The Time I Nearly Ejaculated While Performing a Play

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Sol Anima Network : Why does he look so proud of himself in the thumbnail?

rielitty : _S L A P P I N G I T A R O U N D_

MOMENTO_21 : This gave me a boner

StillNoPickles : To focus ones intelligence to such an extreme as to ejaculate hands free is peak masculinity gamer God status

RezKue! : That thumbnail is essentially the face of a man who has accomplished everything and regretted nothing.

Meme Insider : *USING THE POWER OF MY I N T E L L E C T.*

Supreme Duck : I love how the thumbnail is just him smiling

Ada Hazard : Okay but when is Charlie’s stand up act debuting

Ram Kitten : If I told my parents that I wanted to miss the school because *I had to cum* they would probably just pass out from confusion.

The_Alpha_Unleashed : when i was 12 i didnt know about beating my meat. i was wondering why i felt the way i did and i didnt like it, to the point i couldnt even have the sheets on me at night because the pressure of fabric on the thing was too great for me to not buss anut. after about 3 months of this i finally wanked when taking a leak. 7 years later, i havent gone a day without beating it. glad you all were here to listen to my impactful story, good day.

Gavin : Were you performing the Nut-cracker

Tilted Tamberoni : you're not a moist man if you can't nut in your pants without spanking the monkey.

tonnot98 : jerk it you must relief when you lust a true jedi warrior knows when to bust

Saucehat : 1:39 "i thought god banned me from ejaculating". What? Did he say "ur mormon?"

Mike Jakob : 0:17 tierzoo has converted charlie

Chica Chu : That title was wild from start to finish

pip_xd : "You might be in the middle of a school play, and all of the sudden your spitting out baby gravy into your costume, and trying not to cry in front of the whole class." Words of wisdom from charlie here folks.

Brandon Pocklington : Charlie. I could rub your shaft with my inner anus. You have the greatest sense of humor to even be conceived

CardboardKing : Someone actually jacks off at school, or is that just a short guy thing?

Wat : Didn’t even know is was possible to cum without physically stimulating it. Very intriguing.

Michael Ortega : If Penguinz0 says it, then it’s true

Peridoxペリドクス : Me: I want to stay home so I can ejaculate. Parents: ... Me: oh that’s right, I don’t have parents.

Josh fappington : I’ve been watching charlies videos since 2011 and can’t believe he STILL has stories this wild to tell

Shijou : im naked. while watching this. showering. cool

Mercedez Estrada : "look; just don't edge for like nine hours" good advice, but how many will take it?

The Derp Chaos : “Do you have a sword in your pants?” - William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet

Justin Solferino : Amazing advice from charlie

Spruce Sagredo : Is this the origin story of Captain Condom

HℹFiVE™ Animation : _I W A N T E D T O S E E S O M E V A G I N I E_

Ludmil : If Charlie never became a youtuber he could've been the next Salvador Dalí

TheApoke : You forgot to put "(NOT CLICKBAIT)" in the title.

Mind Øf Jedi : *baby gravy*

andy dai : Roses are red This is the way...

DJ Dank : The Time I Nearly Ejaculated While Watching Charlie’s Vids

ajacent gd : It's better than hearing about somebody's teacher raping them with a toothbrush

Richard Dakazo : If thou feel thou must jacketh thine meat, then thou truely must jacketh thine meat and to not do so shall be a sin.

AlumanimFoilCreator : I'm 5'1 do you want to commit seppuku together?

MissLux : But....edging 😏

Not Miyavi : His smile is so wholesome in the thumbnail ❤

Exu : The thumbnail looks like you want to nut right now

Smiley the Smile : An extremely touching story. Where everyone touched each other and everyone left satisfied.

xcreeseseater38 : Edge for 9 hours LMAO

Gabriel : The Time I Nearly Ejaculated When I Saw The Thumbnail

ASD 8848 : Category:Gaming

ZombY Fuqer : Welp I’m stealing this story and retelling it becuz I know the only other way I could tell it the same way is if I had your monotones voice speaking in my ear while I tell the story

Luminite : Wait. You can mentally stimulate yourself. Where do I gain this power?

Funnyboi123 : 4:24 “Just don’t edge for 9 hours. Just get it done and... pee productive.” I just found my senior quote. Thank you, Charlie

Benjamin Brady : “O, my offence is rank. It smells to heaven. It hath the primal curse”

ketchup 12 : This has to be the most inspiring lesson i've ever heard

Benjamin Brady : Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t