The Time I Nearly Ejaculated While Performing a Play
The Time I Nearly Ejaculated While Performing a Play

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This is the greatest play of All Time


AllingJester 7 : Ejaculation from mental stimulation alone seems more like a curse than a blessing

Zan Daughtry : Best part is that this isn't demonitized or age restricted LMFAO

The Danger : Ah yes the famous hamlet character P diddy

Sigmatic : Charlie I mean no disrespect but between this and your scene in The Hunger Games you have nearly caused global catastrophe in any production you've taken part in.

weave : I just vividly imagine him just *slappin it around* like a fish

zenzualb : The thumbnail to this video looks like you nearly ejaculated telling this story

ligma2 : Why is your outlet so high? It's the only thing I could think of the entire video.

Residual Whiteness : This is how storytime you tubers should be

ketchup 12 : This has to be the most inspiring lesson i've ever heard

AmazingRayquaza 97 : “I almost ejaculated during a play.” Next video: *I TRIED TO SUCK MY-*

TheBrandit125 : Jimmy Neutron B R A I N B L A S T .

Burger Deluxe : *Jesus Christ* has entered the server

Not today. : Hey mom, look! No hands!

Dan : One of the better superhero origin stories

Sej Sidhu : Polonius is now my favorite Hamlet character thanks Cr1tikal

Rubis : *"Baby gravy"*

Scott Clam : Still taller than Memeulous

Chica Chu : That title was wild from start to finish

Lickspittle : He can ejaculate through looking at pictures A blessing and a curse

Hannah E. K. : Shakespeare was looking down with pride

Thomas Houghton : This video popped up in my sub box and i thought Charlie finally got a goddamn hair cut

Elliott Sacks : do you own one shirt charlie

Jeremiah Williams : “It was like a jimmy neutron brain blast” *GOTTA BLAST*

alexnotsnowden _ : The Time I Nearly Ejaculated From Seeing Cr1TiKal

Super Vegito : "Alright, let's water down this stiffie"

ᑕOOᒪ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ ᗩᑎIᗰᗩTIOᑎᔕ : He is weirdly to normal about talking of this but he’s got some truth

Michael Ortega : If Penguinz0 says it, then it’s true

Brandon Harrelson : Not the point of the story but knowing Charlie is also 5'6 makes me feel better about being 5'6 lol.

1-800-DDAENG : Roses are red, My grandma's hair is gray, *I nearly ejaculated during a school play*

ᴛʜᴇ Qᴜᴇꜱᴛɪᴏɴ : How would you have done with this? In high school our marching band went on trips for competition. We used the bus to change. The one bus. There were enough kids that you were sharing the space of a single bus seat with another while getting un/dressed. Think about it. Girls who I always wondered what they looked like without clothes on? Yeah, we sometimes changed in the same seat together. Like, I went from wondering about that to *literally* carrying on a conversation with a girl while my nose was in her cleavage, or helping her wiggle into pants, or girls sitting across my lap to make space to pull on their shoes. Big deal for a high school boy. I won't lie; I planned my seating and the positioning of my stuff so I was sometimes right where I wanted to be. You'd have made a mess, dude. (The weirdest thing about this practice was, there was never any discussion of doing it a different way, like in shifts or something. Parked in the lot, you could even see into buses from other schools full of undressing girls right at the windows—flag squads, etc. And there was also never a Big Talk from the director about how to behave or anything. I don't remember any "incidents" either.)

Gewel ✔ : "I tried different techniques like slapping it around or something" Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

RezKue! : That thumbnail is essentially the face of a man who has accomplished everything and regretted nothing.

Akram Alkamha : "slapping it around" lmao I can only imagine.

Kingchris195 : I didn't know that was possible damn The closest I've got to this is this time I was searching for porn for a later fap and found some godly porn and almost came just by watching it. Oh and I was sharing a matress with someone else, we both had sleeping bags but still

Steak : “God banned me from ejaculating”

MemexYT : 2:43-3:07 I’m f*cking Dying! 😂😂😂

Arkane Shnadow : DOCTORS *HATE* HIM!!!! THIS MAN CAN EJACULATE WITHOUT HANDS! Swallow this pill and you will be god.

ZON3 PLAGUE : Imagine looking at anything that arouses you and being instantly able to *NUT*

Vinnie Martin : OH GOD, HIS SUBSCRIBERS HAVE SIMILAR LEVEL OF HUMOR HAHAHAHAHAHA Definetely One Of The Funniest Comment Sections, I Laughed At This

Nicholas Brewer : The way he said “And I got hard as a fukin rock” had me dying

Yeeric : r/confusedboners

Supreme Duck : I love how the thumbnail is just him smiling

Carmiel12 : cr1tikal is h0t

watchvideo/ Justus for mumky jones : Well a nice talk today is it not And age restrictid

Mello : **Sees Title** You too?

ava k : A tried and true story of chivalry I'll pass onto my kids.

Luke Fle : I don't remember that part in hamlet when the guy jizzed and died

RoboBlox TM : No One: Youtube Algorithm: *"The Time I Nearly Ejaculated While Performing a Play"*

Jxshs : How tf can u just casually be funny AF and use so many good references