Unboxing Weed in Canada and getting ripped off!

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Unboxing Weed in Canada and getting ripped off! The new deal in town is the Canadian government and they don't mind ripping you off!!

Comments from Youtube

North 2345 : Bahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha The black market is up to 50% cheaper and better weed.. what a joke

Prof. Weed : Yeah, and that's even better than some of the crap I received as a patient. Once received yellow bud that disintegrated into a fine dust at the touch. Grow your own. Don't bother wasting your money on mass produced cannabis. Many patients don't even bother ordering from their LPs. I don't. I like having the legal protection I get as a patient, and that's sad. This is not real legalization.

EvaBongoria : Steven Garner. Where are the protective covers that the customer is supposed to peel away the first time they open their bottle? These bottles were opened before the video starts.

chad thurston : Boycott government weed please, there are plenty of hobbyist producers willing to give advice on how to grow your own, it’s way cheaper and you control the quality.

Evan Connolly : Depending on the scale-which looks cheap, could have a percent error measurement of +/-0.01g

TerrorTrooper : Haha Quebec is around 5.50 to 8$ a gram tax included in price

Michel Folco : Kind of expensive compared to Qc prices but I agree, we getting kind of scammed. Black market will be fine for a while until legal can compete.

Thrash420 Smokes : some of the worst weed I've ever smoked.

sherry kennedy : Must be someone in packaging taking a little off the top. :D

420god : On a 3 digit it would probably be 3.49

matty burrows : you are moaning about 0.1 on 3.5..behave

Mootsmcboots1 : I knew something was off the moment you were trying so hard to keep your fingers on the tax stamp. Amatuer hour.

Malcolm Morin : seriously hope my bali kush doesn't look like that or i might just give it away to some bu on the street...(the gram container)

Steven Garner : Tweet reached out to me and said that they weighed out according to Health Canada Standards and that their scales are calibrated to the nanogram. I definitely can not say the same lol I got that scale in a gas station 10 years ago lol

Brad Harp : So far so good for me. Ordered from the OCS.

Jeremy Howe : Why would you lie? ... We see the label sticking up 4:13 - 4:20

Fuckk Face : That one gram looked pathetic

Carl M : This is Canada not Australia hon hon baguette. Anyway good try :P

matkingQC tv : well good video friend but sure the upside down suck chek that next time so we can read whats you show a least

Mr.Bear : Lol makes a point to always hold the seal down on the first container...tool

vincent saulino : whats clear in this video is that you're scale isn't accurate and you proved that when you see it turning off for no reason and you say the batteries are dying. Check the scale first always and make sure its actually accurate or get a better one because that one isn't that good.

Fuckk Face : Regular use of the dispensarys is for the clowns.

Political Warfare : Not government issued at all except the tax, license producers that are LLCs themselves, complain to the federal business bureau.

Pedro Hack : Damn that's a lot more expensive than in Quebec

darrell staples : 14 $a gram you got ripped.

D Rutter : What a scam legalization turned out to be. Low quality, high price, and they're still putting people in prison for growing and selling it!!

Solo dolo Larocque : Im pretty sure they can legally be off by a certain amount

Tyler Durden : A friend of mine got moldy weed from tweed...

upintheclouds vape : Ontario starts around 10.25 a gram tax in plus 5 for shipping.

patriot Canadian : i got ripped off too

Big Cheddar : Obviously fake lol your holding the government seal with your thumb, it was already open lol

Geoengineering Exposed : I pay $150 for 28 grams in Canada.

Mist3r Brown : Wow looks like a lot of pollution on top of the ridiculous prices

Randi Matthews : Oh henry came out with a new chocolate bar called 4:25.. ahaha

Isabelle Gloutnay : 14$ a gram! Jeez thought weed was expensive here in Quebec but when I look at other provinces, I’m happy with the prices here.

The King Rap Collection : Haha thats how cigarette packs used to look with the amounts of nicotine and other shit. Everyones going to die from government weed.

FMH001 : I honestly find this a little suspicious,,,I've bought from Tweed and not once on every plastic jar no matter what kind,,it always comes sealed with wax paper inside........so again I say this is suspicious

darrell staples : Where did you learn to weigh properly.

Patrick Mathieu : In Quebec it's the same thing, too expensive, and shorting people. But the quality isnt bad. Found three strands that will put your ass on the couch. But I'd still rather stick with what I grow myself and what I buy from my supplier.

Matt Dutchyshen : That sucks ! I’ll just stick going to the illegal dispensaries here in Vancouver . Thanks for making the black market more popular than ever Trudeau . Who wants to pay $14 a gram? Fuuuck that

Deero's Farm : Wow that's hilarious that's why I don't buy from LPS

martin joseph : ordered 7 days ago and still nothing. Ontario is a farce.

william eady : This is a sad attempt to bash..... Tweed is incredible!

Mist3r Brown : Ouch bro 😲😳

sic phuker : i dont doubt this is real for a second, i was signed up with tweed when i first became legal last year, they're products are disgusting and yes they short you on every order, its just what they do,....they are no longer on this list of medical LP's, they are a recreational producer only now,.....they have other brands they own and sell under the tweed name like dna genetics and leaves by snoop, exactly what this guy has in this video,.....i dunno who grew the gram that was on count ,...but i gaurantee it wasn't a tweed brand,......also ive had this exact lemon skunk last year , same price,....IT SMELLED LIKE A URINAL PUCK!!!....im not joking in the slightest,....ive used cannabis a long time,......its not supposed to smell anything like that! not a hint of lemon or skunk ,....just...piss pucks!

TzikiGyro : where is the second seal ? lol you smoked some.

Go Practice : they have such a range of price apparently some places its 6.95 a G for lower end

Michael R. : It looks like they got carried away with the packaging of the product. Frig, the containers the weed comes in probably costs more than the bud. I'm in Nova Scotia..and I couldn't be bothered to go to the store yet to see what is going on. Here in NS, the Licqour Commission is handling all of the weed. Very odd, if you ask me.

dwayner666 : and in other future news....Provincial Governments in Canada abandon retail marijuana sales after sales slump to next to nothing as their only customers are the occasional Grandma & Grandpa