely done.

Daniela Reyes : This is what’s waiting for all of you at the gates of hell

Andonexus the Gamer Changeling : Has science gone too far? *looks at the Furby Organ* NOT QUITE THERE FOLKS! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

gazle : Everyone else : this is scary Me:OMG I LOVE IT HAHAHAHAHA My furbys ( three ) :OMG hes inslaved my friends!!!

Noche * : Me parece increíble lo que hace el chico, creo que le llevaría mi sintetizador para que le agregue más sonidos.

jhx97 : well, now we know who's gonna be the first victim of the robot apocalypse...

TheHashSlingingSlasher : pls play at my funeral

TheDeemoNexus : I've always loved furrbies! This was a treat to watch!!!

frost : God has abondened us long ago. There is no good left in human kind. Only the furbies and hell remain..... for they are one and the same...

Hello There : Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about a haunted organ, but really, THIS IS AMAZING, I REALLY MEAN IT

Birds Rule : I heard that they are now using this in hell