ADAM: Episode 1

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Zach Van Harris JR : Why don't we see MOVIES with half this quality? I'm blown away! : Story looks good enough. *Would watch the film !* when it comes out.

Акцасатун Ракатондрумарана : Сначала я ничего не понял, потом тоже ничего не понял

Thomas Neal : "Adam eventually went on to greater fame and fortune starring as 'General Grievous' in the reboot of the Star Wars franchise"

Zach Stefanakis : Storytelling at its best! You want to learn everything about this world, wonder what happens, speculate, imagine.... and not a word has been spoken

valdor wyineee millanille : This is how Google feels right now

Ugandan Knuckle : This isnt a game *suicide rate increases 200%*

Artist_max _ : Detroit become human

Knowledge Enthusiast : Androids are breathing??

Chuck Anziulewicz : I want to know more about this world. What happened to the main character? Was his brain downloaded into an android form? I want to know MORE.

Bebe software : A mí me gustaría que se hicieran las películas de este clip...1,2 y 3 este cortometraje Me ENCANTÓ ES PERFECTO, MAGNÍFICO EXCELENTE....👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

Terrtail : Directed by Hideo Kojima

Thingy : This kinda has Hideo Kojima feels in it

AlemãoWell Rüdiger : Algum BR ?

loczyn : Music: Op. 9, No. 2 in E flat major. Andante - Chopin

Александр Гибенко : Здесь есть хоть один Русский человек который мне объяснит что тут за хрень епта ?!?!?!?

Jayman493 : This kinda looks like a Hideo Kojima game

H.A. Entertainment : *without substance material, unity is nothing*

psacustomcreations : This is a very interesting start to a story and makes you want to know more. I just wish they would quit using the shaky camera crap. This isn't an MTV video and makes it hard to watch.

fozzibab : Please option this to turn it into a full-length movie, or game, or short TV series. I must know more about this world, god damn it.

Loli Gonzalez : *fascinating drama!!*

Bebe software : PERFECTA 👌👌👌👌👌👏👌👏👌👍👏

Adam Reyna : Where episode 4 god damnit

neoshinji18 : Eurielle - the city of the dead is perfect background music for this

Corbin Pronk : Those dislikes are from other game engines

Browder Brothers : But I know these are made by neil blomkamp so id rather see a district 10 first

VAR XAN : Я один слышу как робаты дышат? Они походу уже и лёхкими обзавились)))

unknown subject : Ukrain.

Browder Brothers : Please make full feature film I will pay money to see it

SausageNinja : This 5 min film has more story than Destiny with all its dlc.

sean rogers : this reminds me of MGSV in so many ways. It just has the polished Kojima Feel to it.

drdohcv8 : Looks to me like individual consciousness has been transplanted into the droids they’ve only become aware as they have awoken. Rebirth into a new body in a strange New land. I think the breathing isn’t for oxygen but anxiety trying to understand what has happened you don’t try to rip your new robot face off if you’re in on the Big picture! I want to live in this world. The electric powered people seemed way cooler than the assholes on the platforms,

Bitch Hunter : Soo the robot breaths?

mary gatah : Bolsonaro President of Brazil

javierjabanero : Who's here because of Oats putting out Ep2 and wanting to catch up?

Aesir Woden : Beautiful to look at with zero substance. Typical. FAIL.

сергей позднер : отличная графика!!!

Серёга Наговицын : Что за зуйня???

ESCUELA DE MISTERIOS OFIUCO : ihave this song in my channel.. its so strange.: i love it chopin

Mr Dan INSANE : Amazing Job! :) Will you make a Video Tutorial about the process of how to make a Cinematic using Unity to get such impressive results?

Andrey Silvestrov : что за музыка играет на фоне?

ชิว ชิว : I'm think..This is a new movie?? Woww!!

Pharaoh Gaming : Chappie?

Marco Alen : Converting humans into robots?

TheCatPimp : The robots were humans at first. Their consciousness have been transfer to these robots. The robots were probably criminals, the felony number and their orange "overalls" hint at that, so in the future if you commit a crime you won't be put in a cell instead you will become a robot. Probably in the lines of a slave. The "shaman" & the samurai seem to have been in the same situation as the other robots but they managed to escape from all that. Now their quest is to help other robots, probably with justice as motivation. They may be building an army? Which then in the end will end up in a revolution leading to the extinction of mankind? I don't know. Remember that the film has the "Adam" as title. Which means that it has some biblical implications, the "shaman" may be Moses, leading the robots, who are going to represent the slaves in egypt. Our protagonist may be one of the very first robots to be set free henceforth Adam, the ever first robot born in a new world with new possibilities, first of his kind. Like Adam was the first man.

FS GameView : Can someone suggest me some film like this?

Jaryd Courtney : ..(\__/).. ..(+’.'+).. ..(“)_(“)..

Miss Terious Girl XD : Can I get any subscribers pls 😢...

pantslizard : ...impressive...most impressive...