The Time I Nearly Ejaculated While Performing a Play

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Sol Anima Network : Why does he look so proud of himself in the thumbnail?

HℹFiVE™ Animation : _I W A N T E D T O S E E S O M E V A G I N I E_

tonnot98 : jerk it you must relief when you lust a true jedi warrior knows when to bust

Nirvana NeverDies : in 7th grade i cummed on a girls toes on accident... We were study buddies and good friends, i was obsessed with her cute feet, and on this particularly day she had flipflops on and i always went commando... We were sitting next to each other, desk to desk in class, i blew an uncontrollable load threw the side of my shorts and 2 small squirts landed on her toes on her right foot... She said nothing, like she didn't notice, she didn't even wipe it off, she just looked at me and was waiting for me to answer a question... Its not easy controlling your ejaculations at that age... And if Sara ever reads this, sorry, but, it was inevitable.

PearMint Squid : weird flex but ok

Meme Insider : *USING THE POWER OF MY I N T E L L E C T.*

Wat : Didn’t even know is was possible to cum without physically stimulating it. Very intriguing.

G4W Gaming : At the beginning of this No Nut November I had this plan where I'd edge once every night and finally release at midnight of December 1st. By the morning of the 7th I was just casually needing to take a piss and what came out was a thirty second stream of thick cum. I went to Urgent Care and it turns out I had a urinary tract infection and semen buildup in my blader. I know I'm weak, don't do what I did in hopes of preforming the biggest ever cumshot...

Josh fappington : I’ve been watching charlies videos since 2011 and can’t believe he STILL has stories this wild to tell

TheWarriorWraith : The greatest thing about this video is that if you zip to any time of the video it says something horrible no matter what

Gavin : Were you performing the Nut-cracker

AlumanimFoilCreator : I'm 5'1 do you want to commit seppuku together?

Toxic SpikezZ : you just 'slapped it around' and 'cummed with the power of imagination', *epic*

DJ Dank : The Time I Nearly Ejaculated While Watching Charlie’s Vids

zenzualb : The thumbnail to this video looks like you nearly ejaculated telling this story

Michael Ortega : If Penguinz0 says it, then it’s true

uraveragecupof tea : It's better than hearing about somebody's teacher raping them with a toothbrush

Not today. : Hey mom, look! No hands!

ketchup 12 : This has to be the most inspiring lesson i've ever heard

Mara Goetz : *i couldn't skip school that day to ejaculate*

Chica Chu : That title was wild from start to finish

ligma2 : Why is your outlet so high? It's the only thing I could think of the entire video.

Tiago Afonso : i swear, this guy either has 50 white shirts or never changes

Jesus Adorno : So you can cum by having a dirty thought? lmao, with great power comes with great responsibility

Not Miyavi : His smile is so wholesome in the thumbnail ❤

The Derp Chaos : “Do you have a sword in your pants?” - William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet

Burger Deluxe : *Jesus Christ* has entered the server

Sej Sidhu : Polonius is now my favorite Hamlet character thanks Cr1tikal

Gabriel : The Time I Nearly Ejaculated When I Saw The Thumbnail

Zedbags jr : *B A B Y G R A V Y*

TheApoke : You forgot to put "(NOT CLICKBAIT)" in the title.

xcreeseseater38 : Edge for 9 hours LMAO


ᑕOOᒪ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ ᗩᑎIᗰᗩTIOᑎᔕ : He is weirdly to normal about talking of this but he’s got some truth

Yeeric : r/confusedboners

Smiley the Smile : An extremely touching story. Where everyone touched each other and everyone left satisfied.

Big Meat : "I could ejaculate with the power of my intellect" niiiiiice

MissLux : But....edging 😏

Vinnie Martin : OH GOD, HIS SUBSCRIBERS HAVE SIMILAR LEVEL OF HUMOR HAHAHAHAHAHA Definetely One Of The Funniest Comment Sections, I Laughed At This

Smehxay Brozz : This is how storytime you tubers should be

Richard Dakazo : If thou feel thou must jacketh thine meat, then thou truely must jacketh thine meat and to not do so shall be a sin.

artifact3 - : A good video with a great message.


alexnotsnowden _ : The Time I Nearly Ejaculated From Seeing Cr1TiKal

Yep. It's Frog Time. : Still taller than Memeulous

Ada Hazard : Okay but when is Charlie’s stand up act debuting

FlyteLP : The thumbnail legitimately scared me.

nikos2004p gaming : Odd gloat but alas

hopeless memer : The intajaculator He can nut with his brain

ᴛʜᴇ Qᴜᴇꜱᴛɪᴏɴ : How would you have done with this? In high school our marching band went on trips for competition. We used the bus to change. The one bus. There were enough kids that you were sharing the space of a single bus seat with another while getting un/dressed. Think about it. Girls who I always wondered what they looked like without clothes on? Yeah, we sometimes changed in the same seat together. Like, I went from wondering about that to *literally* carrying on a conversation with a girl while my nose was in her cleavage, or helping her wiggle into pants, or girls sitting across my lap to make space to pull on their shoes. Big deal for a high school boy. I won't lie; I planned my seating and the positioning of my stuff so I was sometimes right where I wanted to be. You'd have made a mess, dude. (The weirdest thing about this practice was, there was never any discussion of doing it a different way, like in shifts or something. Parked in the lot, you could even see into buses from other schools full of undressing girls right at the windows—flag squads, etc. And there was also never a Big Talk from the director about how to behave or anything. I don't remember any "incidents" either.)