Jim & Dwight Have a Heart to Heart - The Office US

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Xylarxcode : Should have been about 10 seconds longer. After Jim tells the camera crew that he loves 'italian food', Dwight goes back to his desk and goes back to being his old abrasive self by using a ruler to shove documents off of his side of the desk and back over to Jim's desk, making Jim smile because he realized Dwight was going to be ok and back to his normal self and that was his way of saying that. Very well done scene, that one.

Ushma Asher : My favorite scene in the world

catyear75 : Dwight reaching out is one of the most touching moments in the entire series

P1tri0t : I love Jim, because even though he's a fun and carefree guy, he knows when to be serious and be there for others. In my opinion he's the best character.

Director Krennic : Jim and Dwight's frenemyship is one of my favourite things in the show. They hate each other but at the same time they really do feel like each others' best friend.

Meiji : When dwight reached for Jim at the end, I started wonder what the scene would've been if Jim was still there.... they would hug and Dwight would cry on Jim, while Jim is comforting him.

BlurTech : When Dwight reaches for Jim...

Luciano La Palma : hands down, one of the most beautiful moments in the show.

Nightwing20 : How can a scene be so depressing, heartwarming, and funny all rolled in one? This scene is how.

dystopiadream : Dwights reaction to rejection is my exact reaction to rejection.

itsBoujie : pam has the cutest smile ive ever seen, its just so real

93TJamie : Everyone needs someone who smiles like Pam when they think about them

Rez : The way Pam smiles repeatedly and tries to cover it after Jim kisses her is utterly adorable.

Twenty Two Jetskis : i've never seen dwight so genuinely distressed and it stressed me out

Dan Esslo : this episode was directed by toby :D

Chris Barnett : Wish Jim would have stayed just a little longer...

Fimm011 : Definitely been there. Everything Jim says is 100% accurate. Worst feeling in the world loving a girl that is with someone else.

Red Raven : the girl I fell in love with started dating one of my friends 3 days ago and I just remembered this scene and Jim perfectly describes what I'm going with right now

JCAfromNYC : I love how after so many years of being adversaries these guys became friends in the end. 

Sail On Silver Girl : This is one of the most human scenes I've ever seen. Ever.

Mike McLean : The description you wrote is incorrect. Jim didn't leave Dunder Mifflin, he left Scranton.

Anthony Smith : i love the part where Jim says "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy and that includes you, Dwight" he says that since Dwight sees the two of them as enemies but Jim sees Dwight as a close friend this is why i love The Office

islandboy4445 : Man, what Jim describes is literally what I am doing right now.

Chaka : i knew i shouldnt have watched this shit. it generally made me sad.

Cosmo : 2:05 my heart hurts

Spire Wolves : "And that includes you." They were never enemies. Just friends that didn't know they loved eachother until the end when Jim was Dwight's best man.

Johnny Roberts : Great scene. This reminds me of the episode when Dwight comforted Pam when she was crying about Jim, so it was great to see the favor returned to him later on by Jim. Also, I do relate to this scene a little myself. I've stayed up late many times because I think about the times I've had tough luck in getting a relationship. I've only dated one girl and that relationship didn't last long. I'm hoping someday that I will find my "Pam".

Humberto Namay : dwight and jim invented the friendenemies

Bat Wolf : 1:52 His face breaks my heart

Jorge Perez : Seeing Dwight cry is so sad.....

Rick Carr : Fun fact: Rainn wasn't aware that John wan't going to be there when he reaches to touch him, Rainn's reaction was real lol

Jonathan Pitre : That moment when you feel remember that you could of lost something, but you haven't and your so grateful for that, that you just have to go to that person and let them know how truly great full you feel for not having lost that person. Yeah Jim, Italians the best food.

Simon Blanco : I think Dwight was trying to choke the life out of him when he reached over at the end of Jim's speech

Rin Lockhart : Angela is an android.

Firefly8080 : Like if you wanted to see Jim and Dwight hug it out.

Yellow4494 : I don't get why Angela doesn't want vegetables if she's a vegetarian.

Skirmantas Stankevičius : Amazing channel! I like how you cut the most valuable and important scenes, making those so easy just to click on and watch. For die hard The Office fans, who've already watched all seasons, its really handy to remember all the greatest moments just by watching those short clips, instead of going back and forth with full episodes, and search for the particular moment. 

S Y : I think Jim and Dwight became truly friends when Dwight got that concussion from trying to save Michael from cooking his foot.

AmericanMan : “I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t concentrate. No taste for food” I can relate. Jesus Christ.

Emi G : I love the fact that Jim understand what Dwight was kinda saying. You know? Such a beautiful scene!

Youtubaholic : Will anyone ever love me as much as Jim loves Pam

sauce : The part where Dwight reaches out is so powerful. What a beautiful moment.

Guest17171717 : you left the best part out when dwight came back into the office

KingKong19100 : I love Jim and Pam, greatest couple in TV History hands down. Jim is definitely one of the best and more relatable characters in the show. I like how Pam got shy when he kissed her, god the acting seems so real. Jim and Dwight are really good when friends and when enemies. But my god this is why I hate Angela so much, she's the worst character. Such a bitch who got a happy ending, every time she's on screen I cringe.

Harris Grant-Forster : the way she holds the cat is hilarious 0:12

Amanda VCG : lately I'm Dwight, I wish I became Jim one day...

Tekkara : Honestly if there was no jim I'd hate Dwight and if there was no Dwight I'd hate jim

George Horna : This, and when Jim tells Pams Dad that he loved her from the bottom of his heart are my 2 favorite scenes in this series.

IncognEmu : 0:07 Angela is holding the cat upright 0:12 Angela is now holding the cat as if it’s climbing onto her shoulder There’s no transition in the cat’s movements; it’s never shown to change position. It’s finally been revealed: Angela is a cat-wizard.

I got ligma : I wanted to hug him when I saw this scene