Spooky Scary Skeletons: Halloween 2018 Trombone Arrangement

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ZHL242 : #3spooky5me

Stephanie Douglass : I'm finding all of these trombone jokes to be quite humerous.

Caleb Helm : *Orange head band for spooky season, I like*

[ZEN] JoBroSnipeU : What’s a skeletons favorite instrument? The bongos. Skeletons don’t have lungs.

Ya Boy Jake : You know what makes it even spookier, he plays the tromBONE

Gordon Penny : so tight! as always, fantastic playing Chris. Can we get the Tshirts in black?

unofficial nick : Its 6am and this is the last thing i'd expect to see, but now i have to learn it on Trombone.

Daniel Dacanay : Put a warning on the video pleased, I was very severely spooked and may sue

Three Ply Chord : *D O O T* 🎺💀

A person : This sent shivers through my *bones*

One GreenGhost : It's been 4 hours. Not a single dislike. This is what it means to be spooky.

JazzyJasperZ : 1:27 2jazzy4me

Odyssey Cubing : I didnt know I needed this until it was given to me.

Friendshipismagic : Did you know there's a skeleton in the room with you RIGHT NOW?!

CJ Music : Amazing!! Must watch at 2x speed

Christian Draws : 15 dislikes? Its those damn tumpets

Matthew Snaith : x1.25 for remix version!😂

Ron Zhang : Your captions think that your music is applause and music. So well done for making your music so wonderful!

Adam J : Ohhhh my, that SWING 😂 Love it.

Tyler Fries : Good morning, Christopher. Bout to march in a parade. Thanks for the mood booster.

Paxton Ford : yes 'classical' trombone... while playing this song

Luke Adams : 0.25 speed to get full spooked

TheOriginalGutsyou : Got sp00ked and couldn't finish

Digital Unity : Thanks for good bones and calcium.

Just A Purple Fedora : Spook-o-meter: BONESHAKING 💀💀💀💀💀💀

Woke CowBoy : Just downloaded that album 10/10 it’s great

Corruption Complete : Trombone God 🌝

The Patriot : Morning bro thanks for this spooky song as a wake up call.

Space_Cthulhu : When you notice he used three different trombones

Mr. Minecraft God : Funny how he can divide himself into 5

Forte Piano : Who else uses milk as lubricant during October?

Jeux PC : Bravo depuis la France

Matthew Alvarez : This is good. Those runs are crazy.

Matthew Alvarez : You've entered the bone zone. Spooky.

Duckington : Oh yasssss this is what I needed before our competition today. Good job on this.

TheCarsonaitor : Can't wait to see you in kc

SirPicklJohn : Very Spooky, Congrats my fellow Brass Brother!

budderowen2 : 2spooky4me 3spooky5me 4spooky6me 5spooky7me 6spooky8me 7spooky9me 8spooky10me 9spooky11me 10spooky12me 11spooky13me 12spooky14me 13spooky15me 14spooky16me 15spooky17me 16spooky18me 17spooky19me 18spooky20me 19spooky21me 20spooky22me 21spooky23me 22spooky24me i did this from the beginning to the end of the song.

manbear : Couldn't last 10 seconds, to spooky.

Smiley_Games : You turned spooky scary skeletons in to jazzy scary skeletons

Holiday Home : 2Brassy4Me

Toes Bowser : yeah i’ll do this for my school project, it seems easy enough

TheTrainGuy : The 22 dislikes from this video thought that the video was 2spooky4 them.

Index III is OUT : Of course it's a trombone player

Diamond Turtle : I also play the tromBONE Eyyyy I stole a joke

the think gamer : Brings a tear to my eye of how awesome this is!!!

Blake Walden : six grade tromebone player YA!

Jaxon Snyder : On the tromBONE

Super Llama : Doot

Joel Riley : Really cool!!