Lizard Moveset Guide

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Nathaniel Leon : I'm not saying that TierZoo is objectively the best show on youtube... But that's exactly what I'm saying, I lied.

CoolMoon : What about Lizard People?

PILAV : If you are a dedicated player you can put a lot of time into mastering camouflage ability as chameleon and reach that perma you literally have wall hack with those third person perspective eyes while everyone else is stuck in FPP.If you are casual however just stick to monitor and 123 spam.

Nate Marinate : I notice you haven't made a video on the avian class. I'd love to hear the advantages of playing as a prey bird compared to those dumbass seagull/pigeon mains

Emmett Rasmussen : I appreciate daddy jeff being one of the devs

Andrew Ramlall : Honestly, someone *needs* to make an actual game of this exact concept...

Knowledge Headquarters : Amazing video as always. Keep it up!

P VonK : Yes yes, we get it, prioritizing stats over special abilities is better for competitive play but you have to agree it gets boring. Imagine the look in a predators face when they get shot by blood from your eyes, definatley worth it.

vinster7 : did you forget the special ability of saving you 15% on car insurance?

Not A Narwhal : Rodent tier list/moveset guide?!

icevlad148 : So chameleons are shitposters for life?

lherrebout : I gotta disagree with you on abilities that cost health. Health is a resource. If you're not dead or debilitated, it's probably ok. With all these meta OTK and combo finisher builds, you're dead regardless.

Fredrick the Catfish : Wait what game is he talking about or is he making this up?

James George : I am considering trying something in the primate branch of the Meta, I don't want to play a human, they are too OP, but what about some of the lesser primates, like Chimps and Gorillas?

MrFartingGiraffe : I love all of your videos, but this video seemed odd. I feels short and rushed. You didnt use the tier list at all and the ending of the video was so abrupt I thought you were just pausing to talk more about the lizard class. :/

Ricky Rozay : I see you specced into the intro skill tree by sacrificing your outro ability

- VSamosuchus - : Could you do a video on hive mind players like ants, wasps, bees and termites? I feel like their play style is a lot more unique than most and could be worth the video.

Enable Chaos : Is the Shrike viable?

Minh Cena : Tierzoo uploaded. Its a good day.

thewolfPrince : Hey Tierzoo, I like these species specialized videos but can we get a one talking about the Craziest PVP zone in the entire game? There's so many unique strats used in the Australia server that I think it'd be warranting its own video.

theokchannel : Where do Eldritch horrors fit into the Meta?

Lonley Spartan Gaming : I broke the Kamododragon build and my toxic bit and wound infections are always on point and kill, and it definitely destroys when I'm playing the Kamo with my squad. Please amuse me and tell me how to counter this you low tier noobs XD. (No butt hurt)

Adam Wight : Shoutouts to that Casually Explained reference at the beginning

adamgrogory : I remember back in the day during the Dinosaur Meta when people could spec into the fully aquatic ability tree with lizards and played those tanky, high offense Mosasaur builds. That's the only time the lizard builds were genuinely oppressive and I think that has to with player ingenuity. I think that since the lizards are so relatively easy to get a grip on and start playing, and because of those hidden abilities, it became possible to create a monstrous build in an area of the map that just lost their biggest offensive forces, the Icthyosaurs and Pliosaurs (people often forget that the Dinosaur Meta had some pretty big nerfs aswell, not just at the end) and I think that's really the key. Lizards are good at taking adventage of areas and mechanics that few other classes go to. The best lizard in the current meta, The Komodo Dragon, is a prime example of this as it is a bit of a novelty on some of those small Indoneisan servers and doesn't face and real competition. I mean, one of the servers is even named after the build.

S H R E K : Where are ogres in the tier list

Non Linear : Doggo you forgot Gila Monster

ZackRlap : What about the gila monster? I will draw the stats i think it has later, hope that you will see my drawing!

Wobbe gong : Dont forget that the monitors have advanced throat muscles which gives them a significant stamina and speed advantage over other lizards.

Breloomancer : Do one on horseshoe Crabs

Caboose Senpai : imagine going into a forest and you see a fox, using his "advanced movement tech" and he just starts fucking sliding across the floor at mach 2

melody ferret : I'd like to see a tier list of the metropolitan area in general, I'm a little cockroach main trying to survive

Xenos369 : What about Legless Lizards? Are their builds comparable to those of snakes?

Ben Fleischman : Opinion on hedgehog build?

Normel Gamer : But what about the Komodo dragon?

ChaseOnStage : I squirt blood from my eye one time. Turns out, that's "Not normal" psshhh shut up PhD.

Fistful of Crashes : Primate Tier list next?

HowManyDumps : When is the human class video coming? I want to hear about the top dog if the game!

Austin Ma : What happened to the Komodo dragon?

K!ng Cobra Gaming : Have you done one on the crab build?

Dukemaen : The fact that lizards can blood bend and I can't makes me super sad.

Merkky : The devs of this game are weird. They have never shown their identity yet are still heavily revered, especially by human players. Like, they haven't patched the game in thousands of years and humans are ruining the meta. When will the next balance patch come out, where are the devs of this game?

leandorr plays : Can you tell about the new patch

Cecil Palmer : Hey, can you do a player profile for some of the top in the world? Gustave is my favourite comp Gator player and I really wanna see more about him!

Polarbaerlympics : +Tierzoo I’ve been thinking about a plant build possibly some sort of fungus build as plants have a long time to spec into very unique skill sets. Is this in any way a viable play style?

BejeweledBlitzBoy : What is the best PvE build in the current meta? Which class should i try if i don't want any interaction with other players

Defcon : Are you ever going to do a video on the meta dominating Human build?

Malcolm MacDonell : Haha I like the Busdriver into Hearthstone

Keenan Mackey : The strangest thing about this channel is that the comments section is almost always a positive addition to content that is already fantastic.

Joel0937 : So, how are you preparing for Title Update Title Update WWIII? Anyone have any leaks on what the devs may be planning?

MrMonsterHunter 808 : Please go over builds highly optimized for metro biomes. A personal favorite of mine being the rock dove or black rat. Another great topic would be the parasite carrier passive of rats or cockroaches and the infamous “Black Plague” status effect that basically made humans non viable.