GTA IV is better than GTA V

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This video is not about realism, it points out gameplay value along with minor details. Physics, gunfight, AI, melee combat, controls, interiors, multiplayer freedom. While GTA V has some obvious advantages from being a 2013 game, a lot of technical features and sanbox elements from GTA IV (2008) were missing such as crouch ability, holding onto ledges, picking up objects and much more. Those notable changes reduced all the unpredictable fun and made it an experience with less replay value. No mods were used, this is the original version of both games on PC. Cheats were used at some point for demonstration purpose but every comparisons are fair to each other. ------- Songs ------- After Dark / アフター・ダーク by NoGht TBOGT pause menu GTA IV Soviet Connection (mixed Intro)

Comments from Youtube

illogicL : gta IV made you feel terrible for killing someone

Duggames Playes : We need a gta iv remastered.

Sydical : GTA IV: Cops have realistic gun aiming. GTA V: Cops have automatic AI perfect gun aiming.

Old Snake : Disliked by people who thinks graphics are everything

Advance Intelligence : GtaV- No bowling GtaIV- Bowling Its obvious what the superior game is here.

Justin ThomasTM : So basically GTA 5 is easier to kill and easier to die, idiotic law enforcement, great driving, excessive explosions, and no logic at all. Sounds like a Micheal Bay Production.

SaladMan : One thing that I always disliked about GTA V is how you could kill someone in a dark alley with a suppressed weapon, with no one around, and police would still get alerted.

ii krash : gta iv :(

KillerKhye : Y'all remember how much of a tank the hummer was in gta 4?

II Kylie : gta 4 was ahead of it's time

based : Remember when people hated GTA 4's realism before GTA 5 came out?

Sydical : GTA IV: Windscreen breaks only from brute force against the windscreen itself. GTA V: Windscreen breaks whenever you lightly tap something.

Ethan Trembley : GTA IV = gameplay - Graphic GTA V = Graphic - gameplay

BruSan05 : My fav games: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Grand Theft Auto IV For life.

Vicmor : Punch other criminal near cops GTA 3/VC: Good job, citizen, here is your 25 bucs! GTA SA/GTA 4: You two - under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Collide with cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4: Be careful, citizen! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Steal a car near cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4 - You are under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD!

Qwerty0791 : no one gonna mention the music in this video!?

Rayhan YT : Lol when it comes to aiming a gun at someone whilst they are in a car: Gta V- Driver brutally runs you over. Gta IV- Driver politely steps out of car with hands up.

Koalas : They were really lazy with the AI on gta 5

Michael De Santa : I used to hide in the toilets in Central Park. And smoke all the cops who entered my toilet. 😂

da big scouser : I don't get how 43k people can dislike the video because it's just stating the facts

Theoret1cal : I loved the gun sounds in IV. They had such powerful feel to them.

Hrusikesh Kumar : *Presenting GTA V: One Punch Man*

Gregory Kitchens : There are lots of things better in gta 4 than gta 5 but the reverse is true as well

SEPPDROID : Gta iv: Put the gun down! This is your last chance to get out of this alive... Gta 5: youre already dead

jack Breon : Only thing I didn't like about GTA 4 was no planes but other then that it's my favorite gta

Fuck you Danzo! : Man in the next GTA they need to put: A story as good as San Andreas Gta 4’s physics and gameplay RDR2 graphics And they need not to ruin Gta online with annoying updates

SuperDuperSeb : This made me install GTA 4 again.

Kye Manley : Gta 4 racing is so much fun online

NeZ : There's one thing I really liked doing in GTA IV, I was hitting a taxi with a baseball bat and ran to the cops and let him punch me, so the cops would arrest him :D

I AM Zero223 : After playing Red Dead redemption 2 I have high hopes for GTA 6.or this really bummed me out. But it's so true.

Empire of Kayu : 10:23 if you look closely the police officer is flying to the right of the screen lol

Arian Arnwine : Correction Gta 5 = average intelligence level right now Gta 4 = average intelligence before PEOPLE ARE GETTING STUPIDER AT AN ESCALATING RATE WE ARE ALL DOOMED

Alpha気 : The reason why GTA5 has less physics is because all kids cried and complain about how bad GTA4 was..

Diego Da Bonkinator : I remember playing GTA IV years ago and now that I've seen this I notice it had so much attention to detail I didn't actually notice.

PURDES : Gta Iv has better police When the swat comes they actually come in those swat trucks while the swat in gta V come in SUVS

Tzeff NL : You should show this on the Rockstar forum! GTA VI is on it's way! I want an UPgrade not anymore DOWNgrades!!!

PUNK pandaXD : Gta 4 multiplayer = gangster lifestyle Gta 5 online = Saints Row Copyright

Alberto Murguia : I hope rockstar is watching this Edit:Thx for the likes

GTA ZAL4N : Niko it's Roman! Let's go bowling!

Don181, you'r a frickin Neanderthal : In one game cops shoot first in another they wait to be shot at first...I think it should be mixed for realism because I hate when NPCs all think alike.

Sydical : GTA IV: Punch someone and they realistically react to the pain and either run away or fight back GTA V: Punch someone in the head and their skull splits into 15 pieces, killing them instantly

Lazer : I hope gta 6 will have the fight system from RD2

Yaiba Games : Give us a GTA IV remastered with better graphics and the driving mechanics from GTA V

Kyle Langford : GTA 4 was way ahead of its time, anyone else agree?

Life Hacks : It's very sad that we can't jump from one building to other in GTA 5.

•Heraze • : *"Niko, let's go bowling"*

Verchiel Arellano : *Gta 5 has left the server.*

TRC 563 Gamez : In gta 5 why would a NPC fight if your on a phone

TimFrogt : You actually made me miss gta 4.. damn some good memories right there...