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Ash : "Here is a clip art...and now it's shit." I AM CRYING

Roku : The preview of the next presentation was longer than the actual presentation.

linguaphile : I think this is legitimately my favorite youtube comedy video ever

Loren Helgeson : The title speaks for itself. I've been in the graphic design industry for ten years, and these days, anything "professional" with clip art in it is a joke.

John Smith : i might pay money to have nat do every video like this.

LittleMeSmiley : This is seriously my favorite youtube video of all time.

Queen Tanukana gonna slay yo bitchy ass : I like how she said "don't ever use clip art" and then 1 second later on 0:51 she used a clip art to end the presentation

Raquel Graça : I was searching for clipart when I remembered this video and had to come and laugh again. Never gets old!

Silveriix : Still one of your best videos, I laugh everytime.

NY : As a Hongkonger I'm often still really surprised at how much stuff ships from HK. HK people started selling Dan's llama hat on ebay way before Dan sold them.

beantrouser : Bring back potty mouth Nat.

Allen Lu : Ahahaha I like this edition of Porno Music/Comment Time

Michael Godfrey : Natalie for President (after Hillary)

Dude Bro : Still one of my favourite community channel videos ever

AkityBakity : HOT FOR WORDS OMFG, mega throwback to OG YouTube. Good times!

David Olver : you one funny woman

John Smith : you better be working on a documentary-length clipart gif.

rschook : This video makes me cry everytime. It's so hilarious.

JAZZ'dWOLF : Hilarious

John Smith : i gotta say, the delivery time still sucks.

Danny : Oh my god this video never stops being funny.

Dennis Hastings : The part I found to be funny was that people think this is funny. It made me smile in a couple of places, but that's about it. Her comments about eBay are just weird, so... I dig it that people find this funny, but it's not hilarious or the best humor video. It's 'put down' humor. Some folks live for that. I would agree about the clip art, though. But I didn't 'LOL' at any point.

ClipartsFree. de : Funny tutorilal! ;)

Shotty Cans : I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for love, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have imagined over a very long career. Skills that make me a dream for women like you. If you let my heart go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will marry you.

Rob Hirsh : Would anyone like to buy a George Foreman grill? I'm selling it on ebay along with all my ALF collectible glasses.

J. J. J : Come out into the light, Nat. Leave the dark side and eat ice cream.

GingerSpaceNazi XIII : it's impossible to read the comments with clip art distracting me :/

kingdomatthi : this was my first CommunityChannel Video.

gabriel sylvestre : ha ha ha, you were funnier then, but more fowl mouthed in a period of your life.

Alexandra Rubin : This is by far my favorite video on the internet. Like, for YEARS. I keep coming back

Lukelaluke123 : "This whole video is a joke, I hope you get that" LIES!

janna b : How come i didn't see that earlier?

Munira A : this video is just 'yes'

Fabio Moreira de Abreu : chora pa noisss!!!!!!

Buzz Hammond : LMAO!!!

Andrew Waldrop : New sub

Benjamin Bergstrom : I'm dying laughing xD

Byun Baekhyun : 2017 yo

cooldesertknight : I'm a big fan of you and your channel, Nat, but I think this is the worst of your videos!

penifest09 : GREAT video HILARIOUS AAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Oakley Wyatt : This video probably took no more than 5 minutes to make and yet it is one of Nat's funniest videos. 

MessrsHacker : Pretty obvious from this that you were buying socks cool

Michel Friedrichs : this is classic. almost forgot this vid.

goemon4 : I feel good that I can now appreciate this more than I could 3 years ago


Marisol Costello : Sounds like you where in a bad mood natalie

RodRoy McCool : What's a "tight Arse"? I know what a "tight Ass" is, my girl has one, I slam that some, but not all, of the time (only when I've been "good"). I guess I should go feed my "Pitts", now. You know, dogs and such. (I'm making fun of the way you talk, just so you know).


comingofaj : Nat was one of the people in the dark blue section of the graph at 1:36

Sowon : The ad for the video happened to be 1D, I kinda hesitated to like the video