GTA IV is better than GTA V

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Crowbcat : GTA IV is now backward compatible on Xbox One.

Jack is not in the box : DAT HYPE ENDING DOE!

Vicmor : In GTA V NPCs are as*holes. Paramedics are useless. Police and army are psychopats. Unlike GTA IV, where NPCs are PEOPLE. Good and bad. Brave and cowards. Civies and bandits. Rich and weak. Paramedics saving lives and Police serves in the name of the law.

JAHbymeside forIverandIvermore : 40k dislikes, people are mad.

shahnaz mirza : GTA V graphics + GTA IV physics + GTA San Andreas story = best GTA game.

Marik1234 : Killing Dimitri was so satisfying.... Whereas killing Devin Weston and Steve Haines was like meh...

Gabriel E Solis : Brothers 4 Life Lost 4 ever

Cordell Sandoval : Gta 4 was ahead of its time as it introduced the HD universe to the grand theft auto series and had so many cool features and small details that made tue game so loveable. Gta 5 is ok for its time and just wasn't as ahead of gta 4 as it was

Евгений Александров : Вот за клакин бел обиднее всего было

RandomGames 212 : Both are great!

The SEAL and the GOAT : Lol i didnt get to play gta IV but after watching this video you just blow my mind. Why they didnt implement all those cool features in gta V???

Gypsy : GTA IV <3

Patka Guska : I agree and im gay

GtaMusical Gaming : Now I came to know that.......... Gta V protagonist is like a one punch man

Blazertron : GTA V is definitely missing some good things, but I personally much prefer gta v. I can't get into gta iv, the pc port is attrocious. I have to run it at low-medium graphics, and that reaches a consistant 40fps, 60 if I'm lucky. With gta v I can get 40-60fps with high-very high graphics, and the small things in gta v like imo, better driving, it's not really meant to have realistic driving, gta v's is much less tedious. Better, less depressing city, and an enjoyable story, I don't know compared to gta iv's story, since I can't get into it.

Chill Khalil : Gta 4 is the grittier of the two, gta 5 is more of like a cartoon to me.

THETRUTHofYOUTUBE : Lol I remember when gta iv came out EVERYONE hated on it, and now.. The cycle of life

KR 92 : Sucks that a lot of good things from gta 4 weren’t carried on to 5. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but the way the automatic transmission in a car reacts in gta 4 is so much better and realistic. Depending on how much you press the trigger on the controller, the gearbox upshifts or downshifts just like a real car unlike gta 5 where the car revs to the max in every gear even if you’re only pressing a quarter of the trigger.

Karandeep Singh : Also, LC>LS.

Infinity 58 : gta 4 was truly a game ahead of its time

Karandeep Singh : V is a game. IV feels like you're a part of a living and breathing city.

DarkMythHunter : The ending was crazy. Good video man!

iiRage2Much : It makes sense though, right? They made Gta V for the casual player. Gta IV definitely isn't a game for everyone, while I'm pretty sure every gamer can jump into Gta V and at least like one thing about it. Just look at the state of Gta Online.. Gta V was meant to attract as much players as possible and had to be easy to play, so they made it so that literally everybody could play it with ease. Which sucks. Because Gta IV is an amazing experience, and well, Gta V's story is forgettable with terrible characters. ( but the online is amazing herp derp - 12 yo ) It isn't, and even if it was, Gta is about the story, not grinding repetitive mission to buy a gold fucking yacht or t-shirt..


ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟHee[̲̅x̲̅] : GTA V = 99% MARKETING - 1% GAMEPLAY GTA IV = 99% GAMEPLAY - 1% MARKETING

Chad Pemberton : Your video is amazing I believe you GTA IV is better than GTA V

Ten Hour Guy : Not played GTA IV but thinking of picking it up. I hate how aggressive the NPCs are in GTA V.

Shoulda had pants : GTA V is senseless gameplay. The npcs have no character every one is the same. Everyone drives the same, react to things the same. It's just senseless when you play it after playing games like Fallout or skyrim. GTA 4 to me was pretty amazing, it felt like I was in new york city with people who have actual thing to do than just roaming around the map, but that game was so badly optimised for pc's I had to do so many things to keep it at proper 60fps on full graphics. Still I have enjoyed GTA 4 more than 5 even though 5 runs like a butter on my system at full graphics.

Iam Albanian : GTA SA is better then all Gta-s combined . I don’t care about graphics

Mascamuelas Smith : Physics in GTA IV were amazing

Joseph Jss : Gta 4 for me Graphics (Gta 5 too is better)🌁 Physics👍 Interiors🚪🔚 Police Firefighter Paramedic🚓🚒🚑 Taxi Driving🚕 Driving (Normal)🚗🚐 Restaurants🍕🍔 Gta 5 Multiplayer👬 (Remember this is my opinion)

Vicmor : Punch other criminal near cops GTA 3/VC: Good job, citizen, here is your 25 bucs! GTA SA/GTA 4: You two - under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Collide with cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4: Be careful, citizen! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Steal a car near cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4 - You are under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD!

Bad Cactus : GTA V has better graphics. GTA IV has better everything else.

Maulen. IDC Florez : I always held a different memory for Gta as a child. When I was younger I wanted to play it, not because it was an adult game but because it was far superior to what I played. From the graphics, the gameplay controls, attention to detail, freeplay, no in game purchasing, lootboxes and overhype. Solid game that can hold up through generations. Gta V is great really it is but Gta IV came out in a better less money hungry era. Companies were actually focused on making good games because they weren't assured that people would give them money. Far ahead of its time. A reminder that we should not expect a bad experience when playing something that takes time and money. The best we have now apparently is just indie games. The rest is just mainstream garbage. A sad reality. Good games are made with passion.

Over 9000 : I went back and played through GTA V again on Xbox One and I got to say, it's worst than I remembered. GTA V truly is the first disappointing GTA game RockStar has ever made.

hatedumb : This video is the full realization that graphics isn't everything.

Steidemeister56 : at 15:39 it says pull but he pushes the door open. Literally unplayable.

S3R3ND1P1TY : East Coast vs. West Coast really

Paul Reusch : They are both good games. However, IV and V suit different audiences . V is for the fun loving, trigger happy and just out to make chaos and have a good time with friends kind of person, with a big map and tons of random and cool shit to do. IV is for the person who like a more immersive and life like game experience, and doesn’t care for interacting with others as much. In short, V is more exiting and social with constant new content coming for online, and IV has a lot more attention to small detail and immersion.

sam teh edeot : *punches someone once in gta 5* Guy: lol xd I’m ded

Foxtrot Uniform : Video Should have ended with GTAO shark cards...

Maxu88 : GTA V is the most boring GTA of all time

Entity : Gta iv is so much more realistic

Jo Be : Yeah. The pedestrians and ai people driving in gta 5 is really disappointing. Also the fact that the person is like a spaghetti everytime he crashes or knocked off a bike.

SpringtrapTR Gaming : I want gta 4 witn optimization so we can play smooth

TheEclipse2000 : Even vice city stories is better than this

Shady00018 : I always thought GTA IV had better physics. punching and shooting people felt better.

Final AMV : GTA 5 has better graphics GTA 4 has better physics I would choose GTA 4 over GTA 5 anytime

faded Knight : Gta IV = legit game good gameplay. More effort been put in. Retared they didnt hav planes but its all good you can still crash a helicopter into Hillary Clintons head aka statute of Hillary Clinton. GtaV = scam story not been updated since 2015 online is a scam one DLC costs 50 mil when its $100 for 8 mil and it would take 20 years to make 50 mil

Gloobus : (OPINION WARNING) I liked gta4 more because it was just simply more fun. Oh yeah, and the story was WAY better in IV. Not saying V is bad though.