ADAM: Episode 1

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Recommend : Story looks good enough. *Would watch the film !* when it comes out.

ghostpictures : i want to play this game!

javierjabanero : Who's here because of Oats putting out Ep2 and wanting to catch up?


fozzibab : Please option this to turn it into a full-length movie, or game, or short TV series. I must know more about this world, god damn it.

SausageNinja : This 5 min film has more story than Destiny with all its dlc.

penyuwan : Heard the sequel will be made by Oats studios of Neill Blomkamp.

Adam Reyna : Where episode 4 god damnit

Kickassman 4 : That would be terrifying waking up and your in some kind of metal body that isn't alive anymore and your just a computer o-o

shatley123 : I'm more impressed by the film than Unity's graphical capabilities. Unity's graphical capabilities aren't bad, it's just, this film, was really really creepy and interesting.

Ghost of Kirin : The thing is, short films such as these are perhaps most intriguing when they have an air of mystery about them, as opposed to a fully fleshed out feature length film. Still, I'm eagerly anticipating more! : D

psyeffect : This is some Half-Life 3 shit right here !

Omar Correa : is this a cut scene from Destiny?

Kota Kasahara : Anyone here after watching Oats Studio?

Pat Patrik : Your move, unreal engine...

SubscribeItWontHURT : People need to Hollywood the shit outta of this cause this is awesome

Spartaton : Watch the second half on Oats Studios channel (link in description) if you haven't already. Also you should check out their other work, worth the sub.

Kto To : Did anyone notice that is Chopins music ?

MrLeonidas0001 : The samurai gunslinger guy is too cool :D

Daniel Antonio Cabrera Lopez : One year later i came here again only to see that still today It isnt be a movie or something, i just fucking want to know what else v':

moviehooker Gary Gamble : This studio is making the best sci-fi content on the market.

Ike of Pyke : I will choose life, I will always choose life.

Corbin Pronk : Those dislikes are from other game engines

L4MB0 : I think "Adam" was the samurai looking guy, because he was the first and obviously had been out there for years. "Eve" is the robot that has the woman features. In the Bible, Adam and Eve were the parents of all civilian, therefor in this they're the leaders of all the new robots. Also, the new robots are definitely human prisoners, that as a punishment their minds are linked to these bodies, in some ways to give them a fresh start as something else. If my theory is correct, this group of robots were the first actual shipment.

GEARSHOCK GAMING : if this were a real game's cutscene i would play it

John Parnham : Oats studios, Blomkamp....

bluesintheblood : Directly taken from THE MATRIX (when Neo "wakes") nearly shot for shot @ 40' seconds

pantslizard : ...impressive...most impressive...

David Thomas : Oats Studios led me here

Sebastian Weber : Oats continues on his legacy

Alçak Araf : hmm very impressive

Chuck Anziulewicz : I want to know more about this world. What happened to the main character? Was his brain downloaded into an android form? I want to know MORE.

Roberto Kaster : Full movie please!!!

GrumpSkull : Amazing stuff but damn it, that paper cutout billboard grass looks and moves like crap. LOL

Jacob Watanabe : It's like a Hideo Kojima game, MGS5/Death Stranding vibe.

Süleyman Sönmez : They are prisoners. Their consciousness are transferred to robot brains. Those people will suffer and sad in robot bodies.

XBloodyBaneX : I gotta say it. Make this a game.

XxshonenxX : this should be a game

Aditya Makhija : And people say unity doesn’t have good graphic capabilities...

Raimi Bonn : Who comes here from OATS Studios?

Ales Jaketic : Make a full movie with that! Pls! We need anwsers!

btgoodgame343 : Anyone else notice the two robots on the right clip through each other at 2:23

Rigor Mortiis : I was so late to finding this. What kind of sick and twisted human being makes something this epic and then just cuts you off.... This is the equivalent of digital crack.... and I need another hit damnit!!!

Walt dco : Damn you Unity! I want more.... I WANT MOOORRRREEEE!!!!!!!!😲

Fornicalia : Guys! Go to the OATS Studios YouTube channel, the next chapter is up there!

The Kurt Locker : Fantastic. THIS is what we need! Great, intriguing, smart SF!

Zach Stefanakis : Storytelling at its best! You want to learn everything about this world, wonder what happens, speculate, imagine.... and not a word has been spoken

OD Gaming : admit you guys want this as a game

Teniente E. Ripley : Amazing!!!!

Sean Chambers : Can someone please make a game of this