Lizard Moveset Guide

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Nathaniel Leon : I'm not saying that TierZoo is objectively the best show on youtube... But that's exactly what I'm saying, I lied.

CoolMoon : What about Lizard People?

Patrick Star : I appreciate daddy jeff being one of the devs

Andrew Ramlall : Honestly, someone *needs* to make an actual game of this exact concept...

Nate Marinate : I notice you haven't made a video on the avian class. I'd love to hear the advantages of playing as a prey bird compared to those dumbass seagull/pigeon mains

Enable Chaos : Is the Shrike viable?

Ique : If you're not using your abilities to disrespect other players then why even bother?

Mecha Leo : Chameleons. The equivalent of an alien picking up random human artifacts and not realizing they're wearing an SMG as a necklace.

Fredrick the Catfish : Wait what game is he talking about or is he making this up?

James George : I am considering trying something in the primate branch of the Meta, I don't want to play a human, they are too OP, but what about some of the lesser primates, like Chimps and Gorillas?

Javi B : Hey Tierzoo, so I found a forum thread for a small group of crazy players that couldn't decide between being lizards or snakes, and ended up calling themselves "legless lizards". They chose the eyelids and earholes traits of lizards in customization, but instead of buying legs and claws for fast movement, these hipsters told me lizards with legs were too mainstream, and decided to go without any limbs. So I asked one, "okay, if that's the case, you'll pick useful snake traits like an unhinging jaw to consume larger prey, right?" He scoffed in my face and chose a normal lizard jaw instead. The rest of these players made fun of me the whole thread, calling me a "quaddie" and telling me to 'run away from their thread' for being a Komodo Dragon main. They made fun of snakes too, calling them "loose-mouths" and "hatchfags". (You heard me right, some chose to _give live birth too._ Fuck the meta right?) Some of these pretentious idiots are calling themselves "Glass Lizards" and touting themselves around as "an evolution line completely separate from snakes". I was wondering what your thoughts are on where they fit in the meta?

icevlad148 : So chameleons are shitposters for life?

thewolfPrince : Hey Tierzoo, I like these species specialized videos but can we get a one talking about the Craziest PVP zone in the entire game? There's so many unique strats used in the Australia server that I think it'd be warranting its own video.

McGoldenblade : The devs of this game are weird. They have never shown their identity yet are still heavily revered, especially by human players. Like, they haven't patched the game in thousands of years and humans are ruining the meta. When will the next balance patch come out, where are the devs of this game?

Toto Wolff : Can we have a video about the crackhead that is the honey badger?

melody ferret : I'd like to see a tier list of the metropolitan area in general, I'm a little cockroach main trying to survive

Ricky Rozay : I see you specced into the intro skill tree by sacrificing your outro ability

Wobbe gong : Dont forget that the monitors have advanced throat muscles which gives them a significant stamina and speed advantage over other lizards.

Mr Kaboo : I just gotta say the community around this channel is astoudingly good. Everyone plays along with the idea of tiers and its just so refreshing to see such a non-toxic place on youtube. Especially since everyone comes with their own ideas and suggestion while still following the style of tiers. Thanks for making these great videos both for comedy and learning

Non Linear : Doggo you forgot Gila Monster

Ben Fleischman : Opinion on hedgehog build?

MrMonsterHunter 808 : Please go over builds highly optimized for metro biomes. A personal favorite of mine being the rock dove or black rat. Another great topic would be the parasite carrier passive of rats or cockroaches and the infamous “Black Plague” status effect that basically made humans non viable.

laiion : Tier means animal in german

HowManyDumps : When is the human class video coming? I want to hear about the top dog if the game!

Austin Ma : What happened to the Komodo dragon?

Keenan Mackey : The strangest thing about this channel is that the comments section is almost always a positive addition to content that is already fantastic.

Fistful of Crashes : Primate Tier list next?

Malcolm MacDonell : Haha I like the Busdriver into Hearthstone

Ryan Bunge : I know you're a biologist, not an environmentalist, but could you make a video addressing the negative effects on the meta the Human build is causing? Their abuse of the console's limited resources has already nerfed countless other builds, especially those in the polar servers. While Humans have the technology to mitigate balance patches delivered via Asteroids, they could cause a devastating update of their own if they don't change their playstyle soon.

theokchannel : Where do Eldritch horrors fit into the Meta?

Youth TV : Please the G R E A T A P E S

إسماعيل محمود : TIRE ZOO PLEASE make mythical creatures class build tire list.......pretty please.

Cecil Palmer : Hey, can you do a player profile for some of the top in the world? Gustave is my favourite comp Gator player and I really wanna see more about him!

NautilusIX : TierZoo i have a question is it possible to play as a robot class? It does depend on humans to decide the stats but once they make robots intelligent robots might be able to counter humans,viruses and maybe natural disasters but robots have to be patient as they have to wait till the humans make the robots intelligent. I do hope that u can cover this class in the next vid

leandorr plays : Can you tell about the new patch

Gabriel Dos Santos : Make a video about the city meta, Tierzoo! i love taking advantage of the human's map modification as a rat main

sebbe_warcraft : What is the best PvE build in the current meta? Which class should i try if i don't want any interaction with other players

Eli K : Hey wait a minute shouldn't mark zuckerberg be on this

Zior o : Dog tier list plz

Beast From The Weast : "Eye lasers made of its own blood..." Now that is the metalest thing I've heard in my life.

Defcon : Are you ever going to do a video on the meta dominating Human build?

Quail Bird : So chameleons are Soilder 76, Roadhog and Sombra all in one

PILAV : If you are a dedicated player you can put a lot of time into mastering camouflage ability as chameleon and reach that perma you literally have wall hack with those third person perspective eyes while everyone else is stuck in FPP.If you are casual however just stick to monitor and 123 spam.

carter8352 : anyone know the song names?

Albin0gh0st : I'm trying to identify the song from 1:30 - 2:14, please help.

dumb video making 101 : You may be shitting on Chameleons for using the Colour change ability for emotes but according to some, that's exactly what Stegosaurus did in the Jurassic update of the Mesozoic expansion, now, I don't know for sure because I'm pretty new at the game so I'm just citing what I heard.

MasterLagoz : I think lizard players are just going through the signature move list to find a mythical game breaker move. It might not even be there, but gosh darn it, they are going find it.

Michael Rich : Honestly why don’t more lizards spec into wavedashing?

Ethan Awesome : Since I have leveled up so much, I have unlocked Humans' secret ability; Deforestation. Ez to land crits bruh

Dray Wolf : Can you cover the carnivorous fish please? I like their play style.