ADAM: Episode 1

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Recommend : Story looks good enough. *Would watch the film !* when it comes out.

ghostpictures : i want to play this game!

Gabriel Alejandro : that song at the end? anybody?

javierjabanero : Who's here because of Oats putting out Ep2 and wanting to catch up?

fozzibab : Please option this to turn it into a full-length movie, or game, or short TV series. I must know more about this world, god damn it.

penyuwan : Heard the sequel will be made by Oats studios of Neill Blomkamp.

Adam Reyna : Where episode 4 god damnit

Ghost of Kirin : The thing is, short films such as these are perhaps most intriguing when they have an air of mystery about them, as opposed to a fully fleshed out feature length film. Still, I'm eagerly anticipating more! : D

MrLeonidas0001 : The samurai gunslinger guy is too cool :D

shatley123 : I'm more impressed by the film than Unity's graphical capabilities. Unity's graphical capabilities aren't bad, it's just, this film, was really really creepy and interesting.

Kota Kasahara : Anyone here after watching Oats Studio?


ESCUELA DE MISTERIOS OFIUCO : ihave this song in my channel.. its so strange.: i love it chopin

SubscribeItWontHURT : People need to Hollywood the shit outta of this cause this is awesome

Corbin Pronk : Those dislikes are from other game engines

moviehooker Gary Gamble : This studio is making the best sci-fi content on the market.

Ike of Pyke : I will choose life, I will always choose life.

Omar Correa : is this a cut scene from Destiny?

Jayman493 : This kinda looks like a Hideo Kojima game

Mohamad Taim : Who comes here from OATS Studios?

Süleyman Sönmez : They are prisoners. Their consciousness are transferred to robot brains. Those people will suffer and sad in robot bodies.

John Parnham : Oats studios, Blomkamp....

bluesintheblood : Directly taken from THE MATRIX (when Neo "wakes") nearly shot for shot @ 40' seconds

Chuck Anziulewicz : I want to know more about this world. What happened to the main character? Was his brain downloaded into an android form? I want to know MORE.

Sebastian Weber : Oats continues on his legacy

GEARSHOCKED : if this were a real game's cutscene i would play it

Aditya Makhija : And people say unity doesn’t have good graphic capabilities...

valdor wyineee millanille : This is how Google feels right now

SausageNinja : This 5 min film has more story than Destiny with all its dlc.

Vishal TechStudio : Androids are breathing??

pantslizard : ...impressive...most impressive...

alan roig : And what does the Chopin music have to do with this? Did they try to put sertain level of sophistication into the video?

David Thomas : Oats Studios led me here

Zach Stefanakis : Storytelling at its best! You want to learn everything about this world, wonder what happens, speculate, imagine.... and not a word has been spoken

psacustomcreations : This is a very interesting start to a story and makes you want to know more. I just wish they would quit using the shaky camera crap. This isn't an MTV video and makes it hard to watch.

Pharaoh Gaming : Chappie?

H.A. Entertainment : *without substance material, unity is nothing*

XxshonenxX : this should be a game

XBloodyBaneX : I gotta say it. Make this a game.

neoshinji18 : Eurielle - the city of the dead is perfect background music for this

Diego Aguilar : Guys! Go to the OATS Studios YouTube channel, the next chapter is up there!

The Kurt Locker : Fantastic. THIS is what we need! Great, intriguing, smart SF!

Teniente E. Ripley : Amazing!!!!

btgoodgame343 : Anyone else notice the two robots on the right clip through each other at 2:23

BAY ARNOLD : Robot nefes alırmı olum manyakmısın sen :)

Papa Sheev : Thank God for Oats studios

FrankyPete : Please make a game out of it ! It is so interesting and beautiful !!

Browder Brothers : But I know these are made by neil blomkamp so id rather see a district 10 first

peerapol thebank : Unity can make animation too ??

Browder Brothers : Please make full feature film I will pay money to see it