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Ash : "Here is a clip art...and now it's shit." I AM CRYING

linguaphile : I think this is legitimately my favorite youtube comedy video ever

Roku : The preview of the next presentation was longer than the actual presentation.

Loren Helgeson : The title speaks for itself. I've been in the graphic design industry for ten years, and these days, anything "professional" with clip art in it is a joke.

Queen Tanukana gonna slay yo bitchy ass : I like how she said "don't ever use clip art" and then 1 second later on 0:51 she used a clip art to end the presentation

LittleMeSmiley : This is seriously my favorite youtube video of all time.

John Smith : i might pay money to have nat do every video like this.

Michael Godfrey : Natalie for President (after Hillary)

NY : As a Hongkonger I'm often still really surprised at how much stuff ships from HK. HK people started selling Dan's llama hat on ebay way before Dan sold them.

Allen Lu : Ahahaha I like this edition of Porno Music/Comment Time

David Olver : you one funny woman

John Smith : you better be working on a documentary-length clipart gif.

Dude Bro : Still one of my favourite community channel videos ever

JAZZ'dWOLF : Hilarious

Raquel Graça : I was searching for clipart when I remembered this video and had to come and laugh again. Never gets old!

beantrouser : Bring back potty mouth Nat.

rschook : This video makes me cry everytime. It's so hilarious.

AkityBakity : HOT FOR WORDS OMFG, mega throwback to OG YouTube. Good times!

We The People : THis video is an OPUS. It was made in the 'professional Natalie' era yet has the charm and rawness of the early days.

John Smith : i gotta say, the delivery time still sucks.

Danny : Oh my god this video never stops being funny.

Dennis Hastings : The part I found to be funny was that people think this is funny. It made me smile in a couple of places, but that's about it. Her comments about eBay are just weird, so... I dig it that people find this funny, but it's not hilarious or the best humor video. It's 'put down' humor. Some folks live for that. I would agree about the clip art, though. But I didn't 'LOL' at any point.

penifest09 : GREAT video HILARIOUS AAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Silveriix : Still one of your best videos, I laugh everytime.

Oakley Wyatt : This video probably took no more than 5 minutes to make and yet it is one of Nat's funniest videos. 

Elly Awesome : lol clipart.

PJ Pantelis : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was no joke the funniest video i've seen this year!

evelkidnievel : This might be one of the funniest things I've seen.. you warm my heart. It's not just the wine talking. "It's because you've covered it.. you might say"

Freeman Da Gospel Rapper : Ima Gospel Rapper & Preacher jus released a new interview come check it out thanks

Andris Kompelien : Nat, will you marry me?

Maycasa : love seeing your videos over and over

cooldesertknight : I'm a big fan of you and your channel, Nat, but I think this is the worst of your videos!

QueenSapheria : That is sooo true. Why do people even bother with clip art? Why dont people just copy somthing on the net and paste it? At least it looks real...

Siobhanxo95 : i hate clip art! I Love Google Imagess! Lol

PHatDriver : ** SHITASTIC ** And now you've fucked it! Love this girl, funny as fuck! Shame all girls ain't like this. There you go... Much love girl...

glovesandtea : XDDD Stupid Clip Art. No one likes my presentations either. NOw I have something to blame.

Mona Wareka : Bahaha. look at the tags :):)

Ellie Holt : Lol clip art!!! I laughed so hard ;)

SmexiVan ;D : i'm glad you dont do many videos cuz i used to get pissed about how half your video is devoted to shot outs to people that i could care less about.

LunaArgenteus : "How often do I use clip art? Never" *cut to 'The End' slide with clip art on it* hahaha brilliant

Chelsea Badger : i miss you :( i feel like i have lost my other half. your my fave asian out. xxx

SeaGreenie : "Here's some clip-art and now you fucked it"

Munira A : this video is just 'yes'

LovesDarkBlue : we talked about clipart in one of my journalism classes the other day, how it makes stuff look like shit. sooo thought of this :P

Ignyte : no I know that you were born here, but the flippant use of our language was flawless! fuckin'-bloody good on ya' !

TheCaptainT : Potty mouth! You gave me an ear-gasm.

syncmaster915n : Nat, it's been 4 days. Waddup?

DallasHammster : Ann Coulter, batshit crazy? Absolutely! Debbie Schlussel, batshit crazy? After here tirade on Miss USA, definitely? eBay users, batshit crazy? That's a bit of a stretch, unless you just want to talk about the users from Hong Kong selling their poorly made Hello Kitty knockoffs, well then we can definitely agree on that. Don't get me wrong, the Hammster loves his huge Hello Kitty collection, but the poorly made Hong Kong knockoffs are just out of control.

DavinciBeats : HotForWords is smart?

IglooDweller : Clip art made me fail university.