GTA IV is better than GTA V

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Crowbcat : GTA IV is now backward compatible on Xbox One.

Azerrz : I fear Red Dead 2 will suffer a similar fate :(

Vicmor : In GTA V NPCs are as*holes. Paramedics are useless. Police and army are psychopats. Unlike GTA IV, where NPCs are PEOPLE. Good and bad. Brave and cowards. Civies and bandits. Rich and weak. Paramedics saving lives and Police serves in the name of the law.

Bad Cactus : GTA V has better graphics. GTA IV has better everything else.

Nerdy Geek : GTA IV cops: You are under arrest! GTA V cops: Omae wa mo shindeiru

RANDOMKIDzZ : I hated that in GTA V you couldn't go in any of the bulidings. All I would do in GTA IV is give myself all of the guns, go to the nearest building I could enter (mainly the hospitals) and see how long I could survive with 5 stars. That was so fun and GTA V is so disappointing.

Shady00018 : I always thought GTA IV had better physics. punching and shooting people felt better.

Jimbo McGringus : Gta 5 was one step foward in graphics, 2 steps back in physics and AI

Gloobus : (OPINION WARNING) I liked gta4 more because it was just simply more fun. Oh yeah, and the story was WAY better in IV. Not saying V is bad though.

Niko Bellic : GTA V dont have: Bowling , Pool , Eat in Burger Shot and Clucking Bell ( i think)

Polow Ptn : Make GTA great again

Pyrocynical : physics and AI were alot more free in GTA 4, no idea why they restricted the physics and the AI so much in GTA 5 other then to make the experience more "casual" I guess

Revenge120 : GTA IV ruined the franchise. Why? Because it was so good, SO GOOD. That it set the bar too high that later games had no chance to match it. GTA IV is one of the best games I’ve played in my life, that it actually became as my favorite game of all time. It was really that fantastic. This video is the reason why I really really love this game, but there’s actually a million different reasons why I love this game, the storyline, the characters, the episodes, the protagonist, the map, the weapons, the details, the music, the physics, the driving, the realism, the police, the missions, the citizens, the AI, the multiplayer, etc. Man, there’s just a whole lot to mention, If there is ever a such of thing as a “Perfect Game”, GTA IV would be it. Either that, or Red Dead Redemption

sam teh edeot : *punches someone once in gta 5* Guy: lol xd I’m ded

Marik1234 : Killing Dimitri was so satisfying.... Whereas killing Devin Weston and Steve Haines was like meh...

Chase D : All Rockstar cares about now is those sweet sweet Shark Cards. They don't care about the consumers anymore.

Entity : Gta iv is so much more realistic

Tovape : Size of the Game GTA 5: 77gb Size of the Game GTA 4: 18gb Edit: thanks 4 the likes

Alex Theone : Freeroam in GTA IV was so memorable to me. The atmosphere of the city felt so real, it felt like the Npc’s had lives and as if you were in a real city. Not like in GTA V where you can overhear an npc talking about the most corny and ridiculous shit over the phone like if its a sitcom joke. Idk but IV felt way more immersive, I felt like I actually runned liberty city. All the crazy stuff I did in Gta IV I can remember, GTA V it feels like anyone can do all the crazy shit like you because the way the game feels is like anyone can do whatever they want just because its all cool and full of fun.

AustinU25 : Not to mention how much more enjoyable online was in IV than V, none of that pay-to-have-fun bs. Want a lobby where everyone is invincible with infinite ammo and everyone is in sports cars and NO COPS? Sure, just play IV. Literally impossible in V.

NFKRZ : Glad people agree on this too. To me GTA IV has a special place in my heart, GTA V was good but not that impressive at all.

Chriso boyo : GTA 5 is the worst because it doesn't have the swingset

Shoulda had pants : GTA V is senseless gameplay. The npcs have no character every one is the same. Everyone drives the same, react to things the same. It's just senseless when you play it after playing games like Fallout or skyrim. GTA 4 to me was pretty amazing, it felt like I was in new york city with people who have actual thing to do than just roaming around the map, but that game was so badly optimised for pc's I had to do so many things to keep it at proper 60fps on full graphics. Still I have enjoyed GTA 4 more than 5 even though 5 runs like a butter on my system at full graphics.

Chris the Dragin : Let me put into perspective on how much effort of fun was put into each games; GTA 4 has nearly 2 hours worth of police dialogue and jokes GTA 5 has about 40 minutes of that. And even then, it's interchangeable between any gang member or mercenary you fight against in the game.

Mauro Barrionuevo : Yeah GTA IV has a lot more of details, buy honestly you won't even notice them when you are playing. What is really important here is the plot: GTA IV is the only Grand Theft Auto with so a deep and adult story.

TheConnorClark : I agree with this video, but you forgot to mention the best quality of GTA IV: "Yah Niko, one ting one love me brudda." - Little Jacob.

Phaire Couchpotato : Better graphics don't mean shit!

Big WokeTM : I miss throwing objects at police 😞😂

Delta_Sly : GTA V sucks when you look at this comparison.

Wellington Tongh : GTA IV is better

Ten Hour Guy : Not played GTA IV but thinking of picking it up. I hate how aggressive the NPCs are in GTA V.

Foxtrot Uniform : Video Should have ended with GTAO shark cards...

Caiden Porter : I like the shooting in IV just feels cleaner and the sounds are better

Niko Bellic : Best game ever

Formuoli iFunny : Graphics mean nothing in this argument, but dumb little twelve year olds would try to make it mean something

Azerrz : FINALLY SOMEONE FUCKING REALIZES! GTA V is great but 4 is much more detail heavy and fun!

Final AMV : GTA 5 has better graphics GTA 4 has better physics I would choose GTA 4 over GTA 5 anytime

croaa falkin : Gta IV = legit game good gameplay. More effort been put in. Retared they didnt hav planes but its all good you can still crash a helicopter into Hillary Clintons head aka statute of Hillary Clinton. GtaV = scam story not been updated since 2015 online is a scam one DLC costs 50 mil when its $100 for 8 mil and it would take 20 years to make 50 mil

Ice Wallow Cmen : And actually, dropping in water from a tall height can cause pain.

TacKer : Even the stripteasse club is better

DarkMythHunter : The ending was crazy. Good video man!

Monric yt : Wow. Those are some solid points.

Escape : Gta iv had the best physics and especially car driving. Honestly no game beats that to this day, yea the driving simulators have good driving mechanics but the physics of the collisions and the way the car feels from the outside while moving, gta iv did it best and yea cars tilted too much to the sides and some other stuff

Basti Kaiser : Ragdoll physics in GTA 4 were much smoother than GTA 5. Watched this Video, and bought GTA 4 right after. Great Game, great Video.

Mostafa 27 : Soooo Agreed the messed up...i think they decreased the physics quality to have the Online mode working better...but it caused the bullshit story mode...i remember myself enjoying hours of playing and killing people and hitting crowds with cars in GTA IV but In GTA V i don't remember any day that i continiue that more than 5 mins....advantage of GTA V is that it has The planes and jets and a bigger map...but in GTA IV almost every thing was better

Vicmor : Punch other criminal near cops GTA 3/VC: Good job, citizen, here is your 25 bucs! GTA SA/GTA 4: You two - under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Collide with cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4: Be careful, citizen! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Steal a car near cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4 - You are under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD!

Maxwell Paynewell : I played GTA V for the first time ever the other day, on a friend's console/copy, and I'm gonna be honest, it was a little underwhelming. Granted I spent much of my time on that stupid tennis minigame and just running around in single player trying to make Michael into Max Payne (3), but the actual running around and killing and driving and stuff wasn't the crazy time I thought it would be. Compare that to GTA IV, where I can go to the exact same location and push people off a dock for ten minutes before the police come and shoot me so I can do it again? I don't know, man. It's a little discouraging

Tiemen Sikma : I remember the good old days when everyone in gta 4 was driving the infernus

jAmE lBs : 41k GTA V fanboys cried

William Wallace : The worst thing in gta 5 is the cops with their laser aim